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Rare encounters between cosmic heavyweights
Hamilton, pirates and Roman horror stories: 10 new courses at University Mississauga this fall
Fifty new planets confirmed in machine learning first
Surviving Sun
Rogue planets could outnumber stars
Spinning Black Hole Powers Jet by Magnetic Flux
New tool helps interpret future searches for life on exoplanets
37B spaceplane wins Collier Trophy for advancing ‘the boundaries of flight and space exploration’
A distant likeness of Milky Way
Classifying Galaxies with Artificial Intelligence
Cryovolcanism on Ceres
Parkes Observatory added to National Heritage List
What Disrupted A Giant Black Hole’s Feast?
What Disrupted A Giant Black Hole’s Feast?
Stellar Egg Hunt with ALMA-Tracing Evolution from Embryo to Baby Star
Calcium-rich supernova examined with X-rays for first time
‘Twinkle’ mission will search for planets outside our solar system that could support life
A young sub-Neptune-sized planet sheds light onto how planets form and evolve
Radio telescope discovers exoplanet
Machine Learning Finds a Surprising Early Galaxy-Breaking Lowest Oxygen Abundance Record
New KiDS result: Universe 10 percent more homogeneous than assumed
Best place on Earth to see stars is at remote site in Antarctica, study shows
New view of nature’s oldest light adds fresh twist to debate over universe’s age
Retracing Sydney Meridian: from early colony to contemporary Australia
New Mars rover tool will zap rocks to investigate planet’s past habitability
UO physicist tweaks age of universe with new approach
Vanderbilt, Ohio State University are joint Founding Members of satellite mission ‘Twinkle’ to find potentially
Spectacular ultraviolet flash may finally explain how white dwarfs explode
Gamma-ray scientists bring distant stars into focus
UNM astronomers on team revealing magnetic field of a spiral galaxy
‘Lost’ world’s rediscovery is step towards finding habitable planets
Largest 3D map of universe ever created
Astrophysicists Fill in 11 Billion Years of Our Universe’s Expansion History
Astrophysicists measure expansion of Universe across 11,000 million years
Astrophysicists fill gaps in history of Universe
Global hunt to detect collisions in space
No need to mind gap
NASA Announces New James Webb Space Telescope Target Launch Date
Close-ups of Sun
In a first, astronomers watch a black hole’s corona disappear, then reappear
Lawrence Livermore, Tyvak Systems announce agreement to develop telescopes for nanosatellites
NASA to Provide Update on James Webb Space Telescope
Nature’s oldest light gives new insight into age of universe
New insights into origins of our universe
Thermonuclear blast sends supernova survivor star hurtling across Milky Way
Waves of our wireless future
New insights into origins of our universe
Breakthrough in deciphering birth of supermassive black holes