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New edition of eGovernment MONITOR
Fighting corona with machine learning
An alternative to animal experiments
Are there hydroelectric power plants that are fish-friendly?
Exploring biodiversity and climate change in Alps
Stellar explosion in Earth’s proximity
3D images display plant organs down to smallest detail
Secure nano-carrier delivers medications directly to cells
Secure nano-carrier delivers medications directly to cells
Return of Spin Echo
Physics: Collision movie with upgraded particle detector at CERN
“Honey, I shrunk detector”
Satellite images display changes in condition of European forests
Revealing secrets of high-energy cosmic particles
Finding cortisone alternatives with fewer side effects
“Biohackers” TV series stored on DNA
“Ethics must be part of development process”
Hydrochloric acid boosts catalyst activity
Designed bacteria produce coral-antibiotic
New solar cells for space
Grow faster, die sooner
Key to long-term CO2 storage in soil
How stony-iron meteorites form
European and American maize: same same, but different
New soil models may ease atmospheric CO2, climate change
First shaft power plant connected to grid
TUM launches hyperloop research program
Making balanced decisions
Further decrease in DAX executive pay
Secret defence against adenoviruses
Effects of Covid-19 on children
Gut bacteria improve type 2 diabetes risk prediction
Nutrition in days of COVID
“We shouldn’t withdraw into virtual world”
Tricks of immune system
Remdesivir effective against Covid-19 even after short treatment periods
Domestic violence during coronavirus pandemic
Forest is changing
Sports and corona epidemic
High-resolution 3D view inside tumors
How fungi are becoming future
A disease trigger for pancreatitis has been identified
Safe landings in rough seas
New x-ray method for Corona diagnosis ready for patient testing
TUM to lead AI Future Lab for Earth observation
Improving immunotherapy for cancer
Researchers develop software for drug repurposing