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Researchers unveil universal properties of active turbulence
New findings in Oxyrhynchus archaeological site
‘Journal of Neuroeducation’, first neuroeducation research journal in Spain
Managing home confinement, a psychological challenge
Hospital Clínic, Can Ruti and UB collaborate on Catalan Health Service’s behalf in development of emergency ventilators to cope with…
UB continues collaborating on health crisis
A study published in ‘Science’ finds Neanderthals were pioneers in marine resource exploitation
A study reveals diet of fossil primate ‘Theropithecus oswaldi’ found in site of Cueva Victoria
Important advances to discover origins and evolution of modern African cultures
Beetles: first to pollinize gymnosperm and angiosperm plants
New dissemination project to find anatomic similarities between apes and humans
NCAM2 protein plays a decisive role in formation of structures for cognitive learning
Researchers identify a new repairing mechanism for peripheral nervous system with bioengineering techniques
International study completes largest genetic map of psychiatric disorders so far
Extra olive virgin oil keeps healthy properties when used for cooking
Citizen science and paddle surf to study pollution due microplastics in coasts of Barcelona
New advances on genetic bases and clinical picture of KAT6A syndrome
UB and CIBERSP researchers analyze influenza epidemiologic supervision in Catalonia and detected cases in childhood and adolescence
New results on function of tumor suppressor HERC protein
A new model of C. elegans to progress in study of a rare disease of nervous system
Return of whales to South Georgia
Les principals xarxes internacionals d’universitats s’uneixen per obrir les dades de recerca
Diversifying traditional forest management depending on steam distance would help protecting forest arthropods
New tool to study how neuronal networks recover their function after neuron loss
Project ‘Evitem la pesca fantasma’ moves away nineteen lost fishing gears in sea floor
Researchers find protein that provokes cell death and causes a type of inherited blindness
CoralChange: a project to study and protect threatened coral by global change
UB researchers claim that human language most likely evolved gradually
Coronavirus 2019-nCoV: worries, facts and science revolving around viral epidemics first reported in Wuhan
Next launch of Solar Orbiter probe
Mediterranean sea urchins are more vulnerable than thought
Viral epidemics, public health and universal vaccine against influenza, in international conference Viruses2020
UB study identifies first potentially invasive species to reach Antarctica on drifting marine algae
Mediterranean Shearwater: global project to protect an endangered seabird
New findings on Global Glial Tauopathy could improve drug design for this pathology
UB holds XXVII Meeting on Public Economics
Reelin reverts main pathological processes related to Alzheimer’s and other tauopathy
EarlyCause: new H2020 project to investigate lifelong effects of early life stress on health
UB study links weekend eating jet lag to obesity
New project to stop impact of fishing fleet on Mediterranean and Atlantic sea birds
European project RES URBIS shows viability of bioplastic generation with urban biowaste
A study analyses efficiency in motorway management
PLOS group selects a UB research study among top relevant in 2019 regarding study of human evolution
CKDSens, a new healthcare platform for customized management of chronic kidney disease
Climate crisis challenges, in UB Margalef Year closing ceremony
A new study reveals function of ‘corpora amylacea’ to remove brain waste substances
A new therapeutic target against diseases caused by lipid accumulation in cells
University scientific performance in Catalonia: quality and excellence