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AI Method Radically Speeds Predictions Of Materials' Thermal Properties
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Giant With Ceramic Heart
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Quantum Materials Reveal Hidden Phenomena in Breakthrough Study
Pursuing Higher Critical Temperatures in Superconductors
Researchers Boost Graphene Superconductivity with High-Density Calcium
Physicists Create Five-lane Superhighway For Electrons
New York's Coldest Lab Unveils New Quantum Offering
Eight Caltech Scholars Earn 2024 National Brown Investigator Award
HL-LHC's Cold Powering System Successfully Passed Tests
NUS Team Innovates 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Growth Strategy
Airbus Advances Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft Superconductivity Research
Compression May Cool
Boosting Graphene-Calcium Superconductor Performance
Potent Tool Boosts Efficiency in Thermoelectric Materials
USTC Achieves Major Breakthrough in Superconductivity Study
HKU, CAS Discover New Quantum State Dirac Spin Liquid
Quantum Leap Unravels Mystery of High-Temp Superconductors
Vibrations Discover Their Twist in Topological Phonos
Ultrasound Experiment Identifies New Superconductor
Princeton Physicists Uncover New Quantum Magnetism Form
Solving Physics Puzzles With Coloured Dots
Importance Of Dialogue For Future Projects
Matter Waves Twisted and Bound with Photons in Cavity
U. of Houston Advances Superconductivity in Hydride Research
Conductor's Non-Conductance: When and Why?
Scientists Find Novel One-Dimensional Superconductor
Manchester Scientists Discover New 1D Superconductor
Iowa State Innovators Honored by American Science Association
Imaging Reveals Structural Shifts in 2D Materials Atom-by-Atom
Shining Light Induces Room-Temperature Magnetism in Materials
FSU Hosts Dirac Quantum Research Symposium
Researchers Uncover Surprising Hidden Activity in Semiconductor Material
Light-Induced Quantum Breakthrough Turns Materials Magnetic
Quantum Entanglement Enables Stealth Mode in Quasiparticles
Surprising Hidden Activity in Semiconductor Unveiled by Advanced Imaging
Chemicals, Like Black Holes, Can Scramble Quantum Info
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First-ever Complete Map For Elastic Strain Engineering