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UB team to confirm diamond forms during low pressure and temperature in oceanic rocks
Nine UB researchers, awarded in ICREA Academia 2019
Hodgkin lymphoma: marker of poor clinical evolution identified
Researcher finds first Shakespeare play to reach Spain
New findings on function of Mitofusin 2 in bacterial infection and inflammation processes
Architecture of heart different between women and men and with age
Neurons at laboratory can be integrated into human brain tissue
UB study analyses structure of marine ecosystems from 6,000 to 500 years ago to anticipate those changes caused
Sea slugs: discovering other inhabitants in Barcelona coasts
Secrets of long-lived trees
ICCUB receives Maria de Maeztu Excellence Distinction
UB study identifies a new pharmacological target against Alzheimer’s disease
An international study published in ‘Nature’ analyses five hundred years of floods in Europe
New depth map of Arctic Ocean
Astrophysicists measure expansion of Universe across 11,000 million years
Expansion of Roman Empire coincided with warmest period in Mediterranean of last 2,000 years
Spin-off Kumux launches a software to create artificial light with positive health effects
‘Ocean Atlas’: story of threats to marine ecosystems worldwide
A cosmic cataclysim allows precise test on quantum structure of spacetime
Launch of company Gate2Brain, based on a novel technology to transport drugs into brain
Identification of a new biomarker for chromosomic instability thanks to study of lysosomal function during cell
An international study in 19 countries confirms validity of one of most important theories
Researchers detect a type of unidentified astronomical object through gravitational waves
First annual directory on good governance and regulation quality presents how to improve municipal regulations
Higher education in knowledge society, topic of eleventh CIDUI edition
Servier and Autonomous University of Barcelona collaborate to accelerate research into Parkinson’s disease
SARS-CoV-2 detected in waste waters in Barcelona on March 12, 2019
Economy of hunter gatherers in Mediterranean coasts between Pleistocene and Holocene included exploitation
From planet Earth to exoplanets: new life research frontiers in astrobiogeology
6th Science Fest offers live online meetings with researchers
First study on use of Catalan in Youtube and Instagram content for young adults
Bonelli’s eagle: five steps to stop death of most threatened birds of prey due to unnatural causes
DTI Foundation creates open access database IDOTCOVID on organ donation and transplantation and SARS-CoV-2
Antarctica, witness of planet’s past
Researchers induce massive synchronous sexual conversion of malaria parasite
ModGraProDep: artificial intelligence and probabilistic modelling applied to clinical oncology
LogMask, a new artificial intelligence technology to detect use of masks
PRIMA program on cooperation in Mediterranean selects a project on sustainable agriculture
Researchers identify two marine molecules with therapy potential against Alzheimer’s disease
Spin off Iproteos included in Accure Therapeutics to work on drugs for central nervous system diseases
A genomic analysis in samples of Neanderthals and modern humans shows a decrease in ADHD-associated genetic
Nanoneedles to increase capacity and robustness of digital memories
UB takes part in a study on COVID-19 and lockdown psychological consequences in Spanish population
Virtual reality to reduce stress and anxiety levels caused by lockdown
UB takes part in two innovation projects funded by EIT Health to respond to COVID-19
Cells in intestine nervous system and oligodendrocytes are affected in Parkinson’s disease
Madagascar copal: new dating for an Antropocene ancient resin
Arian International and CEI International Affairs launch a specific course on European proposal writing