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Researchers Use Galaxy as ‘Cosmic Telescope’ to Study Heart of Young Universe
3D-models reveal efficiency of star factories
Scientists find elusive gas from post-starburst galaxies hiding in plain sight
Researchers Find Eight New Sources of 4.7 GHz OH Masers in Northern Star Formation Regions
Extragalactic Fruit and Vegetable Garden: Compact Galaxies Discovered by LAMOST
Forging ahead with Frontier: Ready to crush science
Wild years of our Milky Way galaxy
Chasing data: Astronomers race to explore ancient galaxies
Supermassive black holes put brake on stellar births
Far Infrared Emission of Galaxies with Active Supermassive Black Holes
Flurry of new discoveries as incredible new image revealing 4.4 million galaxies is made public
New evidence proves acceleration of quasar outflows at scale of tens of parsecs
One Million Galaxies Never Seen Before
Cosmic web orchestrates progression of galaxies
Galaxy collision creates ‘space triangle’ in new Hubble image
Study Unveils Stellar Population Properties of Galaxies in LAMOST Spectral Survey
Early findings from HERA telescope promise deeper understanding of cosmic dawn
Magnetic Field in Milky Way “Bones”
Even dying stars can still give birth to planets
Study Provides Insights on Interaction of Galaxy Pairs
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has reached its destination, 1
Sidewinding young stellar jets spied by Gemini South
Tracing space ice and building blocks of life
Alpha-rich “Young” Stars Are Actually NOT Young: Study
ALMA catches ‘intruder’ redhanded in rarely detected stellar flyby event
Mysterious ‘blue lurker’ stars likely got spin boost by absorbing their partners
1,000-Light-Year Wide Bubble Surrounding Earth is Source of All Nearby, Young Stars
Gemini South telescope captures image of Chamaeleon Infrared Nebula
Discovery of least ‘metallic’ stellar structure in Milky Way
NASA’s Largest and Most Powerful Telescope Launches
Launch of new era: Leiden and James Webb telescope 23 December
Wandering celestial bodies provide glimpse into formation of stars and planets
Astroonomers anticipate launch of James Webb Space Telescope
Astronomers just got better at finding bright black holes
Some black holes are anything but black – and we’ve found more than 75,000 of brightest ones
Stellar Cocoon with Organic Molecules at Edge of our Galaxy
Astronomers Observe New Type of Binary Star Long Predicted to Exist
Magellanic Stream arcing over Milky Way may be five times closer than previously thought
Large MeerKAT telescope data release reveals beautiful new cosmic puzzles
Astronomers team up to create new approach to understand galaxy evolution
Active Galactic Nuclei and Galaxy Cluster Cooling
Gamma ray discovery could advance understanding of UFOs’ role in evolution of galaxies
Creating Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies
Astronomers investigating death of nearby galaxies find their culprit
Galaxy murder mystery solved
Astronomers discover massive galaxy ‘shipyard’ in distant universe
New Galaxy images reveal fitful start to Universe
Hubble snapshot of “molten ring” galaxy prompts new research