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Multiple habitats need protecting to save UK bumblebees, finds 10-year citizen science study
Multiple habitats need protecting to save UK bumblebees, reveals 10-year citizen science study
Respiratory Syncytial Virus responsible for more than 100,000 deaths worldwide in kids under five in 2019
How fast-growing algae could enhance growth of food crops
Hotline give apply this is Penn State academics admission tuition and aid research athletics news research high rates of landscape
Pandemic Science Hub to fight lung disease
British envoy welcomes home 38 Malaysian Chevening scholars
Timing of heart surgery crucial
Gordon McGregor appointed new member of Committee on Fuel Poverty
Tidal blade facility at leading edge of green energy testing
Better use of data needed to tackle NHS backlogs
Fluorescent probe can track cancer drug progress
Covid seminars: Next seminar 24.5. at 12
Pupils boost fitness and memory from exercise
Mindfulness reduced stress, but didn’t change decisions: ILR research processes
Tiny devices pave way for self-charging smart tech
Report suggests emergence of alpha variant did not lead to more severe disease in children admitted to hospital
Genetic breakthrough offers novel approach to controlling Africa’s East Coast fever, which kills million cattle year
Anglo-Saxon kings were mostly veggie but peasants treated them to huge barbecues, new study argues
UK PM announces £1bn new commercial deals on landmark India visit
Lancaster part of MRC National Mouse Genetics Network
Invest more to cut bowel disorder hospital cases
Four Leiden researchers awarded Rubicon grants
Appointment of non-lay member of Legal Services Board
Certain personality traits linked to cognitive functioning late in life
Malaria parasite puzzle solved as ape origin found
Century-old malaria parasite puzzle solved as ape origin traced
Robots dress humans without full picture
Antarctic heat, rain and ice prompt concern
Study shows COVID risk greater for those with poorly controlled or severe asthma
Researchers find new strategy for preventing clogged arteries
Covid mixed with flu increases risk of severe illness and death
Covid seminars: Next seminar 19.4. at 12
Novel research gives more clues about minerals under pressure within earth or other planets
Novel research gives more clues about pressures within earth or other planets
Darwin Tree of Life at EMBL-EBI: reaching first major milestone
Under pressure: tour-de-force joint neutron and X-ray experiment on historic sample
Under pressure: tour-de-force joint neutron and X-ray experiment on an historic sample
Delirium linked to increase in hospital deaths
Higher cigarette taxes reduce child deaths, first global estimates suggest
Tropical methane emissions contribute largely to recent changes in global atmospheric methane growth rate
New model of pathogen transmission in developing urban landscapes
An “oracle” for predicting evolution of gene regulation
Childhood trauma linked to risk of adult crime
Changes to bird behaviour linked to climate change
Objection: No one can understand what you’re saying
Genetic study gives extensive insights into severe Covid
Women with irregular periods may be at risk for liver disease