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Topical Molecular Imaging Tracer Enables Real-Time Detection of Cervical Cancer
Fast IR imaging-based AI identifies tumor type in lung cancer
Team recruits first UK patient for personalised ‘therapeutic cancer vaccine’ trial
New technique for studying cancer mutations – approaches for future therapies
New research uncovers how cancers with common gene mutation develop resistance to targeted drugs
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Surviving Head and Neck Cancer
Blood test promising for predicting response in metastatic HPV-positive throat cancer
Women’s stronger immune response could protect from some skin cancers
Oncotarget: Lung squamous cell carcinoma tumors reveal therapeutic alterations
Oncotarget: E6-specific inhibitors as therapeutics for HPV+ head and neck carcinomas
Dana-Farber researchers present key studies at ASCO annual meeting 20 May
Skin Cancer, When Found and Treated Early is Highly Curable
A Break from Chemo: PARP Inhibitor Shrinks Tumors in Pancreatic Cancer Patients with Mutations
New mechanism of cancer escape from immunity via EGFR-GSK3α-ARIH1 signaling
Team discovers how to restrict growth, spread of head and neck cancers
Genetic changes in head and neck cancer, immunotherapy resistance identified
Robotic surgery saves lives and restores hope for esophageal cancer patients
MD Anderson researchers recognized by AACR
Deactivating cancer cell gene boosts immunotherapy for head and neck cancers
Study finds vitamin D does not protect against most cancers
New collaboration between Immutep and MSD
Acid Reflux Disease May Increase Risk of Cancers of Larynx and Esophagus
Researchers develop injection to treat skin cancer
Clinical trial to evaluate whether topical medication can prevent common skin cancer
Novel Organoid Models: Illuminating Path to Cervical Cancers
Raman Spectroscopy Shows Promise for Diagnosing Oral Cancer
Proteogenomics helps treat certain squamous cell carcinomas
Researchers aim artificial intelligence at rising oral cancers with $3.3 million grant from National Cancer Institute
Study Reveals “Seeds of Skin Cancer” – Gene Mutations Associated with Early Stages of Skin Cancer
UNSW researchers receive more than $17m in NHMRC funding
Study finds playground duty times are a burning issue for teachers
Skin checks reveal dark side of sun exposure for surfers, swimmers, SUPs
UniSA’s Spanish collaboration, a quest to treat skin cancer
New Study Provides Insight into Early Molecular Changes in Head and Neck Cancer
Promising breath-test for cancer
Deadly impact of non-melanoma skin cancer in Australia
Blood marker may reduce cancer burden
How mechanical forces nudge tumors toward malignancy
Probiotic bacteria shown to suppress growth of tumours in colorectal cancer
Partnership to develop head and neck cancer vaccine
New skin cancer study includes free skin checks for surfers, swimmers and SUPs
Australian men carry burden of occupational cancer
Fighting throat cancer with T cells
Stopping clones may help win skin cancer battle
SA scientists identify obscure protein responsible for advanced breast cancer
World-first saliva test detects hidden throat cancer
Time to scale-up prevention over detection of skin cancers
Pembrolizumab shows promise for some advanced, hard-to-treat rare cancers