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CERN and Airbus partnership on future clean aviation
Kibble-Zurek Mechanism for Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions
Revealing mechanism of metal-to-insulator transition in ruthenium phosphide suggests new way of looking at solids
Emergent charge order gives new physics in pressurized kagome superconductor
Task of magnetic classification suddenly looks easier
ERC Starting Grant funding for two Nottingham researchers
Four University of Houston researchers named most cited in world
Shedding light on superconductivity of newly-discovered kagome metals
New quasiparticle discovered in moiré patterns
Novel single-crystal production method opens up promising avenues for studies in solid-state physics
New quantum component made from graphene
New hybrid structures could pave way to more stable quantum computers
New Findings About “Old” Materials Informs Our Future and Our Past
Physicists use ‘electron correlations’ to control topological materials
“dense” potential of nanostructured superconductors
Scientists use light to control magnetic fields at nanoscale
Artificial intelligence reduces 100,000-equation quantum physics problem to only four equations
Exotic Electronic Effect Found in 2D Topological Material
Ultracold circuits
Titanium hosts record high superconductivity for elements superconductors
Physicists demo method for designing topological metals
Interwoven: Charge and magnetism intertwine in kagome material
National MagLab magnet recognized with R&D 100 award
New Catalyst Offers More Affordable Way to Produce Hydrogen from Seawater
Entanglement of many atoms discovered for first time
Baylor Chemist/Materials Scientist Part of MagLab Research to Develop Roadmap to New Quantum Materials
Researchers untangle physics of high-temperature superconductors
Whirlpools with symmetries of squares and tetrahedrons observed in exotic quantum superfluid
Neural networks and ‘ghost’ electrons accurately reconstruct behavior of quantum systems
In DNA, scientists find solution to building superconductor that could transform technology
Study finds nickelate superconductors are intrinsically magnetic
Smaller, stronger magnets could improve devices that harness fusion power of sun and stars
New leap in understanding nickel oxide superconductors
Researchers Report Major Advance in Semiconductor Materials
Proof of odd-parity superconductivity
Physicists discover a “family” of robust, superconducting graphene structures
Unusual Superconductivity Observed in Twisted Trilayer Graphene
Thin mica reveals semiconducting behavior, say scientists in new study
Researchers Find Ways to Synthesize Stable Diamane at High Pressure
2022 ASUNARO Grant awarded to 5 researchers
Scientists Observe Large Scale, Ordered and Tunable Majorana-zero-mode Lattice
Bumps could smooth quantum investigations
How structural changes affect superconducting properties of metal oxide
UH Researchers Develop Alternative to Lithium Battery
New step in search for room-temperature superconductors
Physicist uses intuition, supercomputers to identify new high-temperature superconductor
Finding superconductivity in nickelates
Spinning is key for line-dancing electrons in iron selenide