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Changing perspective on origin of enzymatic catalytic power
Brain imaging reveals how mindfulness program boosts pain regulation
Reversing ‘negative trends’ essential, Security Council hears
Norwegian rivers need to be better protected
Common gene used to profile microbial communities
Emu stands tall at detecting bacteria species
After Roe v Wade, here’s how women could adopt ‘spycraft’ to avoid tracking and prosecution
Mounting violence leaving ‘scores of Palestinian and Israeli casualties’
Toowoomba firm awarded tender to upgrade Rockville Park clubhouse
Toowoomba Bypass | Amended width restrictions for Class 1 oversize vehicles June 2022
Received & Determined Development Applications 31 May
Resolve conflict, don’t just manage it, top envoy tells Israelis, Palestinians
Drugs used to treat blood cancer could activate “sleeping” cancer-causing gene
UN envoy condemns latest Israeli settlement expansion plan
UN officials call for probe into killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh
Genetic diversity of C. difficile, particularly problematic pathogen
Research finds genetic diversity of particularly problematic pathogen
‘No justification’ for terrorism or violence against civilians, Security Council hears
Calling on all parties to take urgent steps to reduce tensions and avoid further escalation in Jerusalem UK Statement
UN chief condemns rising violence in Jerusalem
Wennesland condemns killing of 4 Israeli civilians, as Security Council hears ‘little progress’ is being made on settlements
International coalition to support filing of suit to stop shutdown of in South Korea
‘No justification for violence or terror’ says UN Envoy amid rising tensions in Jerusalem
No substitute for legitimate political process, UN envoy tells Security Council
Older people in good shape have fitter brains
New Technique Boosts Efficiency, Sustainability of Large-Scale Perovskite Solar Cells
UN envoy highlights urgent need for reform
Bubbles of methane rising from seafloor in Puget Sound
Positive steps needed to restore calm
More than 100 underwater animal species found living on 2,200-year-old Mediterranean shipwreck
Tool protects users’ private data while they browse
Received & Determined Development Applications 14 December
Scientists attacking menacing ‘superbug’
Risk of ‘deadly escalation’ in violence, without decisive action
New Building for Close-to-practice and Future-oriented Studies at KIT
APPEA announces new Board Directors
‘Dire’ economic and fiscal situation in Palestine requires integrated response
Six new convergence environments will address major societal challenges in life sciences
Research and sustainability, united through light
UN experts condemn Israel’s designation of Palestine rights defenders as terrorist organisations
Build consensus or face ‘increasingly desperate reality’, warns Middle East envoy
How therapy, not pills, can nix chronic pain and change brain
Top UN envoy ‘encouraged’ by recent engagement of Israeli and Palestinian officials
How therapy, not pills, can kill chronic pain and change brain
Psychological treatment shown to yield strong, lasting pain relief, alter brain networks
Final Call – marriage of art, science, environment and technology
Tenders invited for Rockville Park design and construction
Electronic nose can sniff out when lung transplant is failing