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Child sex offender receives increased prison sentence following referral to Court of Appeal
Police appeal to locate wanted man in Sydney’s west
Bishops veto statement affirming traditional view of marriage
Additional sex assault charges
Sinhcaf-dependent Histone Deacetylation Being Essential for Primordial Germ Cell Specification
AICD supports positive duty under Sexual Discrimination Act 10 May
Dead Hector’s dolphin at Te Waewae Bay, Southland
Sex tape released after couple meet on Melbourne radio show
Our Plan for Freedom and Equality
Destigmatising Online Sex Work and OnlyFans Coaching; Audrey Aura Discusses
World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day: 7 symptoms to take seriously
Hundreds of injured singers profiled
Pupils boost fitness and memory from exercise
Hunt continues for serial train sex predator
Officer charged – Specialist Command 30 April
London rapist receives increased sentence following referral to Court of Appeal
Increased sentence for Bedford child abuser
Release of First Annual Interagency Report on Implementation of Presidential Memorandum on Advancing Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons
Union locked in battle with University of Tasmania over Gender Affirmation Leave
Analysis of race, sex bias in reference standard measure of autism spectrum disorder
Digital devices should have built-in adult content blockers to protect children
Cortisol in shelter dog hair reveals signs of stress
Mass guinea pig rescue new record for RSPCA WA
Police charge man after historical sex assaults
An Insight to Behind Scenes of an OnlyFans Model
Researchers Uncover Novel Role of Progestin Signaling in Fish Spermatogenesis
Estrogen and testosterone deficiency linked to higher rates of rotator cuff repair
Two Sets of Sex Chromosomes Determine More Than Just Sex
OnlyFans Model discusses whorephobia industry faces on daily basis
OnlyFans Star Lucy Banks Warns Againt Sexually-Transmitted Food Allergies
Women seen as happy and men as angry despite real emotions
New colleagues may be treated differently depending on attractiveness, gender
Those who ogle also more likely to have harmful attitudes
Moehau monitoring reveals kiwi protection success
Gay and bisexual men and those aged 15 and over to receive 2 doses of HPV vaccine
Cooloongup Sexual Assault Charges
Transgender sex workers face frequent abuse
UK’s first ever Sexual Rights Charter launched to tackle aged based discrimination
Renner edits special issue on separate sexes in plants
Origins of diabetes may be different in men and women, according to new Concordia research
Are some sex lubricants really “sperm-friendly”?
Police search for registered sex offender Russell Jones
Civilian casualty update: Ukraine 17 March
Civilian casualty update – 15 March 2022: Ukraine
Civilian casualties: Ukraine
Ukraine civilian casualties
Civilian casualty update: Ukraine 13 March
Civilian casualty update: Ukraine 12 March