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Which voices led medical misinformation in early stages of COVID?
Spectrum TV: Camp for women of color inspires future engineers
WLWT: Mental health issues prompt Simone Biles to drop out of Olympic team finals
WVXU: Covid cases rising due to Delta variant
Researcher investigates environmental pollution’s contribution to birth defects
Great opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs begin at CID
Atlantic: Why are some mammals killers?
New York Times: Constant but camouflaged, flurry of cyberattacks
Fortifying Family Foundations
Which Covid vaccine should I get, if any?
Smithsonian: UC biologist explains jumping spider vision
WCPO-TV: Rebound, finding new normal
Bats are kings of small talk in air
Bats keep chit-chat simple in air
Incarcerated people placed in solitary confinement differ significantly from others in prison population
WMC Action News 5 Memphis, TN: How to fight major migraine symptoms
Fox 19: UC part of large study looking at four diabetes drugs
New system for tracking macaws emphasizes species’ conservation needs
MSN/ Does sticking garlic up your nose clear senses?
UC researchers part of a multi-site team which finds DHA supplements
WVXU: Blueprint for reproductive hormone might aid infertility treatment in women
Hoxworth Blood Center: Summer months are time for vacations, BBQs – and traumas
FOX 6: Smart technology not making us dumber
Smart technology is not making us dumber
WLWT: New Alzheimer’s study at UC could be breakthrough
WVXU: Local organizations still fighting misinformation, vaccine hesitancy
University of Cincinnati screening program contributes to increase in HIV diagnoses
Research shows UC screening program contributes to increase in HIV diagnoses
Technology Networks: Protein blueprint could help to develop infertility treatments
UTSA study: Use of police force still breaking down across racial, ethnic lines
Ancient Origins: Maya cities had unique neotropical forest parks
Did ancient Maya have parks?
Livestrong: How bad is it really to never change your pillow?
CCM’s streaming series continues with Spring Opera Gala concerts
WKEF-TV Dayton: Experiencing long-term COVID side effects? What you need to know
WVXU: To boost vaccination rate among Latinos, local group hosts mass vax event
Economic Times: Poorly fitted face masks can double infection risk
WMC Channel 5 Memphis: New device helping patients hear better without discomfort
Investing in an HEPA air purifier might not be a bad idea
WKRC: You are sharing your internet with neighbors if you own one of these devices
Small business ownership and liquid wealth
Framework for a caring culture
BLUEPRINT takes strategy out of your head, and into play
Charitable Lead Trusts: Leveraging Generosity
UC cardiologist receives Fulbright award
Fox 47 News: Millions granted for childhood brain cancer research
WLW 700: Eddie and Rocky with Dr. Maria Espinola
WCPO: ‘The economy’s not equal’