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Extracellular vesicles derived from NELL1-modified mesenchymal stem cells improve acellular bone regeneration
Turning cultural bias around to improve kidney health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
ISU scientists receive federal grant to advance research on blood stem cells
Prevalence of chronic kidney disease “alarmingly” high
Quantum leap towards transplanting stem cells into intestines
ECMO may offer sickest COVID patients chance for ‘exceptional survival’
Data published in Lancet journal on COH04S1, City of Hope-developed Covid vaccine
Secret to longevity? Ask yellow-bellied marmot
World Trade Center responders at higher risk for blood cancer-associated mutations
Immune cells as squatters
Scientists develop “musical dish” to induce osteogenic differentiation through music derived microstretch with variable frequency
Facial transplant techniques may extend to other types of severe facial injuries
Scientists discover novel approach to robustly producing functional human pancreatic β cells for curing diabetes
Researchers produce fully functional pancreatic beta cells from stem cells for first time
Scientists produce fully functional pancreatic beta cells from stem cells for first time
Boosting function and survival of stem cell-derived pancreatic cells by genetic engineering
UT Health Austin, Ascension Seton Perform First Collaborative Kidney Transplant at Dell Seton
Institute of Human Virology’s Infectious Disease experts perform pathogen surveillance for unprecedented pig-to-human heart
Mode of intraoperative support impacts primary graft dysfunction after lung transplant
Clinical trial leadership still includes disproportionately low number of women
Healthy gut microbiome improves success of cancer treatment
What is impact of chemotherapy on brain?
Treating Intractable Diarrhea in Calves and Improving Intestinal Microflora
Patient possibly cured of HIV infection by special stem-cell transplant
Record registrations recorded, despite COVID impacts on organ donations
Creating universal blood-type organs for transplant
CMU and Mayo Clinic To Collaborate on Transplant Innovation
Researchers document third known case of HIV remission involving stem cell transplant
MD Anderson renews partnership with Banner Health
Educating communities during Heart Failure Awareness Week
Hollings to study ways to help pediatric bone marrow transplant patients achieve better outcomes
Molecular cage gives cryo-EM researchers new insights into cancer protein
Infusion of 3D cellular structures might repair damaged intestine
Johns Hopkins Health System Adopts Race-Free Kidney Function Equation
Mayo Clinic, Carnegie Mellon University to collaborate on transplant innovation
Optogenetic control of parathyroid hormone secretion to prevent bone loss
Henry Ford Health System study reveals admissions for alcoholic hepatitis rose 50%in early months of pandemic
Unique FAU seagrass nursery aims to help Florida’s starving manatees
How nanostraws can increase number of blood stem cells
How nanotubes can increase number of blood stem cells
UC Davis becomes first in region to grow cancer-fighting CAR T cells
Minimizing long-term lung damage in COVID patients
Study of Penn Patients with Decade-Long Leukemia Remissions after CAR T Cell Therapy Reveals New Details About Persistence
Research of Penn patients with decade-long leukemia remissions after Car T cell therapy finds new details about persistence
Complex three-dimensional kidney tissue generated in lab from scratch
CAR T cells target AML, spare bone marrow
Special Testing of Kidney Tissue from Deceased Covid Donor Documents Safe Transplantation of Organ, Johns Hopkins Researchers Report
Innovation and life sciences at University of Oslo: Five new teams ready for SPARK Norway