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How a plant regulates its growth
Rotor head full fairing makes RACER fly faster
A memory without a brain
Artificial intelligence deciphers genetic instructions
Cloudy eyes caused by protein imbalance
Synthetic “mini” receptors block atherosclerosis
M Cube future cluster wins federal funding
New promising target for diabetes treatment
Immune cells attack synapses
Clocking movement of electrons inside an atom
Highly endowed EU grants for research at TUM
OSA Foundation Announces Recipient of 2021-2022 Thomas F. Deutsch Fellowship in Biomedical Optics
Supercapacitors challenge batteries
Quick look under skin
Sixfold increase in risk
Information transport via magnons
Video referee in spotlight
“The machine as extension of body”
Breakthrough in nuclear physics
On trail of genetic code
Sun model completely confirmed for first time
Ultrathin nanomesh sensor to measure sense of touch
Neutrons detect air pollution
Deep-learning in hospitals
Metal-organic frameworks become flexible
Climate-adapted plant breeding
How immune system remembers viruses
Smart bottle brushes
On way to fish-friendly hydropower
A molecular break for root growth
How virus enters cell
New edition of eGovernment MONITOR
Fighting corona with machine learning
An alternative to animal experiments
Are there hydroelectric power plants that are fish-friendly?
Exploring biodiversity and climate change in Alps
Stellar explosion in Earth’s proximity
3D images display plant organs down to smallest detail
Secure nano-carrier delivers medications directly to cells
Secure nano-carrier delivers medications directly to cells
Return of Spin Echo
Physics: Collision movie with upgraded particle detector at CERN
“Honey, I shrunk detector”
Satellite images display changes in condition of European forests
Revealing secrets of high-energy cosmic particles
Finding cortisone alternatives with fewer side effects
“Biohackers” TV series stored on DNA
“Ethics must be part of development process”