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Games can protect thinking skills in older age
Solving fossil mystery could aid Mars life quest
Wrong advice risk for some memory clinic patients
Evolving deer give birth earlier as climate warms
New telescope instrument sheds light on Dark Energy
Study could aid degenerative disease therapies
Future of England Survey reveals public attitudes towards Brexit and union
Data team creates map that plots witches’ plight
Warmer nights prompt birds to lay eggs earlier
Robotics hub unveils latest offshore advances
Biometrics and Forensics Ethics Group appoints new members
£2.75 million spinout deal offers dialysis hope
Hardship could harm children’s language skills
Cell therapy safe for liver patients, trial shows
£1.4M hydrogen project could help cut carbon
Prejudice against ethnic minorities persists
Surrogacy advance could aid rare chicken breeds
Academics awarded prestigious fellowships
Wild animals’ immune systems decline with age
Children to trial solution to common colds
Extreme breeding putting Persian cats at risk
Mysteries of human brain to be uncovered
Teeth offer clues on Great Irish Famine diet
Jurassic crocodile identified in fossil study
Scale of suicides by pesticide poisoning revealed
AI can predict social media users’ opinions
Precious metal flecks aid cancer therapy quest
Scotland’s genetic landscape echoes Dark Ages
Eminent scientist’s theories aid light wave find
DNA changes accelerate body’s ageing process
Hi-tech bacteria gene tool could prove productive
Satellite data reveal African CO2 emissions
Oil rigs could pump emissions below North Sea
Edinburgh inflammatory bowel disease hotspot
Bubbles hold clue to improved industrial structures
Bubbles hold clue to improved industrial technologies
Space mining kits blast off for tests in orbit
Supergen ORE Hub awards £1million to advance research in offshore renewable energy sector
NASA Updates Broadcast of Next Space Station Resupply Launch, Prelaunch Activities
Parasites hinder reproduction for seabird mothers
EPFL scientists model flight of dandelion seeds
Caught in act: Images capture molecular motions in real time
Immune cell discovery could provide relief for women with ‘hidden’ pain disorder
Cycling success may hold key to land savings
Tsinghua University Amgen Scholars Program Officially Launched
Oxford leads network to constrain role of aerosols and clouds for global warming with AI
Oxford leading network to constrain role of aerosols and clouds for global warming with AI
NASA Highlights Science on 18th SpaceX Resupply Mission to Space Station