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Research team illuminates system by which plants have formed secondary buds since ancient times
British Prints from Kagi Gift on display
New safety measures for modified pistols
AFIMSC announces topics for I-WEPTAC 2020
Low-Cost, Portable System Takes OCT Beyond Ophthalmology
SMART discovers nondisruptive way to see surface of nanoparticles
A cheaper way to scale up atomic layer deposition
Lupin ‘pulse check’ drives new research in WA
Pioneering new ‘smart needle’ could revolutionise cancer diagnosis
New lentil launched at Horsham pulse field day
Park House, Amherstburg, Ontario
Beamline for Schools 2019 participants present results
Environment Ministers focus on feral cat control
Obtaining order in “frustrated” landscape of disordered magnetism
Radiology professor awarded “Trailblazer” grant for hybrid imaging research
New contemporary dance inspired by biophysics
NASA opens sealed Apollo sample ahead of Artemis missions
Spiders and ants inspire metal that won’t sink
Understanding brain in more detail: Helmholtz Doctoral Prize for physicist from Forschungszentrum Jülich
NSF grant provides next step for assistive walking exoskeletons
Zooming into cilia sheds light on blinding diseases
No Ordinary Gel: New Tools to Help Body Repair Brain and Muscle Tissue
Online Gamers Provide Real-World Lessons in Critical Teamwork
Scientists spy unstable semiconductors
Weight lifted off women’s minds
Understanding cause and effect of herbicide carryover on pulses
Atomic-Level Analysis of Bone Aims to Predict and Lessen Fractures in Diabetics
New approach uses light to stabilize proteins for study
Fluorescent probes offer fuller view of drug delivery in cells
Gaming Protein Structures: X-Ray Studies Confirm Power of Crowdsourcing
Study shows heavy smoking can have a damaging effect on facial ageing
Telemarketing company that targeted elderly wound up in court
Watson Lecture, November 6: Stevan Nadj-Perge
New Medicare rebates for PET scans for breast cancer
New Rotorua Forestry Hub for Te Uru Rākau
‘Listening’ to engine blades to stop failures, disasters
University of Bristol spin-out raises £760,000 to commercialise biosensing technology
Smart Farms Small Grants support big ideas
State funding helping Tennyson manufacturer signal their global intentions
Pacific Maritime Safety Programme supports water safety for children in Niue
Scientists reveal physics of Jackson Pollock’s painting technique
Heavy horse helps deliver natural flood management scheme
Innovative ecological scheme to reduce flooding in Leicestershire
Researchers Use 3D Printing to Make Glass Optical Fiber Preform
Opportunity for community to help one of Australia’s unique native species
Knew what they were doing when it came to making oldest known glue
Targeting gut bacteria could help treat opioid addiction, study suggests
Launch of new manual to aid safe development above mine workings