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New drugs may block COVID-19 variants
New drugs could thwart COVID-19 variants
U of to Lead Prairie Pandemic Prep Hub
Covid Vaccine May Reduce Impact of Long COVID
Scientists Discover Antibodies Blocking Multiple Coronaviruses
Weaponizing Spike Protein to Block Covid Infection
Research Reveals COVID Variant Immunity Fading Over Time
WHO Delivers Lab Training at Ethiopia’s Influenza Centre
Masks Reduce Risk of Spreading COVID: Review Finds
TGA Gives Provisional OK to Pfizer Booster COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID Air Travel Measures Fail Wastewater Test
Costly COVID Lesson: Global Pandemics Need Elimination Strategy
How body’s B cell academy ensures diverse immune response
X-ray Shows How COVID-19 Conceals from Immune System
NIH Funds 8 Studies for Rapid Covid-Related Inflammatory Syndrome Diagnosis in Kids
Expand arsenal of drugs against Covid
Researchers identify new entry into cells for virus that causes Covid
University spinout completes trial of Lassa fever vaccine
Batteryless and Wireless Device Detects Coronavirus with Magnetostrictive Composite Plates
Coronavirus drug target identified that could halt virus replication
Black and Hispanic men saw worse Covid outcomes
New Omicron subvariant BQ.1.1 resistant to all therapeutic antibodies
Is Bivalent Booster Worth It?
New nasal vaccine strategy could improve Covid protection
How should we navigate next pandemic? University of Toronto researchers are finding answers
Tracking Covid omicron variants
Covid vaccination improves effectiveness of cancer treatment
Rutgers Recruiting Participants for Pfizer Covid Pediatric Bivalent Vaccine Clinical Trial
Coffee could offer protection from catching Covid
New model can detect long-COVID’s effects using simple, 2D chest X-rays
ATAGI recommendations for booster dose of paediatric Pfizer Covid vaccine in children aged 5
Potential therapy derived from banana protein works against SARS-CoV-2
Integrating SARS-CoV-2 and influenza surveillance in Timor-Leste
Chipping away at many unknowns of obscure animal viruses
New Zika Vaccine Shows Promise in Animal Models
New zika vaccine reveals promise in animal models
Medical Researcher Aims to Glimpse Inside “Minds” of Viral Killers
Pfizer to Supply Global Fund Up to 6 Million PAXLOVID Treatment Courses for Low-and-Middle-Income Countries
How to Stop Next Pandemic Before It Starts
Reflections of Board-Certified Medical Microbiologist
Jameel Fund accelerates research to protect world from respiratory diseases
Therapeutic viruses help turbocharge immune system against cancer
Scripps Research scientists discover antibodies that induce broad immunity against SARS viruses, including emerging variants
Lessons from pandemics past: Covid won’t be last
Study pinpoints SARS-CoV-2 Spike mutation that ‘escapes’ killer T-cells generated by infection and vaccination
T-cells more important in fight against Covid virus than initially thought
What bats can teach us about stopping next pandemic
ACTG announces publication of ACTIV-2 study in Cell Reports Medicine demonstrating rapid clearance of culturable Covid following