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Rice engineers find a way to turn water pollution into valuable chemicals
Not so fast: Some batteries can be pushed too far
Gasification goes green
Rice, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur sign memorandum
Treat nonviolent drug offenses as public health issue, Baker Institute paper recommends
Snake-like proteins can wrangle DNA
Rice University on winter break Dec. 23-Jan. 1
Nightside barrier gently brakes ‘bursty’ plasma bubbles
Can religion be explained by brain wiring? faithful say no
Ancient events are still impacting mammals worldwide
How do silt and sand differ when going with flow?
Hydrogels control inflammation to help healing
Drug-resistant superbug deploys sentinels to warn of attack
Deadly ‘superbugs’ destroyed by molecular drills
Chemists’ calculations may advance cancer prediction
Companies investing abroad must weigh geographic, cultural distances, says new Rice U. study
Detours may make batteries better
Rice University launches bold climate change initiative with Shell
Gulf Coast corals face catastrophe
Patient diaries reveal propensity for epileptic seizures
Baker Institute-led group to develop nationwide protocol for storing carbon
Breathing? Thank volcanoes, tectonics and bacteria
In hunted rainforests, termites lose their dominance
Rice Alliance to unveil new offices Dec. 5
All nanotubes are fit to print
11 universities recognized for outstanding entrepreneurship programs by Rice-based consortium
Veterans Business Battle seeks entries for 2020 competition
Small manufacturers in Houston struggling to find workers, according to new Rice report
Bottlebrushes rise up to control coatings
Theoretical tubulanes inspire ultrahard polymers
Stalled weather patterns will get bigger due to climate change
White House science adviser to speak at Rice Nov. 12
Perovskite solar cells get an upgrade
Rice tapped by Army for cutting-edge communications research
Imelda data will add impact to Hurricane Harvey Registry
Black and Latino Americans more likely than whites to support teaching creationism
Cocktail proves toxic to leukemia cells
Even ‘Goldilocks’ exoplanets need a well-behaved star
Don’t be scared of cutting these bodies
American opera double bill on Shepherd School fall schedule
Salt helps proteins move on down road
Soft double gyroids are unique, but imperfect, crystals
Signaling waves determine embryonic fates
UT ranks No. 34 in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Global Universities
Embryo’s early development revealed in a dish
A Mathematical Model Reveals Long-Distance Cell Communication Mechanism
Overlap allows nanoparticles to enhance light-based detection
Synthetic cells make long-distance calls