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Ahead of 4/20 Day: Marijuana Use and Cardiovascular Health 411
Can Cannabis Use Disorder Be Accurately Diagnosed?
Legal Cannabis Markets Tied to More Vehicle Deaths
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UN Drugs Control Board: Cannabis Legalization Fails to Address Health Risks
Race-Based Drug Testing of Newborns Post Cannabis Legalization
Racial Disparities Found in Newborn Drug Testing
Greens Propose Cannabis Legalisation in Next Term
Research Examines Cannabis Use Impact on Surgical Patients’ Post-Care
Greens Told to Study Cannabis: Research Urged
Legalizing Cannabis May Reduce Alcohol Disorders: No Increase in Substance Abuse
Health Care Utilization Examined in State Cannabis Legalization
Recreational Cannabis Reduces Codeine Prescription Demand
When recreational cannabis is legal, codeine demand drops
Pediatric Cannabis Poisonings Linked to Canadian Edible Sales
Older Adults Increasingly Visiting ER for Cannabis-Related Issues
More US Users Simultaneously Using Cannabis & Alcohol After Legalization
Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Linked with Increased Alcohol Drinking
Association of recreational cannabis legalization with alcohol use among adults
Cannabis users could be candidates for heart transplants
Illicit drugs linked with serious heart rhythm disorder
We have options when it comes to regulating recreational cannabis
Research explores current state regulations, public health risks of growing medicinal and recreational marijuana market
Cannabis legalization decreases stock market value of major pharmaceutical firms
Marijuana, hallucinogen use at all-time high among young adults
Cannabis legalization boosts use by double digits, new study suggests
Legalizing recreational cannabis in U.S. has increased frequency of use by 20%
People Who Use Therapeutic Cannabis Are More Likely to Use Nicotine, Too
Cannabis prescribed for pain linked with small risk of heart problems
High-strength cannablinked to addiction and mental health problems
Marijuana use is much more common in US states that have legalized recreational cannabis use
Cannabis use linked to heightened emergency care and hospital admission risks
Emergency care and hospitalizations higher among cannabis users
Economic effects of Cannabis in Switzerland
More young people begin recreational cannabis use illegally in states that legalize it
Residents of US states that legalize recreational cannabis are more likely to start using drug
What’s in your weed? label doesn’t tell you much, study suggests
What’s in your weed? Labels don’t tell you much, new study suggests
What’s in your weed? Study suggests labels don’t tell you much
What’s in your weed? You might be surprised
Recreational marijuana access reduces demand for prescription drugs
Cannabis-related emergency department visits by youth increased five-fold in Ontario between 2003 and 2017
Despite restrictions, recreational cannabis companies use marketing that appeals to adolescents
Marijuana poisonings in kids after legalization of recreational use in Canada
Cannabis poisoning in young children increased nine times after legalization
Research could inform future cannabis legalisation policies
Recreational Cannabis legalization increases employment in counties with dispensaries