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Nature Favors all Creatures Great and Small Over Medium
UBC Research: Earth Serves Life in XXS and XXL Sizes
Nature Favors All Creatures Great and Small, Neglects Medium Size
UBC experts on Ozempic
U of Toronto Tops QS World Univ. Rankings by Subject
UBC Treats Water, Removes Forever Chemicals Permanently
New UBC water treatment zaps ‘forever chemicals’ for good
Forests Reduce Health Risks Confirmed: Global Report
Dr. von Wartburg Named Chief Economist of Competition Bureau
Research Reveals Prevalence of Himpathy in Workplace Harassment
Jellyfish Size Affects Nutrition: UBC Study
Muscle Health Needs Lipid Synthesis
Gestational Diabetes Rates Rise Linked to Screening
Lalonde Visits Vancouver, Successful Outcome Achieved
Texting Intervention Prevents Teen Pregnancy Among LGB Girls
UBC Hub to Accelerate Manufacturing of Lifesaving Meds for Canadians
UBC Leads National Research Hub to Boost Vaccine, Therap. Production
Endometriosis: Diagnosis & Management Tips
Research: Resident Orcas’ Hunting Habits May Explain Southern Orcas’ Decline
Research: Northern & Southern Orcas Hunt Differently, Impacting Southern Orcas
Amphetamine-Related ER Visits Surge in Ontario
Canada Invests in Post-COVID-19 Condition Funding
Canada forms expert council to boost life sciences
New study: Moms lead in shaping children’s education
New study: Moms lead in shaping kids’ education
Research on Women of Color’s Workplace Invisibility
Canada and B.C. Invest $13.5M in French Teacher Training
Canada Launches Vaccine/Therapeutics Research Hubs
UBC Zoologist: Acknowledge Climate Change for our Sake
AI predicts cancer patient survival by reading doctor’s notes
Midwifery care safe for moderate- and high-risk pregnancies
Human-wildlife conflicts rising worldwide with climate change
Research to Investigate Diet-MS Link in Kids
So-called ‘safe’ pesticides have surprising ill effects
Grassroots Movement Backs Inclusive Science Language
Researchers Suggest Targeting Microbiome to Combat Child Undernutrition
Do Trees Communicate Through Fungal Networks?
Forest Trees Communicate via Underground Fungi?
Era of globalization isn’t over, new study argues
Globalization Not Over Yet, Study Claims
Clouds Buying Time for Climate-Threatened Reefs: UBC Study
HKUMed establishes international consensus recommendations on using plasma EBV DNA in clinical management of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Low-Grade Inflammation Linked to Artery Stiffness in Teens
Chinese prefer Europeans to Americans, but feeling isn’t mutual
Canada Funds Organic Waste Conversion in BC Rural Areas
Phenotypes Don’t Tell Full Health Story: Concordia Research
Traffic pollution impairs brain function
Milk restriction affects calves’ ability to learn