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New enzyme cocktail digests plastic waste six times faster
Machine Learning Takes on Synthetic Biology: Algorithms Can Bioengineer Cells for You
Alliance for Science expands mission with $10M reinvestment
Seven HKU young scientists awarded China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2020
Synthetic biology: a discussion with George Church and Christian Frei
Let there be light and process stops
Robotic testing platform helps to scale up COVID-19 testing capacity
Using a Wrench to Hammer Nails
Latest world rankings recognize Concordia’s strategic direction
Software, hardware, DNA – Forensic evidence goes digital
District 3 opens state-of-the-art BioHub accelerator at Concordia
District 3 opens Quebec’s first state-of-the-art biotech accelerator on Concordia’s Loyola Campus
Researchers develop a yeast-based platform to boost production of rare natural molecules
Binding sites for protein-making machinery
Funding for research projects to deliver real-world solutions
Programmed bacteria have something extra
HKUMed researchers first discovered SARS-CoV-2 infects human neural progenitor cells and brain organoids
Engineers developing mail-in, no-touch, fast-scan test for COVID-19, other outbreaks
Soft robot actuators heal themselves
Researchers offer solution for one of synthetic biology’s biggest problems
Scientists stick to spider silk for biodegradable alternative to traditional glue
How Immune Cells Activate Killer Mode
HKUMed researchers mine immunogenic information from SARS-CoV-2 for rational design of vaccine against SARS-CoV-2
Latvia becomes EMBL prospect member state
‘Pregnancy test for water’ delivers fast, easy results on water quality
Controlling plant processes with light
Researchers receive a W
This is place to scale up virus testing
This is place to scale up virus testing
Student projects rescheduled and redesigned
EUR 100 million support to create green solutions and products for benefit of society
New technique for engineering living materials and patterns
Green production of mandelic acid
Ocean virus hijacks carbon-storing bacteria
Scientists successfully develop heat resistant coral to fight bleaching
Can renewable energy really replace fossil fuels?
Photosynthesis in a droplet
Discovery Grants back 75 Western research projects
Broad Foundation brings together stem cell scientists, engineers and physicians at University of Southern
Broad Foundation brings together stem cell scientists, engineers and physicians at University of Southern
Bacteria ‘factories’ used to discover potential new malaria drugs
Top Talent in Plant Synthetic Biology
Researchers create hybrids of six yeast species to combine useful traits
Unlocking Genomic Secrets of Scaly-foot Snail Lays Foundation for Solutions by Deep-Sea Creatures
One-step diagnostic tool receives NSF RAPID grant
Functional Cooperation of Glycine Synthasereductase and Wood-Ljungdahl Pathways for Autotrophic Growth
Ludwig MSK study reveals bile metabolite of gut microbes boosts immune cells that can help contain
Caltech Graduate Student Receives P. D. Soros Fellowship