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Nivolumab in combination with chemotherapy or ipilimumab prolongs life in comparison with chemotherapy alone
Trial tests ‘paste not cut’ skin cancer option
Novel targeted therapy could be effective treatment option for deadly childhood cancer
Healthy diet after head, neck cancer diagnosis may boost survival
How does removing voice box affect sense of smell?
Sunglasses and Your Eyes
Crystal ball in fight against esophageal cancer
Simple blood test may allow for early detection of oral cancer
Initial Surgery May Be Associated with Lower Stroke Risk for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Doctor says my mole is a melanoma
Oncotarget | NF-κB Over-Activation Portends Improved Outcomes in HPV-Associated Head and Neck Cancer
Alarming rise in esophageal cancer and Barrett’s esophagus in middle-aged adults 25 May
Researchers develop novel AI algorithm for digital pathology analysis
Preliminary Study Shows Minimally Invasive Diagnostic Biomarker Strategy Successful
Alarming rise in esophageal cancer and Barrett’s esophagus in middle-aged adults
Could blocking or deleting protein help prevent common oral cancers?
An international consortium, led by IRB Barcelona and biotechnology company Merus
Research finds new therapeutic option for head and neck carcinomas
Proteins as prognostic markers for disease oral leukoplakia and oral cancer
Anti-cancer dream cream shrinks oral tumors
Research finds nondividing colon cancer cells use altered glucose metabolism
Researchers put CRISPR on safer path to patient treatments with new process for evaluating impacts of gene edits that alter rather
‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew encourages surfers and swimmers to take part in high-tech skin check for new research
Supporting Veterans Experiencing Financial Hardship and Addressing Harmful Effects of Military Environmental Exposures
Artificial intelligence and machine learning show promise in cancer diagnosis and treatment
Immunotherapy drug bolsters head and neck cancer treatment
Patients with rare skin cancer face 40% recurrence rate
MD Anderson receives over $31 million in CPRIT funding
Specific cancer driving protein plays important role in lung cancer development
AstraZeneca aims to redefine liver, biliary tract and prostate cancer treatment with practice-changing Imfinzi and Lynparza data
Penn Researchers Find New Potential Targets for Skin-Cancer Treatment
Dermatologists Warn Summer Alcohol Consumption May Increase Risk of Melanoma
Gene Network changes linked to cancer onset and progression identify new candidates for targeted gene therapy
PKU Cancer Hospital publishes real-world evidence on Minimally Invasive and Open Esophagectomy
Linking increasing air pollution to rise of type of lung cancer
By putting cancer cells to sleep, new drug could prevent tumor metastasis
Parallels in human, dog oral tumors could speed new therapies
Scientists uncover potential therapeutic target and biomarker for ovarian cancer
Antitumoral effects of chemerin
40-year-old woman convicted for leaving large cancerous lump on dog untreated
FACT SHEET: Biden Administration Announces Actions to Address Health Effects of Military Exposures
Researchers identify key component of cellular malfunction leading to cancer
Hollings collaborates on two studies showing how to boost immunotherapy effectiveness for patients with oral-cavity squamous cell
Identifying unique genetic variants to overcome cancer treatment barriers
Role of TGF-β/SOX9 axis in carcinogenesis using 3-dimensional in vitro and in vivo models
UVA protection of most sunscreens only quarter of touted SPF
ATR inhibitor RP-3500 demonstrates safety and early clinical benefit
Penn Medicine and Wistar Awarded $11.7 Million Melanoma Research Grant from National Cancer Institute