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Polypeptide-forming 3D culture developed to expand rare human circulating hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells
Report sets out blueprint to tackle global ethical issues around face transplants
Virtual biopsy set to transform heart transplant care
Hepatitis Outbreak Among Kids: What Parents Should Know
University spinout in major partnership to commercialize treatment for invasive aspergillosis
New gene identified in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
Fuller inquiry update to Secretary of State, 19 May 2022
Big study answers treatment question for little known kidney condition
Treatment for commonest form of blindness moves step closer
NHS Blood and Transplant launches £20m blood, organ, plasma, and stem cell research units
Novel biomaterial prevents rejection of transplants for type 1 diabetes
Modifying body’s immune system to help treat Type 1 diabetes
Modifying body’s immune system treat Type 1 diabetes
Updates on gene therapy for ‘bubble boy’ disease and cellular immunotherapy at ASGCT
Four QIMR Berghofer scientists awarded prestigious Fellowships
Fecal transplants reverse hallmarks of aging
UCSF Lung Transplant Patient No. 1,000 Looks Ahead to More of Good Life
Canada Invests $2 million for research on innovative organ and tissue donation projects
How one inflammatory disorder exacerbates another
AI could save lives by helping liver transplant candidates too sick to survive sobriety ‘road test’
Scientists in California, Colorado receive grants to study heart transplants in children
Mayo Clinic study confirms living kidney donor surgery is low risk for most patients
Low-Calorie Diet Alters Gut Microbiome and Delays Immune Aging
UK patient had COVID for 505 days
New initiative to make UC Davis Health leader in organ transplant equity
Developing Cancer Treatments in Space
World Chagas Disease Day: finding and reporting every case
UCLA-led team creates first comprehensive map of human blood stem cell development
New approach enhances muscle recovery in aged mice
Funding boost for 2023 World Transplant Games
Natural killer cells complexed with bispecific antibody may provide new treatment option for patients with advanced lymphoma
NK cells combined with bispecific antibody showed strong response for patients with lymphoma
MUSC doctors first at academic medical center to perform ‘game-changing’ new heart failure device procedure
Clinicians encouraged to apply for fellowships to advance WA health research
Half of Liver Transplants Last Year Resulted from Alcohol Use
Chinese surgeons “acted as executioners under state orders”
Key protein facilitates regeneration of liver blood vessels
Proclamation on National Donate Life Month, 2022
Specialized liver blood vessel identity factor required for regeneration
Arizona couple donates Collaborative Research Building to Mayo Clinic
New dimension in transplantation
Mount Sinai’s Woojin Han, PhD, Receives NIH Stephen I. Katz Early Stage Investigator R01 Award
New method of pancreatic islet cryopreservation marks breakthrough for diabetes cure
Man loses 135 pounds for kidney transplant
An artificial-intelligence system shows promise in identifying signs of heart transplant rejection
BGI groundbreaking research results in cells that may facilitate advances in organ regeneration
Research suggests artificial intelligence could help assess, improve heart transplant outcomes
Extracellular vesicles derived from NELL1-modified mesenchymal stem cells improve acellular bone regeneration