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VCSAF meets with nuclear scientists, engineers about future operations
Gaining insight into energy balance of earthquakes
Current treatment for fungal meningitis is fuelling drug resistance
Large scale simulation to inform hospital design
Model helps explain how our sense of agency arises
Otago research reveals past rapid Antarctic ice loss due to ocean warming
Gulf Coast corals face catastrophe
‘Buildings’ in human bone may hold key to stronger 3D-printed lightweight structures
NIF experiments draw interest at APS conference
Green-sky thinking for propulsion and power
Macquarie University research gets a $9.6 million funding boost
LLNL’s presence in HPC shines bright at SC19
Freeze Frame: Scientists Capture Atomic-Scale Snapshots of Artificial Proteins
UO, MIT collaborate on material with surprise electrical properties
Extent of challenge to clean up space debris revealed
New Australian Research Council grants to investigate a changing world
New math model could lead to more personalized cancer therapies
Heavyweight in heart of Abell 85 central galaxy
Navigating Land and Water: How centipedes walk and swim
Scientists crack 60-year-old mystery of Sun’s magnetic waves
When laser beams meet plasma: New data addresses gap in fusion research
Frustraum hohlraum design is shaping up
New membrane technology to boost water purification and energy storage
Designing and re-purposing cell receptors
Gains in one type of force produced by fusion disruptions are offset by losses in another
Helping machines perceive some laws of physics
Eurasian Continent remembers and amplifies cold waves as Arctic warms
NA61/SHINE gives neutrino experiments a helping hand
Faster modeling of interactions between ligands and proteins
NA61 gives neutrino experiments a helping hand
Computer simulations help develop medical treatment for skin conditions
Millions for research into cellular quality control
CFA launches airport incident VR simulation
Researchers get ‘glimpse into a human mind’ as it makes choices in groups, social media
Heating by cooling
Parallel Data Lab Receives Computing Cluster from Los Alamos National Lab
New modeling will shed light on how policy decisions affect migration from sea level rise
Where will we go when water rises? Computer models may hold answers, research says
Canadian research team headed to ‘Mars’
Marine community composition shifts in predictable ways in warming oceans
Ultrafast quantum simulations: a new twist to an old approach
Defence giant bolstering jobs growth in South Australia
New material captures and converts toxic air pollutant into industrial chemical
B-52 bomber crews complete live-fire training with Army in Hawaii
Engineering solutions for kitchen challenges
How to design and control robots with stretchy, flexible bodies
Innovative BioSpine program attracts $2m grant from Insurance Commission
Four million euros for DIGITAL TWIN program