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Factors that may predict next pandemic
Potential COVID-19 treatment identified in UCLA-led lab study
Inflammatory bowel disease biologic blunts immune response to COVID-19
How Bristol’s research has played a key role in world’s response to COVID-19
Study underscores need for multidisciplinary care for COVID-19 long-haulers
HKU and CEPI extend collaboration on development of COVID-19 nasal spray
Determining role of health care settings in pandemic
Certain Mouthwashes Might Stop COVID-19 Virus Transmission
Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials 16 March
COVID-19 wasn’t just a disaster for humanity – new research shows nature suffered greatly too
We must have a better plan for next pandemic, say Otago researchers
Keynote Address, AFR Business Summit
‘We must invest more in prevention and safety’
Solving a Genetic Mystery at Heart of COVID-19 Pandemic
Never again do we want to be caught off-guard by a virus
What Australian Seafood Industry can learn from COVID-19
Chinese consumers optimistic on post-COVID travel
Researchers Target Nucleocapsid Protein to Combat COVID-19
A year on from arrival of COVID-19 in New Zealand: 5 lessons for 2021 and beyond
How Childhood Infections Could Shape Pandemics
Public Health, Viral Variants and Vaccinations: Liverpool Responds February 22
Research Center for Zoonosis Control
CPHO Sunday Edition: Equipping ourselves against mis- and disinformation during COVID-19
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks to National Institutes of Health Staff
Jeremy Hunt: “I was too slow to boost NHS workforce”
Hotel quarantine failures show need for action
Yes, a 16-day incubation period for COVID is possible
Urgent action needed on hotel quarantine
Breastfeeding mothers produce COVID-19 antibodies
Six Previously FDA-Approved Drugs Appear Promising Against SARS-CoV-2 in Laboratory Testing
Study Yields Recommendations to Prevent Outbreaks from Waterborne Coronaviruses
UConn Health Researchers Track COVID-19 Immunity
Nurses and female health care workers most at risk of distress during Covid-19 pandemic
No more acting like ‘stunned mullets’ – bigger, better, faster responses needed to meet future bio-threats
Voices: Dr. Kazuaki Miyagishima
New study suggests that financial impact of Covid-19 is comparable to Wall Street Crash of 1929
COVID-19: answers to concerns about new variants
Is human activity creating a breeding ground for pandemics?
Sequencing of Wastewater Useful for Control of SARS-CoV-2
LLNL and United Kingdom company to collaborate on development of universal coronavirus vaccine
Wageningen World: How easily can mink pass on virus?
An “interesting” year at Epworth Richmond Emergency Department
Role of Aerosols in SARS-CoV-2 Transmission
Scientists uncover antiviral protein that blocks coronavirus infection
Aussies can now buy a low-cost household disinfectant proven to kill COVID-19
Understanding mathematics of a pandemic
TSU developments will help make protective masks more effective
Footage shows wet markets still open for business