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UBC Hub to Accelerate Manufacturing of Lifesaving Meds for Canadians
Canada Funds Clean Tech in B.C
Poor US Access to Methadone Cited vs Canada: Report
US Methadone Treatment Access Falls Short of Canada: Comparison
New Book Explores Human Impact on Environments
People don’t know what preprint is. Here’s why that matters
Expanded Bereavement Support Services Needed on Pandemic Anniversary
Canada and B.C. Invest $13.5M in French Teacher Training
SFU Gift to Transform Notarial Practice in BC: $3.5M
New Radiocarbon 3.0 Tracks Humanity to its Beginnings
SFU Study: Shark, Ray Populations Recovering in NW Atlantic
Sharks: Conservation Wins With Spatial Data
SFU’s newest innovation space opens in downtown Surrey
Canada Launches National Quantum Strategy to Create Jobs, Boost Tech
Moving water and earth
Printable Smart Sensors Powered By Semiconductors Enable Cheaper, Greener IoT
Research from SFU scientists informs climate change mitigation report
Researchers test promising tech treatment for youth depression
Integrated platform promises to speed up drug discovery process
Researcher’s archival exhibition spotlights 70 years of Black performance history in Canada
Supporting aging population experiencing homelessness: SFU research
Supporting aging population experiencing homelessness
New tool developed to monitor health of marine ecosystems and extinction risk of species
Mini-Engine Exploits Noise to Convert Information into Fuel
Western planetary geologist to lead science for Canada’s lunar rover
How female false widow spiders use their ‘spidey senses’ to attract mates
Minister Sajjan announces funding for Simon Fraser University and highlights government’s plan to build economy that works
Americans more likely to share Covid misinformation online: SFU study
Is road salt killing salmon?
New $89M national research centre at JCU
Women healthcare workers faced heightened moral distress during pandemic: study
Genomic data can improve pandemic modelling, SFU researchers say
Research takes major step in pursuit of HIV cure
Some screen time better than none during children’s concussion recovery
SFU Research: Healthy Aging Requires Understanding Of Personality Types
Mental health support, not increased policing, needed during pandemic
Logging down value chain raises future forest sustainability concerns
Simon Fraser University-led biobank aims to save west coast kelp forests
Hybrid work, more holistic approach, better for mental health, studies find
Canada announces appointments to Canadian Institutes of Health Research Governing Council
Simon Fraser University announces new varsity team name
Vaccination exposes latent HIV in lab studies
Significant dining expansion unveiled at SFU Burnaby
$10M to support open-access and open-source research
Chemical discovered by SFU researchers could help honeybees fight off mite infestation
Blinken Visit Tests US Support for Democracy, Rights: DR Congo
SFU announces move to become Living Wage Employer
Researchers develop new chemical biological tools to monitor Parkinson’s disease