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Researchers find flaws in how scientists build trees of life
Free mental health support available to all BC residents
CDL Deploys Rapid Response Effort Connecting Entrepreneurs, Scientists
UBCO professor researching impact of COVID-19 on travel restrictions
Canadian hospitals trialing new treatment options for COVID-19 patients
How to help seniors feel less isolated during COVID-19 pandemic
Extreme opinions can impact spread of a pandemic, says UBC prof
A digital court for a digital age
UBCO teams up with psychologists and nurses to support health care workers
Trial drug may block early stages of COVID-19, study in human cells shows
UBC-led study finds trial drug can significantly block early stages of COVID-19
UBC professor offers poetry in troubled times
Kids are alright … but not elderly
Feedback-based policy can help manage COVID-19 more effectively
Q&A: UBC researchers warn of dangers of air pollution during COVID-19 outbreak
More UBC researchers receive federal funding to study COVID-19
Myth busting: Setting record straight on ibuprofen and COVID-19
Canada announces judicial appointments in province of British Columbia
8% of school-age children have thought about or attempted suicide
Biology student captures top prize at UBCO 3MT final
Coronavirus research accelerates
Tough, flexible sensor invented for wearable tech
National Research Council and Perimeter Institute collaborate to fuel made
Genetic variants place Asians at higher risk of side effects to common medications
UBCO professor simplifies exercise advice for spinal cord injury
UBC student discovers 17 new planets, including potentially habitable, Earth-sized world
Say goodbye to power outages, says UBC Okanagan engineer
UBC Okanagan awarded Industrial Research Chair in advanced resource recovery from wastewater
New online tool provides hope for Canadian women experiencing intimate partner violence
Billions lost as illicit fisheries trade hurting nations who can afford it least
Pilot clinical trial in China to test UBC researcher’s findings as a targeted therapy for COVID-19
When it comes to conservation, ditch ‘canary in coal mine’
Quakes, dust devils and midnight magnetic pulses: findings from a year on Mars
Magnetic field at Martian surface ten times stronger than expected
UBC researchers develop strategy to protect wine grapes from smoke-taint
Paying attention to complaints can protect nurses from violence
Study points to better medical diagnosis through levitating human blood
UBC Okanagan launches Festival of Ideas with BC’s Lieutenant Governor
Peer mentorship programs vital for supporting women leaving prison
Community LGBTQ Supportiveness May Protect Against Substance Use Among Sexual Minority Adolescents
Okanagan icon John Lent is UBCO’s writer-in-residence
Ocean fish farming in tropics and sub-tropics most impacted by climate change: UBC study
Lupus patients who take their medications lower their diabetes risk
UBCO research team sniffs out competing cannabis breathalyzers
Extreme weather conditions can tax urban drainage systems to max
New device identifies high-quality blood donors
New quantum switch turns metals into insulators
Light therapy holds promise for people with bipolar disorder