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Deep learning can predict tsunami impacts in less than second
Next milestones in generating artificial organs
Ethanol preps rice and wheat for drought
Experimental strategy for recreating organ formation in lab
Robust self-healing polymer made from common chemical
Using ‘cat states’ to realize fault-tolerant quantum computers
Single-electron devices could manage heat flow in electronic components
One catalyst generates four nitrogen-containing products at high selectivities
Inducing hibernation-like state in mice can protect organs during heart surgery
Gene-reading enzyme razes and rebuilds DNA-winding structures in its path
Charting human brain with new tools
Recipe for creating new plant from single differentiated cell
Cleaner, better way to produce single-photon emitters
Delivering genes into plant mitochondria using polymer-coated carbon nanotubes
Spring in step of SPring-8
Revealing structure of light-harvesting phycobilisome of cyanobacterium
Cell death find changes gut paradigm
‘Non-essential’ building block proves vital to healthy protein diet
Mechanical sensors help coordinate cell organization during eye development
Far-ultraviolet LED designed to kill bacteria and viruses efficiently without harming humans
Bright and photostable green fluorescent protein derived from Japanese jellyfish
Ethanol helps plants better tolerate heat stress
Calculations reveal three helium nuclei lurking inside carbon nuclei
Walk then sit: scientific recipe that helps babies stop crying
Smaller eggs enhance IVF outcomes for male infertility in mice
Terahertz waves hit bull’s eye at angle
Robobug: rechargeable, remote-controllable cyborg cockroach
Researchers demonstrate error correction in silicon qubit system
Scientists demonstrate error correction in silicon qubit system
How Japanese herbal medicine protects gut against inflammatory bowel disease
Discovering how heavy elements were made by measuring masses of short-lived, nuclear-rich nuclei
Applying quantum speed limits to macroscopic systems
DNA recombinations are widespread in human genomes and are implicated in both development and disease
‘Cuddle hormone’ oxytocin strongly affects male mice on becoming fathers
Mouse model to explore links between Alzheimer’s disease and vascular amyloid plaques
Region at back of macaque brain weighs confidence in memories and current evidence during introspective decision making
Human-robot-AI teamwork accelerates regenerative medicine
Nature’s own assembly line
Cracking green hydrogen energy
New Proton Capture Reaction Rate of Copper-57 Changes Nucleosynthesis Paths in Type-I X-ray Burst
Imaging how light-driven chloride pump works
Fluorescent molecules revealed by quantum chemistry and machine learning
Shining light on fluid completely changes its dielectric permittivity
Palaeospondylus: long-standing mystery of vertebrate evolution solved using powerful X-rays
Three chaperones coordinate breakup of amyloid fibrils in yeast
Arabidopsis thaliana shoots regenerate better in balmy conditions
Mouse stem cells for primitive endoderm established
Iron-snatching compound effective against parasitic amoeba Entamoeba histolytica