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High-Entropy Superconductors Explained by Glassiness and Blurriness
Breakthrough in High-Pressure Magnetic Detection Achieved
“Y-Ball” Compound Yields Quantum Secrets
Experiment reveals strange properties of metals
Elusive Phason Observed in Charge Density Wave
University of Rochester lab creates viable superconducting material
New Superconducting Link for High-Luminosity LHC
New Material Could Unlock Quantum Computing Solution
Stanford Researchers Create Quantum Material with Unique Distortion Pattern
Boosting superconductivity in graphene bilayers
Scientists Call for More Research to Advance 2D Boron Tech
Quantum Geometry Boosts Superconductivity: New Twist Discovered
Discovering magic in superconductivity’s ‘magic angle’
Superconductivity’s ‘Magic Angle’ Revealed: Scientific Eureka
Researchers Uncover Properties in Superconducting Kagome Metals
Novel Microscope Aids Battery Design Optimization
Diamond Yields Ultrashort THz Pulse Generation: Forever Solution
Superconductivity Unearthed in Kagome Metal
ERC Consolidator Grant to research on superconductivity
Scientists Observe “Quasiparticles” in Classical Systems for First Time
Quantum Computers to Tackle Unsolvable Problems
Study: Superconductivity switches on and off in “magic-angle” graphene
Research Shows Graphene Can Switch Superconductivity On/Off
Scientists Spot Quasiparticles in Classical Systems
Researching Magnetic Matchmaking
Unveiled: Link Between Superconductivity and Strange-Metal State in FeSe
Partially Oxidized Molecule Yields High-Conducting Material
Researchers Uncover Secrets of Superconductors
Physicists Make Progress in Quantum System Understanding
University of Toronto Physicists Observe P-Wave Interaction Strength
University Scientists Receive £2M Research Grants
X-ray Technique Unveils Quantum Material Transitions
Under pressure – quantum material reacts to light
UH Research Ranked Top 10 Physics Breakthroughs of 2022
3.1 million in funding for new research projects at PSI
National MagLab secures increased NSF funding of $195 million
NSF to sustain world’s most powerful magnet lab through 2027
Charging Future with Modern Aqueous Batteries
New materials for computer of future
SM18 test facility in HL-LHC era
CERN and Airbus partnership on future clean aviation
Kibble-Zurek Mechanism for Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions
Revealing mechanism of metal-to-insulator transition in ruthenium phosphide suggests new way of looking at solids
Emergent charge order gives new physics in pressurized kagome superconductor
Task of magnetic classification suddenly looks easier
ERC Starting Grant funding for two Nottingham researchers
Four University of Houston researchers named most cited in world
Shedding light on superconductivity of newly-discovered kagome metals