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Science Creates opens second incubator for next generation of scientists-turned-entrepreneurs
Using microbes to make carbon neutral fuel
Ancient natural medicine could improve cancer treatment
Designing Microbe Factories for Sustainable Chemicals
Cattlelyst in top half of iGEM competition 2021 and secures Gold Award
Synthetic biology yields easy-to-use underwater adhesives
Ginkgo To Help Victoria Grow mRNA Vaccine Capabilities
University of Manchester becomes European centre for leading AI research
Microfluidic Devices: Synthetic Biology’s Secret Weapon
Jump-Starting Biotechnology Careers for Boston High School Students
Using microbes to make carbon-neutral fuel
Concordia marks its 2021 Celebration of Research Excellence
Carrie Eckert: Tackling big problems using tiny organisms
Creating new ‘toehold’ for RNA therapeutics, cell therapies, and diagnostics
Making Martian rocket biofuel on Mars
Multi-enzyme platform is developed for sequence-unlimited traceless protein synthesis
Volta Labs: Improving workflows for genetic applications
HKU Biologists’ artificial chromosomes study sheds light on gene therapies
Researchers Propose Novel Mechanism of Anthraquinone Ring Opening
Penn Medicine Researchers Receive Prestigious NIH 2021 Director’s Awards
Seven from MIT receive National Institutes of Health awards
‘Living medicine’ created to treat drug-resistant infections
Five universities team up to program biological cells to design futuristic materials
Our DNA is becoming world’s tiniest hard drive
Bristol retains Strategic Partnership with BBSRC and ranks fourth for bioscience research funding
Expanding genetic code with quadruplet codons
Detection method for intestinal infections could make camera in intestinal tract unnecessary
New detection method for chronic intestinal infections could make camera in intestinal tract unnecessary
DNA editing technique provides new tool for disease research and gene therapy
Twist Bioscience internally-discovered single domain antibody TB202-3 reveals potent binding to multiple strains of Covid
Antibiotic levels measurable in breath for first time
Harris Wang Awarded Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science
Engineers of tomorrow have learned to think sustainability
Engineered ‘mini’ CRISPR genome editing system developed
Researchers develop an engineered ‘mini’ CRISPR genome editing system
Synthetic biology enables microbes to build muscle
Synthetic biology enables microbes to build synthetic muscle
CSIRO report reveals potential of synthetic biology ecosystem
Using yeast to create alternative petrochemical processes
Synthetic biology promises $27B dividend for Australia
Cellular agriculture development has potential to change food industry, society
Infection method behind ‘crop killer’ bacteria revealed
Researchers take step to improve crops’ photosynthesis, yields
Imperial women shortlisted for prestigious Rising Talents Award
Research reveals potential of DNA-based data-structures systems
Will large-scale vaccination succeed in containing Covid pandemic and how soon?
Researcher named as Turing AI World-Leading Researcher Fellow
New Human-AI Research Teams could be future of research, meeting future societal challenges