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Perspective in tension: Explorations with Leeza Meksin
UK PM meeting with Prime Minister Jonas Støre of Norway 13 May 2022
Tiling mechanisms of Drosophila compound eye through geometrical tessellation
New nanomechanical oscillators with record-low loss
Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership aims to train next generation to implement change
Notice on Continuation of National Emergency with Respect to Central African Republic
Role of surface tension in biological symmetry
Essential aid reaches Tigray region, but more still needed
Proposals aimed at user-friendly, up-to-date conservation processes
Imaging chemical kinetics at liquid-liquid interfaces
Device developed in Hawkes Lab achieves tallest height of any known jumper, engineered or biological
5 strategies to stop infertility from stressing your relationship
Deformation of hydrogel is used to measure negative pressure of water
How to print robot from scratch: New 3D-printing approach melds solids, liquids
How to print robot from scratch: Combining liquids, solids could lead to faster, more flexible 3D creations
3D printing smart clothes with new liquid metal-alginate ink
Orb-weaver spider uses web to capture sounds
Tackling large data sets and many parameter problems in particle physics
Globalisation of language in popular music lyrics: critical approach
James Webb Space Telescope has taken its first aligned image of a star
Models for molecules show unexpected physics
Next generation of robots will be shape-shifters
Teenagers consume more humour than aggression
Ling Ma, MFA ’15 to read from her fiction on March 10
Reconciling irreversibility with quantum mechanics
Colorfully detecting stressed-out polymer films, gels before they break
CERN fellow wins Buchalter Cosmology Prize
Not in mood? Researchers examine how couples communicate when desire is low
Gear up for safer ride: motorcycle tips and hints
Op NANOOK-NUNALIVUT reinforces skill sets in Canada’s North
Nanowires under tension create basis for ultrafast transistors
Speeding through nanowire
Hope and shelter, amid fighting in Burkina Faso
Radical right groups are endorsing liberal values in attempt to attract young LGB people to political extremism, research finds
Superhorizon Modes Can Explain Hubble Tension
Improving print quality by using surfactants
Gender bias in lab groups not rooted in personal preference
Gender bias in lap groups not rooted in personal preference
UH Engineers Discover Method to Create Upward Water Fountain in Deep Water
Paper: Women bear ‘status-leveling burden’ in male-dominated occupations
Why does performance deteriorate under pressure?
Development of new tool which uses focused light to reduce cellular contractile force
Masks give breathing space over Xmas
Christmas Message from Archbishop Geoff Smith, Primate of Anglican Church of Australia
Well-built balconies help keep Victorians safe
1 in 5 parents say their holiday stress level negatively affects their child’s enjoyment of season
Colonial Bureaucrats, Metropole and making of 1875 East Indies’ Land Alienation Prohibition
Anxiety of post-lockdown Christmas: an expert’s tips