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Swinburne Joins French for Engineering Collaboration
CSIRO Developing Weather Service to Monitor Water Quality
Architectural history inspires contemporary solutions
Smart Cities Week comes to Boroondara
Motion art captures city life and multiple design awards
Light from ancient quasars traces 13 billion year history
Study shows garden appreciation boosts wellbeing
Noticeboard 6 March
Nine scoop scholarship to Science Meets Parliament
Swinburne on show at Avalon
Searching for Aliens: Astronomers Hunt for Life Beyond Earth
Latrobe City Council and Swinburne University of Technology collaborate on future of clean, green air mobility
Giant Baby Galaxies Challenge Early Universe Understanding
Webb Telescope Sees Unexpectedly Ancient, Giant Galaxies
Webb Telescope Spots Super-Old, Massive Galaxies Unexplained By Theory
Early Universe May Be ‘Teeming’ with Galaxies: New Data
James Webb Sees Impossible Ancient, Gigantic Galaxies
Early Galaxies Found, Challenge Universe Theory
James Webb Sees Ancient, Enormous Galaxies That Shouldn’t Be Here
Ai Group Revives Digital Tool for SMEs
NASAs Webb uncovers new details in Pandoras Cluster
Funding to accelerate quantum technologies
Curious Kids: why do we think there is possible Planet X?
New Act to Replace Disability Services: Joint Submission
Electric Utes: Power for Weekends and Workdays
Aussie Women Chemists: Breaking Down Barriers
Research: Age Biggest Factor in Housing Stress
Age is most significant predictor of housing stress: study
Harnessing generosity, boosting philanthropy
Shift to Emissions-Based Vehicle Fees Benefits Australia
Swinburne Receives $1.1mil for Industry Projects
Youre about to see growing trend of laptop workers in cafs
Swinburne Alum designs playgrounds for living
Zero-emissions aviation focus for first Founder In Residence
Australian Psychedelic Depression Trial to Begin in 2023
Abuse on Dating Apps: 3 in 4 Affected, Prevention vs
Australia Day Honours for Swinburne community
Academy Fellows celebrated with Order of Australia honours
Gravitational Waves: Kids’ Questions Answered
Don’t Wash Raw Chicken: Why Do People Still Do It?
Swinburne VET showcases talent at Worldskills
Webb Telescope: 10 Amazing Views of Universe in 2020
New training for shipping, water and defence
Stars fatal encounter with black hole creates rare luminous flash
Swinburne researchers share in $221 million for ARC Discovery Projects
ARC Training Centre is ensuring digital security for all Australians
More than $221 million ARC Discovery Projects announced for 2023
Iconic ‘Summer Place’ pavilion returns in 2022