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‘grand tour’ Atlantic Ocean water takes around world
A Keen Eye Behind Microscope
Story Behind Our Infinitely Recyclable Plastic
New Combination of Materials Provides Progress Toward Quantum Computing
English version of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming MOOC launched
Biomimetic Resonant Acoustic Sensor Detecting Far-Distant Voices Accurately to Hit Market
Swiss-cheese design could help scientists harness power of sun
Opinion Piece – Why Queensland is a gun state on Defence jobs
Study shows how rudeness leads to anchoring, including in medical diagnoses
NSW bouncing back with R&D commercialisation
Child labour rises to 160 million – first increase in two decades
Training robots to manipulate soft and deformable objects
Surpassing Moore’s Law
A new approach will help save X-ray studies from failing results
Quality Campaign for Better Batteries
Machine Learning Speeds up Simulations in Material Science
University of Toronto’s Raquel Urtasun raises $100 million for self-driving startup Waabi: reports
Projected acidification of Great Barrier Reef could be offset by ten years
A Breakthrough in Physics of Blood Clotting
‘Surfing’ particles: Physicists solve a mystery surrounding aurora borealis
Play it safe: A microscopic perspective towards durable solid state batteries
Evaluating competition between autonomous vehicles and public transit
Using HPC and experiment, researchers continue to refine graphene production
Researchers design simulation tool to predict disease, pest spread
Dominant factor of carrier transport mechanism in multilayer graphene nanoribbons revealed
Astroonomers calculate genesis of Oort cloud in chronological order
Why do our COVID outbreaks always seem to happen in Melbourne?
Decoding DNA may hold clues to how life on earth began
Blood clot-busting nanocapsules could reduce existing treatment’s side effects
Tasmanian record show of force at Land Forces 2021
New algorithm could help enable next-generation deep brain stimulation devices
Evolutionary fates of supergenes unmasked
COVID-19 Simulation Shows Importance of Continued Safety Efforts During Vaccine Distribution
Manipulating quinary charge states in solitary defects of 2D intermetallic semiconductor
Hi-CO unravels complex packing of nucleosomes
Digital wind tunnels could help develop more fuel efficient aeroplanes
New Board Member: Dr. Astrid Lambrecht Starts 1 June
Largest Checkered Flag exercise wraps up at Tyndall AFB
Modeling Reveals What Drives Snow Mass Variation in Tianshan Mountains
Swinburnes Executive MBA ranked best in Australia
Less is more? New take on machine learning helps us “scale up” phase transitions
Phonon catalysis could lead to a new field
Penn Researchers Discover Drug that Blocks Multiple SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Mice
Right Off Bat: Navigation in Extra-Large Spaces
Scientists use simulations to examine performance of materials in NIF experiments
Boeing to Provide C-17 Training for Next Generation of Royal Air Force Crews and Engineers
£274-million training boost for RAF
New Study Unveils Ultimate Capacity Analysis of Orbital Angular Momentum Channels