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UCLA Nursing receives UC grant to diversify pool of nursing doctoral candidates
Research Reveals Retinal Cones in Degeneration Retain Visual Function
Drought-induced vegetation browning disproportionately affects LA’s disadvantaged communities
Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman delivers remarks
Dietary Supplement Could Reverse HIV/ART Organ Damage
Osteoarthritis Relief Moves to Clinical Trial
US Drug Overdose Fatalities Show Sharp Racial Disparity in 2020
UCLA Study Cures Rare Immune Deficiency with Base Editing
Inspired by their chance to make difference
Gene Linked to X Chromosome May Explain Female’s Lower Virus Severity
Mixed-Race Woman Cured of HIV in First-of-its-Kind Case: Report
Scientists Uncover Role of Mitochondria in Cancer Cells
Fed Combats Inflation as US and Calif. Economies Stall
Californians Struggle With Health Care Amid Housing Costs Spike
Calif Schools Not Exempt from Political Attacks
Sleep Loss May Diminish Vaccine Effectiveness: Study
Complete Jaw Assembly: Step-by-Step Guide
Immune Cell Study May Improve Immunotherapy
Immune cells’ response to cancer mutations may improve immunotherapy
Harnessing powers of human thought and computation
UCLA Engineers Create Solar Roofs for Greenhouses
Adding Medication to Antidepressants May Help Elderly with Treatment-Resistant Depression
Antidepressant + Antipsychotic May Help Older Adults’ Treatment-Resistant Depression
Brain Differences in Autistic People Seen by Age: Study
Immunotherapy Boosts Melanoma Outcomes Before Surgery
Evolutionary Medicine Offers Health Solutions
How does wildfire smoke impact pregnancy and children?
UCLA Law Hosts Historic International Human Rights Commission
UCLA Fall 2023 Apps Soar to Near-Historic Highs
Mysterious Object Drifting Toward Supermassive Black Hole
Saturn’s Moon Ejects Particles from Ocean Beneath Surface
Biomarker Found for Diagnosing Vascular Dementia
20-Year Study of Mexican Deportees Examines US Immigration Policy
Society of Nuclear Medicine Releases SSTR PET Imaging Guidelines for Neuroendocrine Tumors
Air Pollution Linked to Osteoporosis Bone Loss: Study
Research Compares Immigration, Deportation Under Presidents
Aussie & US Scientists Team Up to Solve Global Issues
NSF, Australia Award Grants to Develop Responsible AI
Nationwide Prison Mortality Rates Soar During Pandemic: UCLA
Study finds only quarter of L.A. Metro bus stops offer shade
Civil Engineer Jonathan Stewart Discusses Earthquakes in Turkey, Syria
Many Women Misdiagnosed as High Breast Cancer Risk: Models
UCLA Astronomers Seek to Answer: Are We Alone?
Mice Watching Movie May Unlock Alzheimer’s, AI Solutions
Atmospheric Dust Masks Greenhouse Gas Warming Impact
Young May Face Severe COVID from Tobacco/E-Cigs: UCLA Research
US Public May Seek Genetic Enhancements for Kids’ Education
Research: Metabolites Show More Accurate Mediterranean Diet Intake in Pregnant Women