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Endangered purple Cauliflower Coral pushed closer to brink of extinction after recent flooding
Climate change-resistant corals could provide lifeline to battered reefs
Melatonin was shown to protect kidney damage caused by obesity with diabetes
Why, how some human tissues strive for life after death: Grant to fund IU-led research
Novel Immunotherapy Boosts Long-Term Stroke Recovery in Mice
Stopping immune cells from attacking organs key to successful transplants
UC Davis drops race-based reference ranges from a standard kidney test
“Stressed out” corals thriving thanks to mangroves
Heart attack recovery aided by injecting heart muscle cells that overexpress cyclin D2
NK cells with bispecific antibody show activity against lymphoma cells
EuroHeartCare – ACNAP Congress 2021: helping patients manage heart conditions
7 good science news about motherhood
Cystic fibrosis: towards better treatment and stronger lungs
MDI Biological Laboratory scientist identifies process critical to kidney function
Researchers successfully use 3-D ‘bioprinting’ to create nose cartilage
Understanding heart failure
A physics perspective on wound healing
Study finds heart transplantation using donation after cardiac death with NRP
A glimmer of hope: New weapon in fight against liver diseases
Farxiga approved in US for treatment of chronic kidney disease in patients
Antiviral T cells safe and effective for treating debilitating complication common after stem cell transplants
Two QIMR Berghofer scientists awarded CSL Research Acceleration Initiative partnerships
Ability of multi-drug resistant infection to evolve within cystic fibrosis patients highlights need for rapid treatment
Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to Host Symposium on Future of Cell and Gene Therapies
Simple device improves care after kidney transplantation
2020 RAI Awardees Announced
Artificial super stool to bring hope for people with chronic gut disease
Researchers question effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for solid organ transplant patients
Novel Imaging Method to Visualize Respiratory Activity of 3D Tissue Models
Major EU grants for groundbreaking research into scoliosis and transplant organ rejection
Simplified treatment for a cause of sight loss offers eye-opening savings for hospitals
New diagnostic criteria may reduce liver transplants
Lower-quality kidney transplant better outcome than dialysis 13 April
Study finds racial inequality within heart transplant process
Research targets faster, safer source of islet cells for people with Type 1 diabetes
Enhanced muscle regeneration using stem cells
Mount Sinai Surgeons Perform First Human Tracheal Transplant Surgery
NIH scientists develop breath test for methylmalonic acidemia
Reverse-order heart-liver transplant helps prevent rejection for highly sensitized patients
A Proclamation on National Donate Life Month, 2021
Case Western Reserve University biotech startup Rodeo Therapeutics Corp. sold to Amgen Inc
FDA approves first test of CRISPR to correct genetic defect causing sickle cell disease
UC group launches clinical trial using CRISPR to correct sickle cell disease gene defect
UC Consortium Launches First Clinical Trial Using CRISPR to Correct Gene Defect That Causes Sickle Cell Disease
Pediatric heart transplant method developed by University of Alberta doctors allows for more surgeries, better outcomes
Lower-quality kidney transplant better outcome than dialysis
Fertility Frontier: Can Transgender Women Get Uterus Transplants?
Unmarried people given less intensive treatment