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In a hurry to develop drugs? Here’s your cHAT
Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste
Rice finds path to nanodiamond from graphene
Sensors driven by machine learning sniff-out gas leaks fast
Hobby School Poll: Texans Support Voting Reforms
Study: Early economic action in response to pandemic mitigated downturn
Rice to open national security research accelerator lab
Rice rolls out next-gen nanocars
Odds are good for unique 2D compound
Trump, Cornyn Lead Texas in Latest Hobby School Election Poll
SPOTlight supercharges cell studies
At our cores, we’re all strengthened by ‘dumbbells’
Novel Mechanical Mechanism of Metastatic Cancer Cells in Substrates of Different Stiffness Revealed
Focus Fund and MD Anderson launch investment fund to support promising investigational cancer therapies
A trillion turns of light nets terahertz polarized bytes
Biochar helps hold water, saves money
New theory on origin of Dark Matter
NSF renews Rice-based NEWT Center for water treatment
Personalized cancer outreach more effective, study finds
U.S. sanctions in Europe may hurt global energy industry
High turnout, more early voting expected in Harris County
Literal rise of internet enables new climate science
Ion awarded $1.4M to launch Aerospace Innovation Hub
Rice transforms temporary classrooms into public art destinations
Earth grows fine gems in minutes
There’s a reason bacteria stay in shape
Compact, Low-Cost System Provides Fast 3D Hyperspectral Imaging
Deep learning gives drug design a boost
Musicians may need more than social distancing to stay safe on stage
Heat is on for building 3D artificial organ tissues
Ion receives $1.5M grant to rev accelerator programs
Future of American innovation to be assessed in report from Baker Institute, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Detecting SARS-CoV2 using Houston’s wastewater
3D camera earns its stripes at Rice
How employers can soften blow of furloughs and layoffs
AI could expand healing with bioscaffolds
Shape matters for light-activated nanocatalysts
Christians want more support from churches on faith/work issues, study shows
New Clean Energy Accelerator launches at Rice
Taxing online sports betting, fantasy sports may help states cover pandemic losses
Fast calculation dials in better batteries
Harris County spends more than $300M per year addressing eviction crisis, estimate shows
Chemistry prof wins prestigious award from national society
How leaders can encourage strong teams during pandemic
Gentle probes could enable massive brain data collection
National parks preserve more than species
Voters with highest COVID-19 risk more likely to cast mail ballots, survey shows
Funding flows into liquid fuel strategy