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Highly Detailed Map of Human Heart Could Guide Personalized Heart Treatments
Improved process sought for kidney donors, recipients
Study finds lung transplant patients not given antifungal preventive drugs have higher risk of death
$12.5m enables new research approach to Parkinson’s
Injectable hydrogel could someday lead to more effective vaccines
Gene-edited livestock ‘surrogate sires’ successfully made fertile
NHS implements antifungal resistance test
Penn Researchers Make Major Advancement in Islet Cell Transplantation for Treating Type-1 Diabetes
ZJU scientists discover role of ANG in inhibiting intestinal inflammation
Gene therapy research for HIV awarded $14.6 million NIH grant
Gene therapy research for HIV awarded $14.6 million NIH grant
$10 million in grants aimed at preventing organ rejection after transplantation
These lifestyle choices can reduce risk of chronic kidney disease
Lifestyle choices can reduce risk of kidney disease
Dana-Farber collaborates with Mass. Eye and Ear to rebuild damaged corneas using patients’ own stem cells for first
Penn Researchers Continue to Advance Transplantation of Hepatitis C Virus-infected Kidneys into HCV-Negative
Microgel Immuno-acceptance Method Could Improve Pancreatic Islet Transplant Success
Rejuvenating Old Organs Could Increase Donor Pool
Neurons at laboratory can be integrated into human brain tissue
Why we need corneal bioengineering
Funding to fast-track progress of corneal transplant technology to clinical trial
Pigs Grow New Liver in Lymph Nodes, Study Shows
Yerkes Genomics Research Will Help Predict COVID-19 Disease Severity, Inform Treatment Decisions
From stem cells to islets – hope for treatment of type 1 diabetes
Heart attack damage reduced by shielded stem cells
New COVID-19 antibody test more reliable
University Engineering researchers develop cell injection technique that could help reverse vision loss
UC Davis researchers find a way to help stem cells work for heart
New Study Presents Cell-based Therapy for MN Diseases or Spinal Cord Disorders
Brigham Patient First in U.S. to Receive a Second Face Transplant
Move over Akita: Introducing ‘Kuma Mutant’ Mice for Islet Transplantation Research
Remote monitoring of lung transplant patients decreases hospital readmissions
Blood-thinner with no bleeding side-effects is here
Medical research grant recipients announced
Deep-sea anglerfishes have evolved a new type of immune system
Immune functions traded in for reproductive success
New technique can reduce heart transplant rejection
Aussies urged to help save lives this DonateLife Week
“Self-eating” Process of Stem Cells May be Key to New Regenerative Therapies
Using artificial intelligence for early detection of keratoconus
New Transplant Center Initiatives Improve Efficiency, Effectiveness and Patient Experience
Umbilical Cord Blood Treats Rare Genetic Diseases
Drug that calms ‘cytokine storm’ linked to lower risk of death among COVID-19 patients on ventilators
Transplantable lab-grown organs move a step closer
Researchers at University use stem cells to grow functional blood vessel cells found in liver
Researchers explore new synthetic gel for eye injury
Study Finds Immune Cell That Predicts Risk of Organ Rejection In Transplant Patients
Multimillion pound scheme could make early diagnosis of liver disease a reality