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Live simulation news and developments with the latest updates. Check out current simulation news stories and find out what happened, what is going on with simulation. Recent news updates about simulation
Shelter, safest air intake locations during urban pollution events identified
Hull Design Efficiency Challenge finalists announced
Dstl in Unique Five-Eyes Space Situational Awareness Experiment
Researchers Say Spread of Coronavirus Extends Far Beyond China’s Quarantine Zone
Goodfellow AFB’s 312th TRS modernizes emergency medical responders course
Dancing Matter: New form of movement of cyclic macromolecules discovered
Closely spaced hydrogen atoms could facilitate superconductivity in ambient conditions
Tumbleweeds or fibrils: Tau proteins need to choose
Warming oceans could cause Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse, sea level rise
Ultra-high energy events key to study of ghost particles
Royal Society Fellow to study terrestrial ecosystem response to warming
Local researchers succeed in latest ARC Linkage funding
Giving cryptocurrency users more bang for their buck
Research zeroing in on electronic nose for monitoring air quality, diagnosing disease
New study identifies Neanderthal ancestry in African populations and describes its origin
Hinkler Regional Deal Implementation Plan launched
At halfway point, SuperUROP scholars share their research results
Rice fluids researcher earns solid federal support
Gift to will allow MIT researchers to use artificial intelligence in a biomedical device
Citizen science discovers a new form of Northern Lights
Accelerating pace of engineering
Using Virtual Reality to Help Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Lab’s popular lecture series delves into space science
Fifteen organizations join Los Alamos’ Efficient Mission Centric Computing Consortium in
New center will develop technologies, materials made possible by ‘second quantum revolution’
Goldfein offers optimistic update on Air Force’s evolution and future
Rice lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a flash
Los Alamos high-performance computing veteran to chair SC22
Tiny, ancient meteorites suggest early Earth’s atmosphere was rich in carbon dioxide
Climate change: how can we unleash citizen action?
Quantum experiments explore power of light for communications, computing
Former PPPL intern honored for outstanding machine learning poster
New model helps pave way to bringing clean fusion energy down to Earth
Major NSF-sponsored grant will help researchers discover ways to improve urban sustainability
New technique to study molecules and materials on quantum simulator discovered
How solar system got its ‘Great Divide’, and why it matters for life on Earth
How social structures emerge
New Study Confirms Importance of Tiger Population in Thailand Forest Complex
Arctic sea ice can’t ‘bounce back’
World’s first safe analgesic passed preclinical trials
Observing Unobservable: Models Predict Mechanical Origins of Earthquakes
LLNL discovers new method to create nanocarbons
Institute for Computational and Data Sciences accepting seed grant applications
Newly developed screening processes will help accelerate carbon capture research
Transparency discovered in crystals with ultrahigh piezoelectricity
Clouds and climate change
Clearing up cloudy climate predictions
Researchers gain control over internal structure of self-assembled composite materials