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Artificial Intelligence Speeds Search for Stable Proteins Used in Drug Development, Biofuels and Food Production
Researchers develop new way to calculate environmental impact of ammonia production
Research provides insight into how intestine repairs damaged tissue
New approach enables efficient sample preparation for single-cell proteomics
Scientists identify potential target for treatment among patients with type 2 diabetes
Similarity between schizophrenia and dementia discovered for first time
Mapping universe with NWO grant of 3.1 million
Similarity between schizophrenia and dementia
Monoclonal antibody prevents malaria in U.S. adults, NIH trial shows
New Stanford animation simulator focuses on finding interesting outcomes
System that allows harmful bacteria to grow could be ‘interrupted’, say researchers
Future stars create fusion energy machine at school
2022 Surgical & Interventional Engineering Summer School
Textbook comes to life: Augmented reality for dental specialists
Environment Minister’s proposal to refuse mine puts Great Barrier Reef first
HKU marine scientists unveil sea urchin’s secret to surviving marine heatwaves
Micro-engineered electrodes could cut battery manufacturing costs
Coral cover’s up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
Coral cover up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
Scientists engineer probiotic to prevent infection of large intestine
Bacteria busting proteins offer potential for smarter drugs
Why do some people who take Paxlovid for COVID get ‘rebound’ symptoms?
Great Barrier Reef survival = no more oil and gas
New data shows promising increase in coral cover but comes with warning on diversity loss
Australian sport leaders stepping up to help strengthen sport sector
Growing skills and STEM careers this National Science Week
Fighting superbugs, life in space, microfactories, and what do Australians really think of science
Yale-developed technology restores cell, organ function in pigs after death
Australians back science to stem tide of misinformation
Standing up for soil
Declining coronavirus level in wastewater
Understanding importance of convective rain events and tracing their impact on catchment with isotopes
Scientists identify key mechanism controlling skin regeneration
Researchers map human immune system for first time
Monitoring polar ice melting by combining data from different satellites
Research suggests that change in bird coloration is due to climate change
Volcanic super eruptions are millions of years in making
Scientists envisage climate change will severely impact bird communities by 2080
Lasers, landscape and lost magnetic fields
First map of immune system connections reveals new therapeutic opportunities
Quantitative Snapshot of Human Impact on Planet
RNA diversity in human tissues mapped with emerging sequencing technology
Newly identified compound binds to Shiga toxin to reduce its toxicity
Mechanism of bacterial toxins in deadly attacks
Campaign to recruit next GCSA launching shortly
Hollings researcher receives Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Career Development Award
2022 Art in Science Competition – Accepting Applications
Researchers have built matmodel of spread of infections