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Staircase to stars: Turbulence in fusion plasmas may not be all bad
Crop-improvement lab established with $25M USAID grant
Controlling our internal world
Don’t go chasing (gas) waterfalls-unless you’re an astronomer studying planet formation
Seven Los Alamos scientists honored as 2019 Laboratory Fellows
Public-private INFUSE projects to speed fusion development housed at PPPL
Public-private INFUSE collaborations housed at PPPL
UO prof heads project to help people adapt to wildfire risks
A matter of dark matter
Eliud Kipchoge just broke marathon’s two-hour barrier, and KU Leuven research helped him do it
Making atmospheric chemistry modeling more accessible
UO’s new quantum scientist aims to get qubits talking
Imperial mathematicians win €10 million ERC grant to study ocean dynamics
Illumination of abnormal neuronal activities caused by myelin impairment suggests possible
Bike designed with artificial intelligence breaks world speed records
Women in STEM: Amelia Drew
Biomechanical research centre to transform personalised surgical treatment
£88 million to help unleash productive power of UK economy
Light my fire: How to startup fusion devices every time
One day, a plane could give you flying lessons
CO2 emissions cause lost labour productivity, new Concordia research shows
Irresistible pull – when massive stars collide
How interactions between neuronal migration and outgrowth shape network architecture
Welding training prioritised for naval shipbuilding
PROMIS lab takes on medication misuse
Penn State to study integration of automated driving systems into work zones
Imperial wins major grant to develop data clusters with top global partners
UK aid partners with Gates Foundation to tackle global food insecurity
A simple way to control swarming molecular machines
Agronomists detail benefits of updating agricultural drainage infrastructure in new study
Looking for best from man and machine to create new materials
Another Casualty of Climate Change? Recreational Fishing
New metasurface design can control optical fields in three dimensions
Fast dance of electron spins
Small business helping Navy warfare simulation success
3 Questions: How artificial intelligence is supercharging materials science
This is how a “fuzzy” universe may have looked
New ‘fuzzy’ dark matter research disrupts conventional thinking
System helps smart devices find their position
Machine Learning Is Providing New Insights When Biology Is Too Complex for Traditional Research
Supercomputing, neutrons unite to unravel structures of intrinsically disordered protein
Right carbon tax to reduce impact of transport in Switzerland
PNNL, Sandia, and Georgia Tech Join Forces in AI Effort
Brace for wild weather this storm season
Researchers Advancing Understanding of Vital Enzyme
Lab’s space program is on rise
Indiana National Lab Day highlights state, federal research initiatives
Latest innovation in country healthcare announced