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Low-cost smartphone attachment enables blood pressure monitoring on-the-go
Self-Driven Disposable Sensor Measures Blood Glucose at Home
Decoding Path to Digital Workplace Transformation
Discover Your Next Event at Kempsey Shire Libraries
Unveiling Teen-Friendly Social Media Habits for Optimal Sleep
FDV program gives women prisoners safe start on release
AWI Researchers Show Manganese Nodules’ High Radioactivity
City Parks See Increase in Smartphone Use, Forests Experience Decrease
Major Norfolk flood defence project’s 2nd stage complete
As many as 6 NWO grants for Leiden political scientists
Research Reveals Large Brain-like Neural Networks for AI in Human Brain Project
Braided Current Collectors
Apple and Google Collaborate on Industry Standard to Tackle Unwanted Tracking
2023 Total Eclipse at Sea: Witnessing Alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth
Wrestling with Ethics of Brain-Computer Interfaces: Future Is Now
Gator ONE goes digital: UF rolls out mobile credentials
UK Gov Announces Gambling Law Reform to Safeguard Vulnerable Users in Smartphone Age
Energy Storage Materials: Lithium from Hot Deep Water
Smartphone Screen Material Maps Magnetic Fields
Computer Security: symbiosis of your life
Bill to Tackle Rip-Offs, Safeguard Online Payments & Boost Digital Competition
Inkjet Printer to Produce Optical Filters and Mirrors
Progress in alternative battery technology
Quantum Entanglement Boosts Accuracy of Sensors
Quantum Entanglement Improves Sensor Accuracy
Next-Gen Networks Get Signal Boost from Surface Steering
Smartwatches Could Unlock New Parkinson’s Treatments
Computer-Assisted Procedure Classifies Ataxia-Related Speech Disturbances
USAID, Gates Foundation Launch Women in Digital Economy Fund Call for Partners
UC Irvine Physicists Find First Transformable Nano-Scale Electronic Devices
Researchers Develop Stretchable OLED Display Technology
New Study Finds Bodily Rhythm Affects Behavior
Luminous molecules
Smartphone Use for Over 3 Hours Day Linked to More Back Pain in Teens
CEOs Take Notice as SEC Challenged
Automated Features Offer Convenience and Control, Says Study
Engineers adapt smartphone for blood-sugar screening
NSW Government Enforces Mobile Phone Ban in High Schools
Digital Marketing of Harmful Products Increases Health Risks for Vulnerable Groups
Recycling of Batteries: 70 Percent of Lithium Recovered
Citi Foundation, Griffith Asia Institute, ADBI, MSC Launch Study to Bridge Digital Divide in Developing Nations
TIO vies for world-first digital platform Ombudsman role
Narrowing Health Care Digital Divide
Common household gadgets harvesting your child’s data
Ambassadors Hand Over ICT Equipment to Combat Corruption
Experts Propose Way to Generate Clean Power from Waste Energy
Tackling counterfeit seeds with “unclonable” labels
Unclonable Labels Aim to Combat Counterfeit Seeds