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Team creating insulin-producing implant for Type 1 diabetes
New organ-on-a-chip reveals crucial interaction between blood, ovarian cancer tumors
Pathogens get comfy in designer goo
US should fully reopen Mexican border, vaccinate people on both sides, says expert
Scientists developing inhalable COVID-19 vaccine spray
Oil demand likely to grow despite pandemic, study says
Pressure Is Off and High Temperature Superconductivity Remains
Equalizer: An engineered circuit for uniform gene expression
Reversal speeds creation of important molecule
Fungi embrace fundamental economic theory as they engage in trading
RAMBO speeds searches on huge DNA databases
Quantum dots keep atoms spaced to boost catalysis
Smoother silicone breast implants may reduce severity of immune system reactions
Drug doubles down on bone cancer, metastasis
Housing in Houston: Tough times for tenants, would-be homeowners
‘Flashed’ nanodiamonds are just a phase
Oregon State leading $17M effort to understand universe via low-frequency gravitational waves
Study examines how breast implant surfaces affect immune response
How surfaces of silicone breast implants affect immune system
Solar energy collectors grown from seeds
Altered Microstructure Improves Organic-Based, Solid State Lithium EV Battery
Rice U. study: Use rewards effectively to boost creativity
Resetting Travelers’ Circadian Clocks
Uncovering mysteries of milk
Could Yogurt in Diet Help Diagnose Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Future?
Texas must address groundwater future, says Baker Institute expert
Leaders who embrace on-job learning and listen to employees have more resilient teams, research shows
Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator announces inaugural class
Absorbent aerogels show some muscle
NIH grant boosts computational search for cancer drugs
Popularity runs in families
Bad romance: Negative relationships linked to worse physical and mental health in postpartum women
Scientists from NTU and Rice University uncover secret behind one of world’s toughest materials
OpenStax Institutional Partner Program expands for next academic year
Secret of one of world’s toughest materials uncovered
Decoding DNA may hold clues to how life on earth began
NIH supports mathematical optimization of tumor treatment
Cohen, Moreland win Earth and Planetary Sciences awards
Biologists construct a ‘periodic table’ for cell nuclei
Three PNNL Scientists Earn Early Career Awards
Executives wildly overestimate financial benefits of strategy planning, research finds
UT Austin Ranks Highly Among U.S. Public Universities in Latest Global Ranking
Leebron to step down from Rice presidency in June 2022
Impact of Coal Burning on Yangtze River is Comparable to Natural Processes
Researchers Find Semimetal That Clings to a Quantum Precipice
Pristine quantum criticality found
New quantum material discovered
Saving lives and property during Texas floods