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Climate change can amplify heatwaves in Antarctic continent
Cloud computing to unveil enigmas of our galaxy
UB team creates new tool to verify geographical origins of virgin olive oil
Challenges in nutrition, health and sustainability, under debate at UB
GuestXR: machine learning agent for improving conflict management in virtual environments
Seven out of ten patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease feel stigmatized
Children with history of maltreatment could undergo an early maturation of immune system
Findings on how gen YWHAZ can alter neuronal development
Findings on how gen ‘YWHAZ’ can alter neuronal development
Citizen science study detects vast amount of microplastics in Catalan bathing areas
Research on impact of micro- and nanoplastics on health and environment just click away
Chasing blue whale
Researchers design nanochips that penetrate inside cells as mechanical drugs
New mechanism to transfer chirality between molecules in nanoscale field
Open call for Board of Trustees and Bosch i Gimpera Foundation Awards to research and knowledge transfer
Brains and brawn helped crows and ravens take over world
MAGIC telescopes detect vampire star nuclear explosion
Researchers identify neuronal mechanisms that control food cravings during pregnancy
Stop ghost fishing: more than 100 extraction operations of lost fishing gears in Catalan coasts
All-time highs in company incorporation and use of spaces in Barcelona Science Park
Study reveals decisive role of PDK1 enzyme in acute myeloid leukaemia
Sniffing out pollution with £2M award
Building new sea turtle populations in biodiversity crisis
Simple way to study mouse epigenome
New spin-off in field of precision oncology: Oniria Therapeutics
New advances in protein folding process thermodynamics
Correct mitochondrial function prevents muscle loss during ageing
New spin-off Nimble Diagnostics to commercialize technology for monitoring stents and identifying heart conditions
Artificial intelligence, basis of an application for detecting diseases and pests in horticultural crops
Journey discovering secrets of volcanoes with Volkis
Lack of cellular prion protein might cause symptoms of epilepsy and learning deficits
AI System developed at UB to be tested in clinical trial in UK
New study relates liquid fructose intake to fatty liver disease
Plastic debris in sea could contribute to introduction of invasive species
Droughts and rising sea levels are impacts of climate change that will most affect Mediterranean basin
First study on food insecurity in Spanish households
First TORCH Annual Forum
Scientific study recommends excluding and moving offshore wind farms away from protected areas in Mediterranean
Recognition of Qilimanjaro, UB spin-off
La indústria dels combustibles fòssils no pot confiar en les noves tecnologies per salvar els seus actius
UB leads European project to fight against new synthetic drugs
Alterations of protein assembly chain discovered in cancer for first time
First study to analyse brain changes associated with juvenile fibromyalgia
Orangutans show pre-requisites for stone tool technologies
Zero-carbon refrigeration spin-out sets its sights on environmentally-friendly heating systems
UB and IDIBAPS study links mechanisms that control embryonic development with cancer cell growth
Genomic study shows differences between populations of black sea urchin in Mediterranean
How to improve crop management in organic horticulture