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Filling a crucial gap in aquafarming: ion beam breeding to rescue
Changes in nutrient storage and metabolism help fruit flies reach maturity
Green millet genome resource provides a valuable tool for studying major crops
Mysterious magnetar may power gamma-ray binary star system
Hijacking hibernation
Quantum nanodevice can be both a heat engine and a fridge at same time
A one-way street for sound waves
Quantitative Approach on Understanding How Epigenetic Switches Control Gene Expression
Brain cells involved in mouse social behavior identified
Combined approach for probing interfacial electrochemistry in greater detail
A harmonic marriage between optics and mechanics could help physicists build next generation of particle
Simplifying long-range quantum interactions in many-body systems
A shapeshifting material based on inorganic matter
Environmental cues control cassava flowering
Experimental evolution reveals how bacteria gain drug resistance
Gold nanoparticles turn spotlight on drug candidates in cells
Reconstructing cellular signaling pathways that shape trachea development
Dark-matter candidate could display stringy effects in lab
New artificial skin functions like natural skin
Gold-catalyzed reaction releases an active drug to kill cancer cells
Nuclearites, a form of exotic space matter, found to be very rare
Researchers discover mechanism that allows SINEUPs to amplify protein production
Twin study of psychosis reveals developmental signaling deficit and imbalance of excitatory and inhibitory neurons
Trade-off with superconducting qubits overcome by quantum filter
Degradation of damaged organelles in plant cells involves an unknown mechanism
Fly larvae use trehalose in an unexpected way to survive severe dehydration
Computer models reliably predict light-emitting behavior of organic LED materials
Researchers find “missing link” between magnetars and rotation-powered pulsars
Researchers use multi-ancestry comparison to refine risk factors for coronary artery disease
Long-range quantum interactions limit speed of information
‘Social cells’ related to social behavior identified in brain
Social novelty has a special place in brain
Pair of Massive Baby Stars Swaddled in Salty Water Vapor
Japan’s big brain project: advances light up marmoset brains
Humans develop more slowly than mice because our chemistry is different
Chaotic “Lévy walks” are a good strategy for animals
Coordination of hormonal signaling and nutrient metabolism drives critical life-cycle transition
Resonant tunneling diode oscillators for terahertz-wave detection
FABP4: Preschool-aged biomarker discovered for autism spectrum disorder
Using two acoustic reflectors triples spin-current generation
Parasitic plants attack crops when defending themselves from microbes
A neural circuit that makes rodents go into a hibernation-like state found
Brain circuit activated by hunger makes starved fish fight for longer
Tag team gut bacteria worsen symptoms of multiple sclerosis
Constructing odor objects in brain
Probe detects destruction of defective mitochondria
Scientists develop principles for creation of an “acoustic diode”
Machine learning helps find materials that buck trend