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Penguins benefit from extended maritime zone
Genital shape key to male flies’ sexual success
Environment Agency invests £48 million in projects to benefit fishing
Recent hedgehog conservation research fills important research gaps on hedgehogs in Anthropocene
Filling a crucial gap in aquafarming: ion beam breeding to rescue
Guppies have varying levels of self-control
Auditor-General asked to investigate dodgy Yeelirrie uranium mine approval
Are partially protected areas ‘red herrings’ of marine conservation?
Changes in nutrient storage and metabolism help fruit flies reach maturity
Green millet genome resource provides a valuable tool for studying major crops
Connection to reef celebrated in HALO Life Below Water
Foraging humans, mammals and birds who live in same place behave similarly
Environment shapes behaviour
A Biological Strategy Reveals How Efficient Brain Circuitry Develops Spontaneously
Bees respond to wildfire aftermath by producing more female offspring
Supporting communities and landowners to grow employment opportunities
Micro-climate moulds and reshapes northern insect communities, herbivory and predation
To Moon and back: AAD leads 30 years of plankton surveys in Southern Ocean 14 January 2021
All eyes needed in battle to halt weedy invader
Penned release of green geckos has potential to help preserve threatened native species
New marine-based attraction set for Dell
Carnivore conservation can be improved by recognizing divergences between scientific and Indigenous and Local Knowledge
Parks Canada and Calgary Zoo conserving endangered butterfly in Waterton Lakes National Park
Dire Wolves: not just a Game of Thrones’ fantasy – a fearsome distinct, but extinct, canine
Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones wolves
50 million-year-old fossil assassin bug has unusually well-preserved anatomy
Research reveals how teeth functioned and evolved in giant mega-sharks
High-ranking male hyenas have better chances with females because they are less “stressed” than low-ranking males
Future too warm for baby sharks
New management toolkit to help protect Little Penguins
Snapper boost: more than 300,000 baby fish to be released
Improving Campaspe streetscapes
UNESCO condemns new deadly attack on Virunga National Park
DNA in water used to uncover genes of invasive fish
Climate change reduces abundance and diversity of wild bees, study finds
Improving fish populations in East Midlands
Make-up of gut microbiome may influence COVID-19 severity and immune response
Master of disguise is new genus and species of cylindrical bark beetle
Council applauds bush regeneration efforts across Byron Shire
Biologists discover bizarre ‘lasso’ snake locomotion
RPA delivers best ever December payment performance
Speciation in presence of gene flow
Inspired by kombucha tea, engineers create “living materials”
First Human Culture Lasted 20,000 Years Longer Than Thought
Artists breathe new life into Sydney’s laneways
Flying foxes take roost at Lake Guthridge and Lake Guyatt
Protecting Our Iconic Platypus
FROM FIELD: Mapping coral reefs from space