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ETH scores highly on interdisciplinarity
Raw Meat-Based Diets for Pets Pose a Health Risk for Humans
Tissue damage caused by a heart attack to be reduced by 30%?
Stressing metallic material controls superconductivity
A new initiative to enhance innovation in food and nutrition
Stopping malaria in its tracks – new research could help prevent transmission of deadly disease
Rags-to-riches: migrant-built manufacturing leader turns 70
Researchers discover new intellectual disability syndrome
New Zealand 19th most competitive
Australia falls in Global Competitiveness Rankings
James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz Awarded 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
Combatting hunger through not-for-profit project
Specialists in atmospheric sciences are investigating particles in Arctic region for causes
Tbilisi named World Book Capital 2021
Researchers to develop ‘intelligent spinal interface’ with $6.3 million in DARPA funding
Right carbon tax to reduce impact of transport in Switzerland
Commission wins appeal over Viagogo injunction case
Ancient genomes provide insight into genetic history of second plague pandemic
Drawings by architect Alberto Sartoris to be shown by EPFL in Rome
Brave new world
Research on Research Institute launches to make research more strategic, open, diverse and inclusive
CyberPeace Institute to Support Victims Harmed by Escalating Conflicts in Cyberspace
United States crowns UK gin and wine blend with £90k export deal
FIFA Statement on voting process for Best FIFA Football Awards 2019
UK-made Freddie Mercury bust £1m win for Queen charity
China Do Re Mi: Foreign talent important to China’s development
Brexit and pensions uprating
Behind Scenes at BU: Scientific Instrument Facility
Nominations of EPFL professors
Synova Announces Groundbreaking Automatic Cutting and Shaping Solution for Diamond Manufacturers
Affirmative action needed to protect young carers’ human rights
New discoveries map out CRISPR-Cas defence systems in bacteria
China’s Hangzhou presents creative storytelling of global cultures
EU supports secure quantum communication
WHO modifies its recommendations on HIV
Plan to protect endangered species from illegal trade
Light-activated metal catalyst destroys cancer cells’ vital energy source
FIO + LS 2019 Focus on Quantum Brings to Light Innovations in Research and Applications
Taxes on polluting fuels are too low to encourage a shift to low-carbon alternatives
Why is brain disturbed by harsh sounds?
EPFL develops solution for detecting deepfakes
How to Get a Particle Detector on a Plane
Alexandra Johnson appointed to Board of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Top tennis players headed to Sydney
Construction challenges in Bangladesh at a time of climate change
Gigantic asteroid collision boosted biodiversity on Earth
UK Finance annual dinner Economic Secretary’s speech
New tool in fight against malaria