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Urban birds need to be smart or fast-breeding
Plants respond to light within fraction of a second
Australia can’t afford to lose R&D investment in recovery
Slow internet? How COVID-19 is stressing online infrastructure in your country
Type 2 diabetes more common in men with early puberty
Graphite nanoplatelets on medical devices kill bacteria and prevent infections
Govt backs RBNZ move to support economy with lower interest rates
Comparisons between organic and conventional agriculture need to be better, say researchers
Care hygiene teaches us to avoid infection
Countering Violent Extremism in Nordics: A Question of Collaboration
New study reveals early evolution of cortex
Nanostructured rubber-like material with optimal properties could replace human tissue
New findings boost understanding of arterial aneurysm
Method developed to protect threatened eelgrass meadows
New technique for measuring greenhouse gas production from thawing permafrost
Karolinska Institutet to give Covid-19 training
World-first study tests distraction and fatigue in drivers
Dogs can detect heat with noses, study finds
App helps reduce osteoarthritis pain
Drilling Intersects Intense Chalcopyrite Mineralisation at Wolf Mountain Copper-Gold Target
Soft power with a hard edge harnessing benefits of fast-moving markets
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks in Meeting with African American Leaders
Strong state emissions policy would STABILISE INDUSTRY: manufacturers
Remarks by President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Members of Coronavirus Task Force in Press Conference
Environmental Law requires collaboration between scientists and lawyers
Over 2,000 UK personnel deploy to Norway for major Arctic warfare exercise
Worms discovered in brain of lizard embryos for first time
Intergovernmental forum concludes that Canada is well prepared to respond to a nuclear
Sweden joins UK ocean protection campaign
International Coordination and Response Group for victims of Flight PS752
Growing knowledge about heart disease
Big data creates new potential for heart research
Townsville representatives head to World Fringe Congress
Local genetic adaption helps sorghum crop hide from witchweed
Ocean fish farming in tropics and sub-tropics most impacted by climate change: UBC study
Harmonised Unemployment Rates (HURs), OECD – Updated: February 2020
Amongst highly cited one per cent
Safe, transparent food supply chains
Nutrients limit carbon uptake to slow climate change
Ministers to agree new global road safety agenda to 2030
Gut hormone can increase risk of cardiovascular disease
Stanley Cohen, Vanderbilt biochemist who won Nobel Prize, has died
What Happens When Antiquities Are Obliterated? A Sociologist Investigates
Japan Prize 2020 goes to Svante Pääbo
Vulnerability of migrants living with HIV in health care
Development of right-wing violence in Western Europe
Universal Periodic Review 35th session Minister for Human Rights statement
Agricultural water research project receives large EU grant