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Nematic transition and nanoscale suppression of superconductivity in an iron chalcogenide
Monolayer superconductor exhibits unusual behavior
Cabling for Large Hadron Collider Upgrade Project Reaches Halfway Mark
Lighting up ultrafast magnetism in a metal oxide
Stripes give away Majoranas
Detecting mid-infrared light, one photon at a time
Quantum Experiment in Science Raises Questions
Building a Better Bulb
Materials breakthrough enables twistronics for bulk systems
Pristine quantum criticality found
Superconducting quantum material has an organic twist
MIT turns “magic” material into versatile electronic devices
Brand new physics of superconducting metals refuted by Lancaster physicists
Physicists unveil condensation of liquid light in a semiconductor one-atom-thick
A material-keyboard made of graphene
Superconducting coils for 11 T dipoles have been delivered
Scientists Discover Novel Low-dimensional Topological Semimetal
Standing Out: Unusual Magnetic Transition in Perovskite Oxide Can Help Boost Spintronics
Rudolf Grimm receives ERC Advanced Grant
SMART breakthrough in materials discovery enables twistronics for bulk systems
Scientists glimpse signs of a puzzling state of matter in a superconductor
New pulsed magnet reveals a new state of matter in Kondo insulator
In a first, scientists watch 2D puddles of electrons spontaneously emerge in a 3D superconducting material
New microscopy technique of electron distributions and theory unveils a feature that can shape applications of a class of quantum
Chemists grapple with ‘Karma’
Research finds surprising electron interaction in ‘magic-angle’ graphene
U.S. Magnet Development Project for CERN Particle Collider Upgrade Moves Forward
Contactless high performance power transmission
New funding could help Alberta scientists unlock quantum internet
Calibrating Next-Gen Telecom at 5G and Beyond
Researchers create ‘beautiful marriage’ of quantum enemies
National Labs Band Together to Build Prototype Magnet for Future and Existing Light Sources
National laboratories’ magnet designers look to future of light sources with new prototype
ORNL’s Top 10 Neutron Scattering Achievements of 2020
Nanowire could provide a stable, easy-to-make superconducting transistor
‘Magnetic graphene’ forms a new kind of magnetism
Physicists create tunable superconductivity in twisted graphene “nanosandwich”
New Catalyst Moves Seawater Desalination, Hydrogen Production Closer to Commercialization
New technique builds super-hard metals from nanoparticles
New Property Discovered at “Magic Angle”
Four MIT scientists honored with 2021 National Academy of Sciences awards
A very special superconductor
Superconductivity with a twist explained
Manchester-led research offers advance in superconductors with
‘Ironing’ out differences: Understanding superconductivity in ultrathin FeSe
Electricity transmission reaches even higher intensities
Superconducting magnets of future in making at CERN
Lucio Rossi receives a prize from European Physical Society