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How CHIPS and Science Act Benefits Microbiology
Scientists engineer probiotic to prevent infection of large intestine
Scientists ID high-efficiency hacks cannabis cells use to make cannabinoids
New DNA repair-kit successfully fixes hereditary disease in patient-derived cells
NSF grant to help Zhang lab build better muscle with synthetic biology
CSIRO report identifies 7 ‘global megatrends’ shaping 21st century
Tree fern genome provides insights into its evolution
Seven megatrends that will shape next 20 years
Biotech alliance announced at ADSTAR 2022
National hub to support synthetic biology extended with £5.5m funding commitment
Synthetic tools conduct messages from station to station in DNA
Looking beyond devices to address human longevity through biomedical engineering
Academic-industry partnership aims to lower cost of cultivated meat
‘wise counsel’ for synthetic biology
Boston-Based Ginkgo Bioworks Opens Melbourne Office
Bacteria for Blastoff: Using Microbes to Make Supercharged New Rocket Fuel
Professor Suchitra Sebastian to receive Schmidt Science Polymaths Award
Australians open to using genetic technology to manage feral cats
It’s only natural: separation and purification of rare-earth elements by microorganisms
Nature’s own assembly line
Ancient microbes may help us find extraterrestrial life forms
Using power of biology to solve challenges in defence
Houlton: Invest in ag research to fight climate change
Oregon State research sheds light on how bacteria communicate their way to causing infection
New yeast model can improve protein production
New partnership to develop bioproduction pathways of psychedelics
Tyrosine chassis for sustainable, high-yield production of useful compounds in yeast smart cells
Nature Positive Challenge winners from Australias most impactful eco-startups
DOE honors three early-career Lab scientists
Team in iGem competition: Aim to detect colorectal cancer with bacterium
Researchers develop novel computational model for aptamer generation, with wide applications
New technology protects authenticity of engineered cell lines
Biosynthesis of cyanobacterin opens up new class of natural compounds for applications in medicine and agriculture
Rice bioengineers are shining light on bacterial stress
How fast-growing algae could enhance growth of food crops
Researcher reveals new insights on link between genetic mutations and biological evolution
QUT to lead alternative food research and support food security
Researchers mobilise to combat antimicrobial resistance
Tiling mechanisms of Drosophila compound eye through geometrical tessellation
Throwing antibiotic resistance for loop
Monash University scientist elected to Royal Society
Nine Cambridge scientists among new Fellows announced today by Royal Society
Cell division in moss and animals more similar than previously thought
Scientists engineer new tools to electronically control gene expression
DASA seeks ways in which human augmentation can benefit defence and security
Cofactor Engineering Drives Natural Product Synthesis
Plastic-eating enzyme could eliminate billions of tons of landfill waste
Solar beats nuclear at many potential settlement sites on Mars