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Nuclear ‘shadow corrosion’ reproduced in lab, paving way to longer fuel life
NIST Names Joannie Chin as Director of Its Engineering Laboratory
Staying step ahead of invasive insect species with computer simulations
New initiative offers employees chance to join Plymouth’s digital revolution
Deep space race: Fixing refueling challenge
University wins funding boost for healthcare learning
One-of-a-kind manikin used to track Covid within indoor spaces
Digital twins for cancer patients could be ‘paradigm shift’ for predictive oncology
Theropod dinosaur jaws became stronger as they evolved
Color-sorting metalenses boost imaging sensitivity
Transport Simulation: Ridesharing Pushes Mobility Transition
Australia’s health security audit closing with year
High-speed impacts may have shaped Venus’ history
National Museum of American Diplomacy Announces New 2022 Teacher Workshop
Another 249 trainees join global infodemic manager community
Face masks prevent spreading of particles
$319 million contract for North Queensland Army Training Centre
Zooming into galactic centre
University of York involved in new project to expand 5G services across country
New Chinchilla training centre to boost regional health education
Cairns University Hospital one step closer to reality
Boeing’s best and brightest based in Queensland
Deputy Secretary of Defense Hicks Visits Michigan and Colorado
Stellar “Ashfall” Could Help Distant Planets Grow
London Millennium Bridge wobble finally explained
Sulphur chemical technology improves battery lifespans
Artificial intelligence that can discover hidden physical laws in various data
Head-Mounted Microscope Allows Long-Term Brain Imaging in Freely Moving Mice
Towards achievement of megatesla magnetic fields in laboratory
Research reveals how plasma swirling around black holes can produce heat and light
Scientists Teach AI to Navigate Ocean with Minimal Energy
Physical features boost efficiency of quantum simulations
Scientists Propose Novel Bilayer Structure for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Covid and impact on cancer outcomes in Australia
Tipping Point for Legislative Polarization
Sodium-based Material Yields Stable Alternative to Lithium-ion Batteries
Generating realistic 3D world
Inheritances are growing, but not driving inequality
Help shape City of Stonnington’s budget for 2022-23
Learning from experience to become better intuitive statisticians
Twisting elusive quantum particles
Climate modeling confirms historical records showing rise in hurricane activity
Blue hydrogen can help protect climate
How far is Fukushima nuclear accident contaminated water from us?
NSW latest clinical services building opens in Coffs Harbour
World-First Research Facility Launches At Horsham Smartfarm
Thriving in non-equilibrium
Record-breaking simulations of large-scale structure formation in Universe