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Scientists achieve key elements for fault-tolerant quantum computation in silicon spin qubits
Physicist Pengcheng Dai wins superconductivity award
Tuning bonds of paired quantum particles creates dissipationless flow
Tuning bonds of paired quantum particles to create dissipationless flow
Newly discovered type of ‘strange metal’ could lead to deep insights
Physicists detect a hybrid particle held together by uniquely intense “glue”
Magnetic surprise revealed in ‘magic-angle’ graphene
Nematicity is new piece in phase diagram puzzle
Semiconductors reach quantum world
A-list candidate for fault-free quantum computing delivers surprise
Moments of silence point way towards better superconductors
Exotic quantum particles – less magnetic field required
Resolving puzzles of graphene superconductivity
UH Researchers Among World’s Most Highly Cited
Novel Two-step Mechanism Revealed in Two-dimensional Material Formation
Superconductivity meets spintronics
Thriving in non-equilibrium
Unmasking ‘magic’ behind one of physics’ recent mysteries
New artificial material mimics quantum entangled rare earth compounds
New material could be two superconductors in one
Combining pressure, electrochemistry to synthesize superhydrides
Weak bonds strength in making borophene
Institute of Physics signs statement for climate action
Physicist and engineer Theodore “Ted” H. Geballe has died
Electron family creates previously unknown state of matter
Disorder in surface materials key to better hydrogen storage
New dimension in magnetism and superconductivity launched
Three-channel Kondo effect discovered in cubic holmium compound
Twisted bilayer graphene dances with light
Making strange metal state in high temperature superconductors even stranger
Researchers Discover Ferromagnetism Induced by Defects in Correlated 2D Materials
Researchers Discover Monolayer Mott Insulator Resistant to Stimuli Such as Heat and Light
Unmasking magic of superconductivity in twisted graphene
Experiments reveal formation of new state of matter-electron quadruplets
Ultrafast control of quantum materials
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero receives Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award
Research Team Unlocks Secret Path to Quantum Future
New type of magnetism unveiled in an iconic material
NSF grant funds new 40T superconducting magnet design at FSU-headquartered MagLab
Induced flaws in quantum materials could enhance superconducting properties
Scientists identified two possible Mott-insulating pictures in magnetic superexchange couplings in Sr2IrO4
Physicists demystify magic: bona fide topological Mott insulator discovered in twisted bilayer graphene model
Ultrasound at nanometre scale reveals nature of force
Physicists engineer ferroelectricity in boron nitride
New cerium superhydrides become stepping stones to ‘Goldilocks’ superconductors
After 20 years of trying, scientists succeed in doping 1D chain of cuprates
New substance classes for nanomaterials: nano spheres and diamond slivers made of silicon and germanium
New wave of electron research