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Space Tech Industry Day a convergence of research, business
Origin of water on planets in our universe
Maunakea telescope helps find astronomical ‘gold mines’
Western space scientists identify fastest-spinning “failed stars” ever found
LAMOST Releases Its DR8 Data
Exploring Comet Thermal Hi Burnt-out Comet Covered with Talcum Powder
Like Peas in a Pod: UVA Astronomer’s Survey of Young Stars Published
First interstellar comet to be most pristine ever found
MIT astronomers discover new galaxy clusters hiding in plain sight
Magnetic fields at edge of a black hole
After landing Mars rover, Swati Mohan ’04 reflects on time at Cornell
After navigating Mars rover, Swati Mohan ’04 reflects on time at Cornell
Astronomers image magnetic fields at edge of M87’s black hole
Scientists image magnetic fields at edge of M87’s black hole
Found in space: Complex carbon-based molecules
Astronomers map cosmic spider web
Shape of Star Explosions
Hubble sees new atmosphere forming on a rocky exoplanet
With nearly $2 million in support, University of Toronto astronomer to upgrade telescope in hunt for dark matter
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Site Decommissioning Plan Approved by Maunakea Management Board
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Site Decommission Plan Approved by Maunakea Management Board
Comet Catalina suggests comets delivered carbon to rocky planets
Researcher helps find largest supernova remnant by looking in right place
A blazing nearby super-Earth
Goldstein receives gold from DOE and NNSA
Debris of stellar explosion found at unusual location
Magnetic fields drive astrophysical jet shapes
Big galaxies steal star-forming gas from their neighbours
Astronomers see star with dust disk that is being fed
Sounding Rocket CLASP2 Elucidates Solar Magnetic Field
Black hole in Milky Way more massive than at first thought
Starry night or black holes?
On quest for other earths
Supercomputer Turns Back Cosmic Clock
Simple urine test can detect womb cancer
Astronomers uncover mysterious origins of ‘super-Earths’
When do galaxies stop making stars? ‘Cosmic noon’ 10 billion years ago holds clues
A Virtual Science Festival as Big as Texas
At cosmic noon, puffy galaxies make stars for longer
Astronomers spot bizarre, never-before-seen activity from one of strongest magnets in Universe
Astronomers detect extended dark matter halo around ancient dwarf galaxy
Astronomers see whirlwind around possible exoplanet-in-the-making
Metamaterial Tiles Boost Sensitivity of Large Telescopes
New data locates hundreds of millions of objects throughout space
Lab will co-lead NASA mission to study stars, planets
CHEOPS finds unique planetary system
Search for axions from nearby star Betelgeuse comes up empty
Catalogue of sky glimpses 700 million astronomical objects