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High-tech rain gauges filling a gap for producers
CSAF visits Edwards AFB 7 April
Understanding fruit fly behavior may be next step toward autonomous vehicles
Apple Arcade expands its award-winning catalog to more than 180 games
Computational Tool for Materials Physics Growing in Popularity
Whisker simulation gives insight into mammals’ sense of touch
Soil Moisture Drives Year-to-Year Change in Land Carbon Uptake
Smart algorithms make packaging of meat products more efficient
World’s largest public scenario database for testing and assuring safe Autonomous Vehicle deployments
Widespread use of control measures is vital as lockdown lifts, say scientists
Widespread use of control measures such as facemasks is vital to suppress pandemic as lockdown lifts, say scientists
Studying spread of a virtual, safe epidemic
VP&S, Nursing, and Mailman in Top 5 of New Grad School Rankings
Reef degradation leaves Australian coast vulnerable to tsunami damage
Powering energy transition with better storage
Maintaining NATO’s Technological Edge – A Snapshot of work of NATO Researchers
Laser lights way
UNM study: Sneeze guards could make full-capacity airplanes safer from COVID-19 spread
Economic development and climate-friendly palm oil production in Indonesia can go hand in hand
Faster Imaging in Rubber X-ray CT Imaging Helps Tires Become Smarter and More Efficient
Supernova simulations reveal how stellar explosions shape debris clouds
Warm water has overlooked importance for cold-water fish, like salmon and trout, study finds
New Discoveries of Deep Brain Simulation Put It on Par with Therapeutics
Floating solar farms could help reduce impacts of climate change on lakes and reservoirs
Growing Townsville to become a globally connected community is focus of Council’s updated corporate plan
Call for hunters to put safety first this Easter
New high-performance computing hub aims to harness sun’s energy
Study Outlines Testing Strategies for Safer Air Travel During Pandemic
India has an ambitious plan for developing more renewable energy; researchers say country can aim even higher
High-resolution ocean model looks at sea turtles’ lost years
TECH SCEnE: Technology, Science and Community Engagement in Engineering
American Astronomers Find Secrets of Japanese Universes
How will mass-vaccination change future COVID-19 lockdowns?
Could plants control robots on Mars?
Organic crystals’ ice-forming superpowers
Scientists develop new approach to predict how liquids freeze
Better, faster, smarter crop variety data for nation’s grain growers
£25 million boost for nurse training
Defense Department Successfully Transitions New Technology to Programs of Record
Research uncovers missing physics in explosive hotspots
Rise of Connected Autonomous Vehicles Will Require New Models for Managing Traffic
To Eradicate Guinea Worm Disease in Humans, Scientists Focus on Dogs
Climate change alters river flow
Simulation of self-driving fleets brings their deployment in cities closer
U.S. Air Force seeks to accelerate efficiency
Role of solvent molecules in light-driven electron transfer revealed
Simulations show how city building configurations affect pedestrians’ air quality
Wettest summer in five years – but is La Nina coming to an end?