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Researchers Find Adhesions that Build Brain’s Networks
Origins of farming insects: ambrosia fungi cultivated by beetles for more than 100 million years
Researchers identify a protein involved in memory loss and inflammation associated with alzheimer
Face Shield UB receives Spanish certification
Human milk from women infected and vaccinated for coronavirus has antibodies against COVID-19
Pollutant concentration increases in franciscana dolphin, one of most threatened species worldwide
New excavations in Iberian sites of Kum-Castellet de Banyoles and Coll del Moro in Tivissa
Drone improves odor management in water treatment plants
Marine protected areas contribute to conservation of Audonin’s gull
Science and performing arts against stereotypes
Exercise prevents neuronal damage caused by lung cancer therapy
A new model enables recreation of family tree of complex networks
Synchrotron light to unravel history of 15th Century Chinese porcelain
Life Terra, one tree per each inhabitant in European Union
Pioneer EU project to investigate micro and nanoplastics impact and consequences on human health
Researchers identify 33 new genetic variants associated with bipolar disorder
A peptide that allows cannabis-derived drugs to relieve pain without side effects
IQTCUB study describes a new system to control electronic states of bidimensional organic materials
Calcitriol supplementation in patients with kidney failure is associated with an important decrease
Successful start of DESI Instrument to reveal dark energy mysteries
UB becomes a shareholder of Reveal Genomics, a spin-off born to develop innovative diagnostic tests in oncology
A study reveals genetic structure of snail ‘Xerocrassa montserratensis’, an endemic species to Catalonia
New monitoring program for marine areas expands its action range to all protected marine areas in Catalonia
Human burial from 78,000 years ago in Africa
Researchers find biogeographical affinity in Cretaceous flora from two islands of old Tethys Ocean
Effects of storms and COVID-19 on state of rivers in Barcelona area
Proposal of new universal nomenclature for oxytocin and vasotocin genes
Institute for Catalan Studies’ Saint George’s Day Awards 2021 distinguish research of University of Barcelona
Can a newborn’s brain discriminate speech sounds?
Global experts define how to assess quality of care for patients with atrial fibrillation
TRANSMOW campaign to analyse circulation of Mediterranean outflow waters with new geochemical tracers
Debate cycle by Observatory of European Systems of Complementary Social Pension Plans
Researchers find cause of degeneration in Lafora disease
Study identifies epigenetic factors that predict COVID-19 severity
Largest public database on genetic variants that regulate colonic gene expression
How do Mediterranean and Atlantic seabirds interact with fishing fleet and fish farms?
Researchers study dog diets in Bronze Age and First Iron Age using remains from Can Roqueta site
Study reveals hidden meaning of mountain gorillas’ chest beats
Call for cardiovascular scientists to contribute data to multinational platform
First interstellar comet to be most pristine ever found
Fear of COVID-19: Psychological, not environmental factors are important
Molecular classification of metastatic breast cancer enables prediction of disease prognosis and benefit of a cell cycle inhibitor
Study analyses fish larval dispersal in western Mediterranean
Researchers identify a potential biomarker for Parkinson’s disease
Study in ‘Nature’ concludes immunotherapy is less efficient in non-viral liver cancer
Intensity of phytoplankton production during Antarctic summer affects structure of seafloor ecosystems
UB, leading institution in Spain in science-wide author databases published in ‘PLOS Biology’
UB Laboratory of Metabolic Dynamics in Cancer settles in Barcelona Science Park