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Six patients with rare blood disease are doing well after gene therapy clinical trial
A way to look younger is right under your nose, UCLA-led study finds
UCLA developing policy to phase out single-use plastics
Hammer Museum at UCLA announces 30 artists for ‘Made in L.A. 2020: a version’
App uses voice analysis, AI to track wellness of people with mental illness
UCLA launches institute to explore legal, policy impact of emerging tech
Astronomers discover class of strange objects near our galaxy’s enormous black hole
In key areas, U.S. protections for constitutional rights fall behind peer nations
Researchers discover a new source of space weather – too close to home
A greener, simpler way to create syngas
OSU’s Fairbanks Gallery presents work by artist Brenda Mallory
Biomarker predicts which patients with heart failure have a higher risk of dying within 1 to 3 years
Researchers discover process that may explain how Type 2 diabetes develops
Astronomers reveal new image of candy cane-shaped feature in center of our galaxy
L.A. could better target homeless prevention services with predictive analytics
Innovative ‘biplane’ design could lead to next generation of wind turbines
Researchers observe brain-like behavior in nanoscale device
UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music receives $3 million to renovate theater
Unearthing mystery of meaning of Easter Island’s Moai
ER visits did not rise with Medicaid expansion under Affordable Care Act
New NASA image provides more details about first observed interstellar comet
Targeted therapy drug helps women with aggressive breast cancer live longer
Researchers create accurate model of organ scarring using stem cells in a lab
Father’s X chromosome may yield clues to higher rates of autoimmune disease in women
Study shows inhibition of gene helps overcome resistance to immunotherapy
Taming chronic inflammation may reduce illness, save lives
UCLA Anderson Forecast upgrades outlook for nation as financial conditions improve
Chronic opioid treatment may raise risk of post-traumatic stress disorder, study finds
Automated technique helps identify cancer cell metabolism inhibitors
Many pregnancies are shorter as climate change causes more 90-degree days
David Geffen adds $46 million to landmark medical scholarships program
Researchers identify protein that governs human blood stem cell self-renewal
One of California’s iconic tree species offers lessons for conservation
Planning a trip abroad? Before you pack, check air pollution levels
Dozens of UCLA scientists rank among world’s most-cited researchers
$20 million fundraising effort will support efforts to improve treatment for lung disease
Arctic Ocean could be ice-free for part of year as soon as 2044
$27 million grant will strengthen effort to increase biomedical workforce diversity
Combating deepfakes: Leading scholars to discuss doctored content and how to fight it
Researchers convert 2D images into 3D using deep learning
Carbon dioxide capture and use could become big business
UCLA Health partners with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on health and wellness
Study reveals how brain injury can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder
Many take anticoagulants and OTC supplements, which poses risk
Three UCLA scientists receive grants totaling more than $18 million
Mitochondria’s activity in lung tumors could predict response to treatment
Whether a fashion model or not, some body image concerns are universal
$6 million in gifts boosts entertainment law program