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John Mohan moves his research from Gulf of Mexico to Gulf of Maine
Biggest fish in sea are girls
Beach users asked to exercise caution at Bulli Beach & surrounds – Wollongong
SA takes lead on unscrupulous payday lenders
Dead whale removed from Waniora Point – Wollongong
Worldwide shark survey led by FIU begins to pay off
Ancient bony fish forces rethink of how sharks evolved
Massive, indeed: Shark MOOC has attracted thousands
Josh Morris to join 300 Club
Statement on Bronson Xerri
Drones to be used at Byron Bay as part of beach safety
Ocean challenges, wallaby DNA, whale sharks, and exploding watermelons
Fitbits for sharks, studying brains of dead, and why maggots are our new best friends
Dropbears, superbugs, and astrophysics meets Minecraft
On China’s Predatory Fishing Practices in Galápagos
Shark “sea lanes” need protecting
Science Week at Libraries
Lemon sharks – live fast, die young
White Shark Confirmed Responsible for Bite Following Death of Surfer at Wooli Beach
New fleet of shark-spotting drones
Home venues confirmed for round eight
Humpback whale swim tours return to Ningaloo
Shark Cage Diving Bill voted down in Parliament
Round 5 schedule changes
Did a shark clash with large squid and live to tell tale?
White shark confirmed responsible for bite following death of surfer in Northern NSW
Why most knee injuries don’t need surgery to heal
Rabbitohs and Warriors’ fans set to be refunded for Coast match tickets
National Rugby League statement on Bronson Xerri
Ecosystem drives origin of new shark and ray species
Fossils found in Bayside: rock-solid evidence of ancient animals
Venues released for 2020 NRL Telstra Premiership
Authority welcomes decision on bottle shop near Shark Park
Government fast-tracks new protections against loan sharks due to COVID-19
National Rugby League players unite behind juniors
Giant teenage shark from Dinosaur-era
Sharks and Cowboys’ fans set to be refunded for Coast match tickets
Facebook Live With Rodney Fox
Backward Glance – Thrills of Big Game Fishing at Mooloolaba
Alarm over number of juvenile white sharks caught on fishing lines
Thousands of teeth tell long history of sharks
Phone hook-up investigates scaly problem of shark bite-offs
Expressions of interest sought for Fuller Park
Future’s looking bright for Sunshine Coast Stadium
Flouting of fishing laws reveals urgent need for on-board monitoring
Boom and bust for ancient sea dragons
Snap up your tickets to Sharks v Cowboys
Bite marks in fossils reveal demise of our early relatives