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New view of nature’s oldest light adds fresh twist to debate over universe’s age
Retracing Sydney Meridian: from early colony to contemporary Australia
New Mars rover tool will zap rocks to investigate planet’s past habitability
UO physicist tweaks age of universe with new approach
Vanderbilt, Ohio State University are joint Founding Members of satellite mission ‘Twinkle’ to find potentially
Spectacular ultraviolet flash may finally explain how white dwarfs explode
Gamma-ray scientists bring distant stars into focus
UNM astronomers on team revealing magnetic field of a spiral galaxy
‘Lost’ world’s rediscovery is step towards finding habitable planets
Largest 3D map of universe ever created
Astrophysicists Fill in 11 Billion Years of Our Universe’s Expansion History
Astrophysicists measure expansion of Universe across 11,000 million years
Astrophysicists fill gaps in history of Universe
Global hunt to detect collisions in space
No need to mind gap
NASA Announces New James Webb Space Telescope Target Launch Date
Close-ups of Sun
In a first, astronomers watch a black hole’s corona disappear, then reappear
Lawrence Livermore, Tyvak Systems announce agreement to develop telescopes for nanosatellites
NASA to Provide Update on James Webb Space Telescope
Nature’s oldest light gives new insight into age of universe
New insights into origins of our universe
Thermonuclear blast sends supernova survivor star hurtling across Milky Way
Waves of our wireless future
New insights into origins of our universe
Breakthrough in deciphering birth of supermassive black holes
Short gamma ray burst leaves most-distant optical afterglow ever detected
Artificial intelligence predicts which planetary systems will survive
NASA Awards SETI Institute Contract for Planetary Protection Support
Citizen scientists help discover two exotic brown dwarfs in Milky Way
Flaring, massively
Lion’s Roar: New Telescope Spots Superflare in Leo
Precise test of general relativity from a cosmic cataclysm
Cosmic Cataclysm allows precise test of General Relativity
LLNL Director Bill Goldstein announces retirement
White dwarfs reveal new insights into origin of carbon in universe
Study: Dying Stars Breathe Life Into Earth
Study reveals secret life of Lithium in Sun-like stars: created not just destroyed
Peering under galactic dust, study reveals radiation at center of Milky Way
VIDEOS: Science Collaborations Find a Way During COVID-19 Pandemic
25 students from 16 schools complete two-week virtual Summer Physics Camp for Young Women
Hungry black hole among most massive in Universe
To find giant black holes, start with Jupiter
Excess neutrinos and missing gamma rays?
Revealing Magnetic Nature of Tornadoes in Sun’s atmosphere
Earth’s nearest supergiant is cooling down at end of its life
Betelgeuse – a giant with blemishes
Discovery of second-most distant quasar shakes up scientists’ understanding of black hole growth