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Children’s brain can recover from ictus and develop language ability thanks to its plasticity
A reduction in average size of fish caused by fisheries in Rio de la Plata benefits Franciscana dolphin
A new study considers methadone to be most appropriate non-addictive opioid drug to treat chronic pain
First nest with three Bonelli eagle young birds in ten years in Catalonia
150 international medievalists gather at UB to debate on Middle Ages now
Researchers discover a 3.8-million-year-old almost complete hominid cranium, from a Lucy ancestor
New therapeutical target to treat Alzheimer’s disease
Virtual reality to solve personal problems
Researchers work on a platform to produce human cardiac tissue
New tool to improve studies on exercise physiology
Preventing people from abandoning exotic pets that threatened biodiversity
A nanodrone able to detect toxic gases in emergencies
A scientific expedition will study gorilla population affected by 2003 Ebola outbreak in Congo
Challenges of induction of lactation in non-pregnant women
A giant step in study of genetic architecture of anorexia nervosa
Gaia starts mapping galactic bar in Milky Way