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A Mathematical Model Reveals Long-Distance Cell Communication Mechanism
Overlap allows nanoparticles to enhance light-based detection
Synthetic cells make long-distance calls
Rice U. launches Center for African and African American Studies
Water + air + electricity = hydrogen peroxide
Only 10% of Harris County housing voucher recipients move to more affluent areas
New CEOs can raise their social game to keep their jobs, says Rice U. study
Rescued owls will be released at Rice days before Halloween
Revealing sexual orientation at work improves well-being
Bacteria trapped – and terminated – by graphene filter
Newborn baby deaths in Africa targeted in $68M initiative
Fed grant backs advances in self-learning internet of things
How Army teams can work better together focus of multi-million dollar study led by Rice psychologist
Houston mayoral candidates to address issues at Rice U. forum
Helping pregnant women at work can hurt their chances of returning after maternity leave
Borophene on silver grows freely into an atomic ‘skin’
Extra amino acid could work wonders
Chemists clarify a chiral conundrum
Rice to play critical role in $100M DOE desalination hub
Probes shed new light on Alzheimer’s cause
Malawi study confirms lasting impact of life-saving technology
Nano bulb lights novel path
Study points to new drug target in fight against cancer
Deep dive for dark matter may aid all of data science
Multiple flood events erode neighborhood spirit
Rice ranks among top 20 national universities, still best in Texas
One-atom switch supercharges fluorescent dyes
Hidden signals may hold key to mechanism of memory
When physicians integrate with hospitals, costs go up, Rice study says
Rice reactor turns greenhouse gas into pure liquid fuel
Rice wins ‘mass timber’ funding from feds
Flood victims likely to resettle in flood-prone areas that are whiter and wealthier
Conservatives make best investors, says Rice U. research
Groundbreaking FinTech Boot Camp launched by Rice University, Trilogy Education
Quest for new cancer treatment crosses milestone
CPRIT grants bring computer scientist, bioengineer to Rice
Quantum criticality could be a boon for qubit designers
Rice invites Houston to head back to school Sept. 4
Nano-thermometer takes temperature inside cells
A hallmark of superconductivity, beyond superconductivity itself
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Young Jupiter was smacked head-on by massive newborn planet
Rice U. study: Creativity is a two-way street
Finding right fit at work is critical to your health
Damaged hearts rewired with nanotube fibers
Houston universities team upto boost minorities in academia
Ambulance analysis to be delivered at City Hall
Bacteria made to mimic cells, form communities