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Mystery Parasite Kills Sea Otters, Marine Life at Risk
Unusual Parasite Strain Kills Sea Otters
Penn Researchers Identify Key Mechanism of Kidney Disease
Groundwater Pollution & Sustainability: How Scientists Study
Improved Polymer Battery Performance Through Bilayer Substrate
Biophysics: Droplets in motion
UF/IFAS study: new mosquito species reported in Florida
Sea Stars Protect Kelp Forests from Urchins, Study Finds
Govt Adviser Urges Scientists to Shape Govt Policy
UC Santa Barbara Gets $1M to Build Climate Action Capacity
Florida Reports New Mosquito Species
QS Rankings: Environmental Sciences rises to spot 2
Von der Leyen: Embrace Diversity in Anti-Racism Week
Simulation Uncovers Secrets of Polarons, Exotic Electrons
Can super-speedy plant cells feed growing population?
Scientists Sharpen Sights for Venus Hunt 2.0
Report: Plastic Threat to Human, Planetary Health
How to Become Certified in Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Art & Science Collide at WSF Brisbane 2023
UoB Hosts Cybersecurity Research Centre
Science Journals Revise Guidelines After Study Finds Incomplete Reporting
Mindfulness can help diabetes sufferers
Northern Hemisphere Climate Modeling Improved
New Chapter in Antiferromagnetic Spintronics is Unfolding
Scientists Show Support for Red Meat, Livestock in Australia
Brains Behind Quest to Find Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Cure Revealed
NYUAD Analysis Sheds Light on Non-White Scientist Inequities
CU Anschutz at Epicenter of Down Syndrome Research and Care
US Physicians Recognized by ACS for Clinical Research
Andrea Rinaldo wins “Nobel Prize in Water”
Neutrinos Used to Image Proton
Scientists Visualize Electron Dynamics on Liquid Helium
Obesity Increases Breast Cancer Risk for BRCA Women
Exploring Ancient Manuscripts for Mining DNA Clues
Uracil found in Ryugu samples
Uracil Discovered on Asteroid Ryugu
“Y-Ball” Compound Yields Quantum Secrets
Healthy Men with Vaginal Sex Show Unique Urethral Microbiome
3D-Printed Food: Recipe for Success
Urban Traffic Systems Reveal Hidden Bottlenecks, Failures
Subatomic & Black Holes Linked by Common Thread: Scientists
Extreme snowfall in West Antarctica driving sea-level rise
Constantly posting to social media? Try being mouse
Late Decline of Species Reported
Theoretical Prediction of Particle Interactions Expands Possibilities
Urban gardens are good for ecosystems and humans
Gene Variants Persist 700K Yrs in Humans: Immune & Metabolic Effects
Netherlands Leverages Automated Detection of Drug Samples’ Chemicals