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Healthline: For homemade masks, 3 layers better than 1
CNN: Moderna’s clinical trial numbers show there’s ‘no way’ Trump can have a vaccine by Election Day
UC looks at energy use in low-income housing
EdTech: How drones can sanitize for COVID
CID, Kable Academy alliance empowers individuals to transform
Kao USA co-locates to UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub
UC Answers: How can I help my kids understand COVID-19?
Elemental: unique devastation of cancer in a pandemic
Biosensor detects toxins in water sources
Addressing anxiety with an app
New York Times: School Closures in Spring Saved Lives, Study Asserts
Sunflower Rev It Up for Parkinson’s
US News and World Report: Tips on How to Recognize and Treat a Nervous Breakdown
MSN: Working at a Laptop all day? How to combat aches and pains
UC Answers: How are UC researchers tackling COVID-19?
Controlling inflammation in COVID-19 patients may lessen severity of novel coronavirus
For Record: Evolving Cancer Registry Requirements
Congress awards $3 million for UC cybersecurity collaborative
US News & World Report: Immunotherapy and cancer, COVID-19
USA Today: Up nose, into brain?
Research: Immunotherapy safe for patients with COVID-19, cancer
Yahoo News: Covid-19 may be affecting your central nervous system causing depression and anxiety
UC COVID-19 research examines safety and efficacy of immune suppressing drug
WVXU: Cincinnati-designed ventilators on their way to Brazil and beyond
Hoxworth Blood Center, Cincinnati Reds knock blood shortages out of park
Autoclaving, alcohol not best options for disinfecting, reusing face masks
Hoxworth Blood Center kicks off second year of ‘Cincinnati Favorites’ blood drive tour
Research sees decrease in emergency visits for stroke care
Nanosized, with huge potential
Fighting E. coli with E. coli
Medscape: E-cigarettes tied to lower sperm counts
Fighting E. coli with E. coli
Bad E. coli we know, but good E. coli?
Fox 19: Swallowing and COVID-19
Popular Science: Pandemic water activities, ranked from risky to riskiest
Understanding pancreatic cancer, one gene at a time
Medscape: Mild Liver Enzyme Increases Seen in COVID-19 Patients in China
Smithsonian: UC finds pollution in ancient Maya city
WVXU: How walking backward might help stroke survivors
Walking backward to get ahead
Washington Post: UC, Burnet Woods mentioned in top cities for parks list
WCPO: Inside fight to declare racism a public health crisis in Ohio
Fierce Biotech: Making ‘cold’ tumors responsive to immunotherapy
MSN: Hepatitis C-positive livers safe for transplantation
UC Goering Center news 24 June
Navigating epilepsy care from childhood to adulthood
Mortality rates higher following kidney injury, UC research finds
MSN: UC, UC Health launching clinical trial to study effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine