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New EPFL Vice-Presidencies approved
Towards immunotherapies with fewer side effects
Sport and memory go hand in hand
Anti-reflective coating inspired by fly eyes
Catalyst Fund selects six projects in its 2020 funding round
Embryos taking shape via buckling
Stronger bones thanks to heat and microbiota
Imperial mathematician scoops $3m Breakthrough Prize
Brain stimulation reduces dyslexia deficits
Artificial materials for more efficient electronics
Cells relax their membrane to control protein sorting
Does Queen Bee phenomenon still exist in Academia?
Arguments between couples: our neurons like mediation
Primary care physicians during COVID Epidemic-19
International trade, a threat to jobs?
Magma’s heat slowly built today’s Columbia River basalts
Cystic fibrosis: why so many respiratory complications?
White dwarfs reveal new insights into origin of carbon in universe
Study: Dying Stars Breathe Life Into Earth
Announcing 2020 New Journal of Physics Early Career Award winner
How does our brain fold? Study reveals new genetic insights
From age 8 we spontaneously link vocal to facial emotion
Computational model decodes speech by predicting it
New research could stop malaria in its tracks
Two potential chinks in coronavirus’s armour
A fair reward ensures a good memory
COVID-19 in Geneva: less than 11% have been infected
We’re not all equal in face of coronavirus
Experts urgently calling for global infection control reform in hospitals & aged care facilities
ESPRESSO confirms presence of a Earth around nearest star
Public parks guaranteeing sustainable well-being
Schizophrenia: when thalamus misleads ear
Liver cancer: awareness of hepatitis D must be raised
TSU will open a center for study of French with AUF
EPFL joins giant radio telescope SKA for Swiss community
CHEOPS est prêt à recueillir des données scientifiques
Astronomy: six planets in rythm
A novel molecular target for particularly aggressive cancers
Integrate an orchestra increases capabilities cognitive
Brain or muscles, what do we lose first?
Chemistry: Access to forbidden rings
Iron rain in evening on a giant exoplanet
Solved: mystery of expansion of universe
Solved: mystery of expansion of universe
Tying up molecules as easily as you tie up your laces
Delving into self-consciousness at EPFL
A better diagnosis of rare diabetes to adapt treatment
A scaffold at center of our cellular skeleton