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New edition of eGovernment MONITOR
Interdisciplinary cooperation
Swedish community votes ‘yes’ for a Geological Disposal Facility
Altering properties of 2D materials at nanometer scale
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Single Laser Produces High-Power Dual Comb Femtosecond Pulses
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UK medicines regulator joins up with Australia, Canada, Singapore and Switzerland regulators
England, Wales and Scotland among nations with highest death toll from pandemic
Volcanic eruptions may explain Denmark’s giant mystery crystals
Cutting-edge treatments to be fast-tracked to patients through international collaborations
Superconductor technology for smaller, sooner fusion
Bike-and-ride, an innovative opportunity for Lake Geneva region
Mental accounting is impacting sustainable behavior
Ancient tiny teeth reveal first mammals lived more like reptiles
IAEA Director General Discusses Nuclear Safety, Non-Proliferation and Expanding Collaboration
Trust Valley sets off at EPFL
Making disorder for an ideal battery
Churchill Fellowship 2020
Quest for a holistic pesticide policy
Forearm artery reveals human evolution continues
Global study finds ‘COVID-19 free’ hospital areas could save lives after surgery
Extremely Rare Higgs Boson Decay Process Spotted
Nearly half of parents willing to accept less rigorous testing of COVID-19 vaccine
Breaking coupling process
New turtle-like drone can fly twice as long
Flat motor technology powers a dual-propeller drone
Evolution in Action: New Plant Species at Urnerboden
Colorectal cancer treatment: winning combinations
Study offers global review of impact of COVID-19 on cancer treatment and research
Air New Zealand updates on Executive changes
Coronavirus update on testing and treatments
5 new cases of COVID-19 4 October
Tweaks to land-based conservation efforts would pay huge freshwater ecosystem dividends
New exhibition showcases reuse principles in built environment
Viagogo to pay $7 million for misleading consumers
BC Platforms Announces Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine Joins Global Data Partner Network
Decent living for all does not have to cost Earth
Climate: Iodic acid influences cloud formation at North Pole
COVID-19: social dilemmas about protective measures
Exploring heavy element creation in neutron-star mergers
New program to train leaders of a more sustainable world
Wildcats threatened by their domestic cousins
Zurich Was Linked to Slavery through State Bonds, Trade and Plantations
New technique for ultrafast tumour therapy
CHEOPS describes one of most extreme planets in universe
Ultrapotent antibody mix blocks COVID-19 virus attachment