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Rice Psychologist Danielle King Wins NSF CAREER Award
Shell’s Detlef Hohl to Speak at UH Energy Symposium on Digital Tech in Energy
Rice U.’s Todd Treangen wins NSF CAREER Award
New Findings Clarify & Complicate Understanding of Swahili History
Medieval Swahili People Had African and Asian Ancestry, Ancient DNA Shows
Ancient DNA Uncovers African-Asian Ancestry in Eastern Africa
Ancient DNA Shows Early Introduction of Asian Ancestry to East Africa
Sulfate Pollution Impacts Texas Gulf Coast Air: Study
Swahili Civilization’s First Ancient DNA Discovered by Researcher
US Patents Chief to Speak on Research and Innovation at Rice U
Shepherd School Presents Lincoronazione di Poppea’ Opera
Eco-efficient cement could pave way to greener future
Eco-Efficient Cement Paves Way to Greener Future
James Chappell wins NSF CAREER Award
Protein Coating Could Extend Freshness of Produce
North America Strengthened by US Business Move to Mexico
Class 3 Energy Transition Ventures Open for Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator
Inaugural Black Houston Symposium Set for March 23-24 at Rice Center
Upgraded tumor model optimizes search for cancer therapies
Political division prolongs immigration crisis, report says
Physicists Track Upsilons Melting in Sequence
Fats help tag medical implants as friend or foe
Magnetism Creates Unusual Electronic Order in Quantum Material
Quantum Material Showing Unusual Electronic Order Due to Magnetism
Rice labs seek RNA programming for ‘smart’ antibiotics
Rice announces tuition for 2023-24 academic year
Rice Alliance picks top energy startups for Venture Day 2023
Research: Undocumented Latino families hit hardest by pandemic in US
Parents’ school experiences impact where they send kids
Brain research critical for Texas economy, says new report
Rockefeller Foundation President to Join Baker Institute Climate Discussion
2D Nanomaterial Bending for Future Tech Activation
Baker Institute: Caravan coverage worsens immigration policy
2D Nanomaterial Bending Can Activate Future Technologies
Teeth Care May Prevent Chronic Joint Pain
Wastewater study monitors Houston schools for viral threats
Cristian Măcelaru to Conduct Shepherd School Symphony Concert on March 4
Cristian Măcelaru to Conduct Shepherd School Symphony March 4
Ensemble Intercontemporain to Debut in Texas with DACAMERA
Brandon Levin wins NSF CAREER Award
Theory sorts order from chaos in complex quantum systems
Theory can sort order from chaos in complex quantum systems
Hands-Free Tech Brings Realistic Touch to VR
Rice acquires rare replica of William Blake printing press
Bosses More Likely to Express Religion: Study
Rice U.’s Taiyun Chi wins NSF CAREER Award
Plastic Waste Project Offers Promising Profits: Rice Lab
Texas Poised to Spearhead Hydrogen Economy: Report