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Thinking without brain
Eating Whole Grains Linked to Smaller Increases in Waist Size, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar
Mount Sinai’s Kalmon D. Post, MD, to Lead Pituitary Society
Pathfinder satellite paves way for constellation of tropical-storm observers
Scientists Can Predict and Design Single Atom Catalysts for Important Chemical Reactions
Single-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine Protects Against COVID-19 Variant B.1.351 in Rhesus Macaques
Inkjet Printing “Impossible Materials”
Grant Supports Innovative Medford Public School COVID Testing Program
Researchers look to gut microbiome to improve bone health
Scientists Make Powerful Underwater Glue Inspired by Barnacles and Mussels
Survey Finds Regional, Racial Divides in K-12 Remote Schooling Impact During Pandemic
In Utero Exposure to Tiny Pollution Particles in Air Is Linked to Asthma in Preschoolers, Study Shows
A brand new cocktail to fight HIV
Despite Similar Levels of Vaccine Hesitancy, White People More Likely to Be Vaccinated Than Black People
Could prescriptions for fruit and veg instead of pills help prevent diet-related disease?
How Moths Find Their Flame – Genetics of Mate Attraction Discovered
Interdisciplinary consults can help primary care docs treat patients with chronic pain
Tweet and Re-tweet: Songbird Stuttering Allows Researchers to Pinpoint Causes in Brain
Christopher Lathan appointed Chief Clinical Access and Equity Officer at Dana-Farber
Christopher Lathan appointed Chief Clinical Access and Equity Officer at Dana- Farber
Open source tool can help identify gerrymandering in voting maps
Tufts SilkLab Creates Leather-like Material from Silk Proteins
Nine Metro North Communities, Cambridge Health Alliance & Tufts University to Launch Collaborative COVID-19 Vaccination Sites
Half of Young People Voted in 2020, Major Increase From 2016
Report Analyzes How Massachusetts Can Maximize Benefit of American Rescue Plan
Tufts Awards Grants to 35 Non-Profits to Support Local Initiatives
Study Finds Americans Eat Food of Mostly Poor Nutritional Quality – Except at School
“Samantha Nye: My Heart’s In A Whirl” Explores Power, Beauty of Desire Across Generations
Time to Shift from “Food Security” to “Nutrition Security” to Increase Health & Well-Being
Scientists Create Next Generation of Living Robots
Study exposes global ripple effects of regional water scarcity
World’s Largest American Sign Language Database Makes ASL Even More Accessible
Early experiences shape aggression in young chimpanzees
Survey Analyzes Community Views on Policing in Medford and Somerville
Controlled by Light Alone, New Smart Materials Twist, Bend and Move
U.S. President Biden Announces Intent to Nominate Key Roles for Department of Treasury
National Engineering Leader to Join UW as Strategic Adviser
Pondering unknowable
Scientists Use Lipid Nanoparticles to Precisely Target Gene Editing to Liver
Study Estimates Two-Thirds of COVID-19 Hospitalizations Due to Four Conditions
New Report Offers Fixes for Unemployment Insurance System in Massachusetts
Tufts University Invites Local Non-profits to Apply for Tufts Community Grants
Threads That Sense How and When You Move? New Technology Makes It Possible
Intercontinental Study Sheds Light on Microbial Life of Sourdough
Low cost chlorine dispensing device improves tap water safety in low-resource regions
Discrimination may increase risk of anxiety disorders regardless of genetics, study finds
New poll: After historic turnout, young people want change
Study suggests sugary diet endangers waste-eating protein crucial to cellular repair