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Understanding nature’s fury
Chemists Find New Path to Tackle Cancer’s Research Challenges
New Mammal with Bone-Plates Discovered
Spiny Mice Boast Uncommon Armored Bony Tails
Illegal Ketamine Seizures Spike, Raising Concerns Over Recreational Use
Laws of Physics May Explain Why You Exist
Young Goat Survives Rare Bone Infection with UF Hospital Treatment
UF Online partners with Nicklaus Children’s Health System
Hurricane season is here – keep current to stay current
Limiting Ride-Hailing Apps Reduces Transportation Efficiency
Research Shows Communities Should Reconsider Walking Away from Curbside Recycling
39th International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis to be Hosted by FSU
Trees, Shrubs Increase Wildfire Spread Risk, Study Finds
Trees and Shrubs Increase Wildfire Risk, Replacing Grasses
SuperCDMS Detector Towers Travel from SLAC to SNOLAB
Sharing Underground Railroad’s oral histories
Cognitive Training Not Panacea for Fall Prevention
Butterfly tree of life reveals origin in North America
Human DNA: Boon for Science and Ethical Quagmire
Human DNA Pervasive: Boon for Science and Ethical Quagmire
Magnetic Gear Tech Firm Wins 2023 Rice Business Plan Contest
New Generation of Surgeons in OR Navigate Motherhood and Career
New research could help breed for less “spooky” horses
UF confers honorary doctor of music degree on Tom Petty
CABBI Scientists Map Microbiome of Oilcane
Grants to Fund Study of Ancient Livestock Herding in Africa
Luna moths use their tails solely for bat evasion
AI helps create better, simpler hepatitis, Covid tests
UF/IFAS plants perfect for Mother’s Day gifts
AI Improves Hepatitis and COVID-19 Tests
New Study Finds Port of Miami Corals Remarkably Persistent
CEO political leanings affect their international deals
UF hosts AI and ethics panel
NSF Funds National AI Research Institute for STEM Learning with UF Partnership
Florida tops U.S. News Higher Ed Rankings for 7th Year
Gator Grad Economist Breaks Barriers in Bright Future
Researchers at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Boost Thermoelectricity with Impurity Position Control
GPT-4: Double-Edged Sword for Legal Profession
Future Economic Outlook in Florida Dims
May 4th Becomes Sacred Star Wars Holiday for Shared Belonging
Scientists Detail Carbon Cycle in Subglacial Lake in Antarctica
West Antarctic Ice Sheet Retreated and Re-Advanced Since Last Ice Age
Drones Survey Vital Oyster Reefs Efficiently
AI predicts who may benefit from cognitive training to prevent dementia
USF Maintains Top University Ranking for New Patents
NSF Honors Three Early-Career Researchers with Waterman Award
Gator ONE goes digital: UF rolls out mobile credentials
Simple, Cheap Forest Use Slows Global Warming