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Arabidopsis thaliana shoots regenerate better in balmy conditions
Mouse stem cells for primitive endoderm established
Iron-snatching compound effective against parasitic amoeba Entamoeba histolytica
It takes three to tangle: long-range quantum entanglement needs three-way interaction
An epigenetic cause of miscarriages is identified and cured in mice
Death in darkness: new type of cell death discovered in fly guts
New type of cell death discovered in fly guts
Visualizing spin angular momentum in water waves
Quantum computing and deep learning could help solve mysteries of quantum gravity
Ringing black holes could put general relativity to test
Thermal electrons play key role in determining emissions from gamma-ray-burst afterglows
Robotic exoskeleton uses machine learning to help users stand up
Mapping chromatin landscape reveals determinants of placental stem cell identity
Learning improvements during sleep found to stem from learning process
Researchers use ‘butterfly attractor’ to control and change weather
Chaos theory provides hints for controlling weather
Visualizing internal compartments of living plant cells using fluorescent naphthalimide dyes
Missing link in late-onset Alzheimer’s disease
Quantum optics offers topological matter even more protection
How natural sciences will be enriched by humanities
Fluid field knock outs light field for laser-induced periodic surface structure regulation
Theoretical model explains how dust grains can grow into seeds of new planets
Viral inhibitor of cellular stress response shows therapeutic potential
Compounds that suppress immune responses of plants discovered
Two-part tango triggers signal activation of key regulatory protein
Creating coherent motion based on coordinated microscopic movements
Mutations that interfere with cytokinin signaling help Arabidopsis plants tolerate high salinity
Wormholes help resolve black hole information paradox
Strong, stretchy, self-healing polymers rapidly recover from damage
Better crops without genetic modification
Astrocytes help orchestrate synaptic activity in learning and memory
Researchers Realize Sustainable Stability of Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acid
Modeling high-harmonic generation without resorting to perturbation theory
How left and right hippocampal CA1 regions in mouse brain talk with each other
Calcium pump motions captured in action
Self-templating, solvent-free supramolecular polymer synthesis
Laminating organic photovoltaics onto curved surfaces
Improved retinal transplant technique ready for clinical trials
Dissociation mechanism of oxygen molecules on silver surface unveiled
Plausible steps toward evolution of key protein fold of RNA polymerases
Faster technique for resetting quantum circuits proposed
Semiconductor spin qubits gain further credibility as leading platform for quantum computing
Scientists achieve key elements for fault-tolerant quantum computation in silicon spin qubits
Determining Hamiltonian of quantum systems with far fewer measurements
TSU mathematician is one of world’s highly cited researchers
Light-matter interactions simulated on world’s fastest supercomputer
Immune response to seasonal coronaviruses may offer protection against Covid
Gelatin foams show unexpected ultralong organic phosphorescence for optical applications