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Study assesses mental health effects of pandemic-related school closures
All-optical computation of group of transformations using polarization-encoded diffractive network
Adolescent females were especially vulnerable to mental health impact of pandemic-related school closings
New online concert series brings Jewish music to audiences everywhere
Study identifies how brain links memories
U.S. President Biden Names Eighteenth Round of Judicial Nominees
Researchers identify how brain links memories
UCLA, Charles R. Drew University receive $11M grant to address inequities in HIV care, prevention
Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Announce Partnership with Costa Rica for CAR T Cell Therapy
Can algae unlock secrets of photosynthesis?
UCLA’s Vickie Mays explains why accurate Covid death counts are important
Lab internship program bridges gap between degree and military service
Scientists devise method to prevent deadly hospital infections without antibiotics
Researchers devise method to prevent deadly hospital infections without antibiotics
$5 million from Boeing will support UCLA quantum science and technology research
Researchers propose global initiative to study female health across species
Researchers gain read-and-publish access to American Chemical Society journals in UC agreement
Digitization, open access and internet aid UCLA’s return of books looted by Nazis
Lot has changed during pandemic. How to navigate our ‘new normal’
Insights from algae genes unlock mysteries of plant growth and health
UCLA hires Janelle McDonald as gymnastics coach
Only 10 vaquita porpoises survive, but species may not be doomed, scientists say
Only 10 vaquita porpoises survive, but species may not be doomed
Affirmative action bans had ‘devastating impact’ on diversity in medical schools, UCLA-led study finds
UTA biologist: Do chunky monkeys woo more mates?
As climate shifts, species will need to relocate, and people may have to help them
Augmented reality exhibition places viewers in midst of WWII-era forced removal of Japanese Americans
Life course intervention research optimizes health development and children’s well-being
Many residents won’t get abortion training if Roe is overturned
Former governors Wilson, Davis discuss housing, crime and more at Luskin Summit
Politics, Machine Learning, and Zoom Conferences in Pandemic: Conversation with an Undergraduate Researcher
UCLA releases first comprehensive sustainability plan
Most California incentive programs meant to reduce energy use have opposite effect
Some long Covid cases may be caused by abnormally suppressed immune system
Reimagining future of health and wellness in California
How to assess community’s resilience
Tackling chemical synthesis and advocacy
U.S. President Biden Announces Five New Nominees to Serve as U.S. Attorneys
Some cases of long Covid may be caused by an abnormally suppressed immune system
In year 7 of UCLA survey, L.A. residents express lowest-ever satisfaction with county’s quality of life
Study shows how to lower divorce rate among poor Americans: Raise minimum wage
Study offers strategy for freeway congestion pricing that reduces burden on low-income residents
Protein that keeps pancreas from digesting itself
UCLA-developed technology enables single-cell sorting by function
Unexpected protein could play role in common brain disorder
About 30% of COVID patients develop “Long COVID
Autistic children at intersection of race and poverty experience compounding health risks
UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability receives $1.5 million pledge from founding director