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Overestimating population immunity contributed to U.S. Delta variant surge
Biden Administration Announces Launch of First Federally-Supported Test to Treat Site
Startups near state lines gravitate toward side with lower property tax
Brown adopts land acknowledgment, additional commitments to Native and Indigenous communities
Nominations Sent to Senate 20 May
Alarming Increase in Tuberculosis Deaths Emerging in COVID’s Wake
In partnership with Providence’s Building Futures, Brown jump-starts careers in construction
Tropical Forests Benefit Less from Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Than Thought
Bird populations in eastern Canada declining due to forest ‘degradation,’ research shows
Menu Design Key to Increased Wine Sales and Customer Satisfaction
University of New England and BioConnects New England announce partnership
U.S. President Biden Names Seventeenth Round of Judicial Nominees
Changes in postpartum insurance coverage during pandemic
Deepest sediment core collected in Atlantic Ocean
Research reveals offshore wind could drive down energy costs in New England, US
Research reveals offshore wind could drive down energy costs in New England
4 billion-year-old relic from early solar system heading our way
Flag Officer Announcement 7 April
Flag Officer Assignments 7 April
Biden- Harris Action Plan for Building Better School Infrastructure
Discovery could pave way for new lung treatment
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Lifespan renew strategic alliance agreement
Federal Reserve Board announces approval of application by Citizens Financial Group, Inc
A fabric that “hears” your heartbeat
Through research collaboration, Brown scholars aim to improve experiences of refugees
Flag Officer Assignments 12 March
How American Rescue Plan Is Keeping America’s Schools Open Safely, Combating Learning Loss, And Addressing Student Mental Health
Seniors with Memory Issues Take Multiple Medications, but Most Are Willing to Cut Down
Seniors with memory issues take multiple meds, but most are willing to cut down
CNO and Connecticut Congressman Visit Commands and Industry Partners; Focus on Columbia-class Submarine and Strategic Deterrence
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on his Nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to Serve as Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
Bills Signed: S. 566 and S. 583
New power sources
How Politics, Society and Tech Shape Path of Climate Change
How politics, society, and tech shape path of climate change
At community health clinic in Providence, improving access and care for LGBTQ+ patients
Secretary Haaland Celebrates Groundbreaking of Nation’s Second Major Offshore Wind Project
Targeted, anti-clotting meds had less risk of major bleeding for rare, deadly strokes
Museum releases Preliminary Report on Rhode Island site
Study Finds Unexpected Benefits of ‘Drug Checking’ Programs
Program may boost colorectal cancer screening among Hispanic adults and reduce related gender disparities
Those at highest risk for severe Covid often least likely to get monoclonal antibodies
Researchers find low emissions vital to slow warming
Has Captain Cook’s ship Endeavour been found?
Worker Institute outlines climate jobs plan for Rhode Island
Few hourly workers compensated for shift cuts required by law
Flag Officer Announcements 2 February
US, French Navy Chiefs Discuss Interoperability and Partnership