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Put on your thinking cap: mild electrical stimulation could boost cognitive ability
Doctor’s visit from future
Metabolic ‘fingerprint’ predicts impairment from medical cannabis
Innovative rehab clinic helping Territory’s long COVID patients return to daily lives
Accessible developmental screening tools needed to ensure children from diverse backgrounds have proper support
Heart attack awareness for over-35s vital to mitigating serious cardiac risk during exercise
Scientists examine intersectionality in cancer care
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Ten Medical and Scientific Breakthroughs of 2021 at Mount Sinai
Grief over death of animal companions needs to be taken more seriously, says researcher
Third of US kids lack good and consistent health insurance
Research associates regular vigorous physical activity with improved cardiac response to exercise
New Report highlights improved general vaccination rates amongst healthcare workers
Invention is designed to switch thoughts into action
Long COVID: ‘Is this going to be my new normal?’
Season 3 of Emmy-winning series “Your Fantastic Mind” kicks off November 1
Long COVID can negatively impact physical and cognitive function, employment, and quality of life for
Showcasing stroke innovation 15 October
UNE well represented at 2021 Nexus Summit
Showcasing stroke innovation
Researchers’ novel mind-body program outperforms other forms of treatment for chronic back pain
Funding Success for Functional Neurological Symptom Disorders Clinic
Repairing tendon injuries with stem cells
Dr. Jim Heubi: ‘The mentor’s mentor’
New texting services launched to support first responders’ mental health
Long COVID research receives funding boost to advance treatment and diagnostics
Researcher helps transgender women be seen and heard for who they are
PhD grad finds her calling serving those who serve their country
Combined program was a perfect fit for grad with a passion for business and for helping people
Research into how we retrieve memories could help treat people with PTSD and other anxiety disorders
Many prolonged sick leaves for COVID-19
Cross-disciplinary program will train industry-ready grads in growing field of SMART technology
University of Alberta team funded by Alberta Innovates to develop decision tool for patients and health-care providers
Emory establishes new Brain Health Personalized Medicine Institute
Exoskeleton-assisted walking may improve bowel function in people with spinal cord injury
Research reveals why kids often don’t stick with physiotherapy exercises
Ultrasound may have potential for treating pain after chemotherapy: study
High-tech remote rehabilitation platform connects rural Albertans with specialized care
Fetal Surgery for Spina Bifida Leads to Better Mobility
Losing weight before knee surgery may not be beneficial for people with arthritis: study
Research offers insights into how people cope with chronic back pain
New therapy helps some regain motion lost to spinal injury
New treatment allows some people with spinal cord injury to regain hand and arm function
Epworth Medical Leaders’ Awards 2020
Medscape: Suicidal thoughts in kids with epilepsy