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Are Graphene-Coated Face Masks a COVID-19 Miracle – or Another Health Risk?
HKU State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases discovers Novel Coronavirus Mutant
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Pressure is on for Australia to accept coronavirus really can spread in air we breathe
Fatigue, perceived cognitive impairment and mood disorders associated with post-COVID-19 syndrome
Fatigue, mood disorders associated with post-COVID-19 syndrome
A comprehensive map of SARS-CoV-2 genome
Teaching Pandemic Response Through Gamesmanship
New vaccine blocks COVID-19 and variants, plus other coronaviruses
Why is COVID-19 so hard to treat? Growing evidence points to unique infectious profile
Study sheds more light on rate of rare blood clots after Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine
Don’t discard face masks just yet
CDC Principal Deputy Director Named 2021 Service to America Medal
Research with Neutrons for Better mRNA Medicines
How one SARS-CoV-2 protein keeps cells from fighting back
Novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness
Researchers investigate structural changes in snap-frozen proteins
Long-term care infrastructure must be re-imagined in a post-pandemic world
Nanobodies inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection
Deep dive into key COVID-19 protein is step toward new drugs, vaccines
Nasal spray against Covid-19
New research fund to protect future generations from threat of coronaviruses
Academics provide research evidence to Cabinet Office COVID-19 TaskForce
Dog Tests Positive for SARS-CoV-2, UConn Surveillance Finds
Plasma device designed for consumers can quickly disinfect surfaces
A multidimensional view of coronavirus
HKUMed scholars receive 2021 John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award
Food security in times of a pandemic
What has pandemic revealed about US health care system – and what needs to change?
Responding to challenge of COVID-19
UK launch for Starpharma’s COVID-19 nasal spray
FACT SHEET: American Jobs Plan
Factors that may predict next pandemic
Potential COVID-19 treatment identified in UCLA-led lab study
Inflammatory bowel disease biologic blunts immune response to COVID-19
How Bristol’s research has played a key role in world’s response to COVID-19
Study underscores need for multidisciplinary care for COVID-19 long-haulers
HKU and CEPI extend collaboration on development of COVID-19 nasal spray
Determining role of health care settings in pandemic
Certain Mouthwashes Might Stop COVID-19 Virus Transmission
Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials 16 March
COVID-19 wasn’t just a disaster for humanity – new research shows nature suffered greatly too
We must have a better plan for next pandemic, say Otago researchers
Keynote Address, AFR Business Summit
‘We must invest more in prevention and safety’
Solving a Genetic Mystery at Heart of COVID-19 Pandemic