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AB Nexus Announces Third Round of Grants, Drives Research Breakthroughs
Hearts from donors who used illicit drugs or overdosed safe for transplant, cuts wait time
PSA supports WHO’s 2030 hepatitis target
Ohio State Surgeons Use Novel Heart Transplant Monitoring System
International experts call for unified public health response to NAFLD and NASH epidemic
Are Immunocompromised Patients Left Out by COVID Vaccines?
At risk Kiwis urged to get tested on World Hepatitis Day this week
Comprehensive clinical sequencing opens door to promise of precision medicine
Important factor in transplant rejection identified
Nursing researchers recognised by international society
Perfecting collagen production in osteogenesis imperfecta
Cardio-cerebrovascular disease history complicates hematopoietic cell transplant outcomes
Policy changes to kidney allocation may unintentionally reduce access to transplant for South Carolina
C is for Vitamin C: key ingredient for immune cell function
Black patients with liver disease may face obstacles to transplants
Artificial sweeteners enable delivery of carbon monoxide to treat organ injury
Ficlatuzumab plus chemotherapy may benefit patients with relapsed/refractory AML
Repairing hearts with deadly spider venom
Do more visits with kidney specialists improve dialysis patient-reported outcomes?
UniQuest partners with CSL to develop potential new therapy
Selective, toxin-bearing antibodies could help treat liver fibrosis
Researchers develop viral gene therapy to treat beta thalassaemia
Ethics of split liver transplantation: Analyzing case studies to make right decision
Former paediatric cancer patient regained fertility
Sir Patrick Vallance makes biomaterial slime at Summer Science Exhibition
Genetic factors linked to response to common antiviral medications
Multiple immune reactions when transplanting cartilage into monkeys
Engineered Cells Successfully Treat Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease
Nobel Prize winning microscopy technique uncovers mechanisms of bacterial antibiotics resistance
Fecal transplant plus fibre supplements improve insulin sensitivity
BiomeBank submits for market authorisation of world-first microbial therapy
Australian biotech submits for approval of world first microbial therapy
Study: Immunocompromised Response to COVID-19 Vaccination
Adjuvant developed with NIH funding enhances efficacy of India’s COVID-19 vaccine
Australian research project investigating long-term impact of COVID-19 awarded 2021 Gilead Fellowship Grant
Preliminary results of clinical trial for Crigler-Najjar syndrome
Forxiga recommended for approval in EU by CHMP for treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease
Novel risk score for predicting blood cancer relapse
Common plant fiber gel doubled rate of tumor eradication
UPMC, Region of Sicily Choose Architect for New Hospital
AI spots healthy stem cells quickly and accurately
Gene profile in blood predicts risk of poor outcomes, death for patients with COVID-19
Gene edits quell rhythm problem from heart stem cell grafts
Next-Generation T-Cell Therapeutics Set Sights on Cancers, Autoimmune Disorders and More
Engineered NK cells can eliminate glioblastoma stem cells
Computer method to help predict outcomes for heart patients
Genetic base editing treats sickle cell disease in mice
Better implant device may ease therapy for Type 1 diabetes