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UZH Introduces Five New University Research Priority Programs
Rise of religion and party politics: towards a new cleavage?
Aleksandra Radenovic, from Balkans to Lake Geneva
More parents plan to get flu shot for kids this fall
That Must’ve Hurt: Ganymede Covered by Giant Crater
Florian Breider: a passion for all things Japanese
Collecting Hot Carriers: New Process Harvests Excited Quasiparticles
Long Neck Helped Reptile Hunt Underwater
Untangling Particles with Artificial Intelligence
New Guinea Has World’s Richest Island Flora
Blood-thinner with no bleeding side-effects is here
2 new cases of COVID-19 3 August
On Occasion of Switzerland’s National Day
Does Queen Bee phenomenon still exist in Academia?
Relatively High-Quality Reporting on Coronavirus Pandemic
Best predictors of romantic relationship success
Machine learning predicts satisfaction in romantic relationships
Experts to discuss impact of internet and medicine on modern masculinity at major conference
Lockdown reduces seismic noise worldwide
United Kingdom supports FAO’s desert locust-fighting efforts with £ 17 million contribution
Iron deficiency during infancy reduces vaccine efficacy
An international study published in ‘Nature’ analyses five hundred years of floods in Europe
International trade, a threat to jobs?
Reinventing contemporary city, with Elena Cogato Lanza
Next stages in NHS Test and Trace plan
Blueprint for perfect coronavirus app
Benefits of routine childhood vaccines far outweigh risks of additional COVID-19 transmission in Africa
Predicting Biodiversity of Rivers
UTA innovation helps grads apply for jobs
Light shaken and stirred to help autonomous vehicles better scan for nearby fast-moving objects
Particulate plutonium released from Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns
Particulate plutonium released from Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns
Bird Diversity in Swiss Alps in Decline
Cystic fibrosis: why so many respiratory complications?
Long-term strategies to control COVID-19 pandemic must treat health and economy as equally important
Positive culture change in family firms
ClearSpace-1 mission kicks off
FAO welcomes additional €15 million from European Union to fight Desert Locusts and their impacts on food security
What COVID-19 is teaching us
Study could rewrite Earth’s history
1.5 Billion People Will Depend on Water from Mountains
Physicists win grant to continue Higgs study
Announcing 2020 New Journal of Physics Early Career Award winner
Low Levels of Radioisotopes Detected in Europe Likely Linked to a Nuclear Reactor – IAEA
Joint statement marking International Day in Support of Victims of Torture 2020
New species of Ichthyosaur discovered in museum collection
UBS Extends Its Engagement with University of Zurich
Speech by Chancellor of Exchequer, Rushi Sunak, on future relationship between UK and Switzerland on financial