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Scientists unravel inner workings of DNA repair enzymes
Cholesterol Drives Alzheimer’s Plaque Formation, Study Finds
Docking Peptides, Slow to Lock, Open Possible Path to Treat Alzheimer’s
Elephant project recordings evoke rainforest
Researchers discover new pathway that prevents bowel cancer treatment from working
Just by changing its shape, Argonne scientists show they can alter material properties
Researchers design sensors to rapidly detect plant hormones
AACR establishes new cancer prevention working group
Why Are Black Cancer Patients at Higher Risk for Blood Clots?
Scientists develop new tool for analyzing large superconducting circuits
Compound hazards pose increased risk to highly populated regions in Himalayas
Scientists shed new light on molecular mechanisms in brain diseases
Gem of lab will design next-generation diamond sensors, bringing world of quantum physics into light
Tongue-in-cheek award with cult status for cinema air study
New immunotherapy becomes activated specifically in tumors
Cancer immunotherapy gets PIP boost
Engineers grow pancreatic “organoids” that mimic real thing
Scientists show novel device improves blood sugar control in hyperinsulinism patients whose pancreas has been removed
New cerium superhydrides become stepping stones to ‘Goldilocks’ superconductors
Scientists model how coronavirus attaches itself to human cells
Uncertainty on climate change in textbooks linked to uncertainty in students
Scientists develop toolkit to test apple security, find vulnerability
New model helps determine optimal strategies for combining vaccines and social distancing
Pioneering method of assessing rewilding progress applied for first time
Detecting fish, mammals, and birds from single sample
WSU joins PNNL, UW to host virtual collaboration workshop
IOP Publishing’s ‘top-cited paper awards’ celebrate most influential Indian research papers
Quantum materials cut closer than ever
Affordable housing in outer space: Scientists develop cosmic concrete from space dust and astronaut blood
Scientists Receive 2021 Future Science Prize
Two HKU academics win 2021 Xplorer Prize
Researchers claim that overeating is not primary cause of obesity
Scientists identify novel player in acute myeloid leukemia
What was really secret behind Van Gogh’s success?
TSU Physicists are testing new superheavy particle detectors
King’s leads world’s largest trial of cancer blood test
New immunotherapy method turns activated specifically in tumor
Photos from field: why losing these tiny, loyal fish to climate change spells disaster for coral
5th Virtual WHO Infodemic Management Conference: Quantifying impact of infodemic and effectiveness of measures
VaxFACTS videos answer your Covid questions
Abnormal DNA methylation found in lead-exposed dogs, genomic study shows
Novel slippery damper strategy to enhance liquid deposition on non-wetting surfaces
HKU sets to strengthen climate change and carbon neutrality related research
Changing of guard 12 September 2021
Proteins can help each other bind to DNA
Research advances carbon-dioxide-to-ethanol conversion
Gut microbes are key to health benefit delivered by hops compound
Pathway for producing ethylene