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New laboratory-wide organization advances development of fusion energy science at PPPL
Is it topological? new materials database has answer
Forecasting effects of roads and railways on endangered tigers
UNITAR and Conflux Center Launch Online Course on Speechwriting and Public Speaking Skills for Multilateral Diplomacy
Möbius band constructed solely by carbon atoms
University of Portsmouth training programme helping to combat NHS nursing shortfall
Report details potential problems caused by lack of diversity in clinical trials
Game design giant backs USC
UT Researchers Aim to Change Cancer Equation
CLOUD discovers new way by which aerosols rapidly form and grow at high altitude
Method used to track ants underground could revolutionize how we measure snow depth from space
Researchers design ‘socially aware’ robots that can anticipate – and safely avoid
New law unchains fusion energy
New silicon nanowires can really take heat
New CRP: Improving External Dosimetry for Terrestrial Animals and Plants
On road to cleaner, greener, and faster driving
From degrowth to sustainable food system transformation
UKs largest disaster simulation exercise takes place in Hampshire
How to avoid eating world
Likes repel and opposites can too?
NeuroMechFly: digital twin of Drosophila
Research of train travel pre- and during Covid suggests three ways to make commuting less stressful
UT Supercomputer Helps Unveil Black Hole at Our Galaxy’s Heart
Tiling mechanisms of Drosophila compound eye through geometrical tessellation
Sophisticated fluid mechanics model is on roll
King’s to open state-of-the-art training academy
Tasmanian tech to train Navy
Complex Human Childbirth and Cognitive Abilities Result of Walking Upright
In balance: Quantum computing needs right combination of order and disorder
Candy-coated pills could prevent pharmaceutical fraud
Quantum computing needs right combination of order and disorder
Researchers tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria
What do stem cell aggregates and whipped cream have in common?
Using AI to predict bone fractures in cancer patients
UN/CEFACT, OCHA and partners release recommendations to smooth movement of disaster relief across borders
‘Nanomagnetic’ computing can provide low-energy AI, researchers show
Natures of Carbon Edges with Gradient Nanocarbons Disclosed for Electrochemical Hydrogen Peroxide Production
NNSA and Cornelis Networks to collaborate on next-generation high-performance networking
Fungi-based meat alternatives to help save Earth’s forests
HPC4Energy Innovation initiative launches new call for proposals
Face shape influences mask fit, suggests problems with double masking against Covid
Naval Postgraduate School Collaborates With Microsoft To Bring Emerging Technologies To Fleet
New Mode of Materials Growth, “Spiral Growth Graphene” Has Been Discovered
One-up on motion capture
Drink in latest discoveries at Pint of Science
FairSTREAM updates
Trunk Spines Can Defend Against Bark Feeding and Climbing Mammals
Many residents won’t get abortion training if Roe is overturned