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Swedish Language Overpowers Neo-Nazi March in Norway
Coronavirus causes chaos in infected cells’ RNA
Research: Social Comparisons More Effective Than Knowledge in Climate Change Mitigation
School Awards Medal to Thomas Andersson
Low education and income linked to severe epilepsy
Seniors’ use of urinary-tract infection antibiotics halved
Effective treatment in rare but deadly form of cancer
Public Acceptance of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Cuts in Developing Nations
New-sized mammals are more often at risk of extinction
Best Scientific Paper on Fundamental Research
Cyprus Copper Deposits Fueled Bronze Age Trade Hub
New Analysis: Biopesticides Losing Effectiveness Against Insects
Arctic climate modelling too conservative
Arctic Climate Models Underestimate Change
Dementia top Covid risk factor for seniors in care
Pandemic has changed Swedish fashion industry
Mixture of trees purifies urban air best
Academic freedom deteriorates in 22 countries
World is becoming increasingly authoritarian but there is hope
Academic Freedom Declines in 22 Nations
Youth overweight risk factor for blood clots as adult
World’s Fastest Laser Camera Films Combustion in Real Time
Brain Electrodes Grown, Open Door for Neurological Treatment
Decades-long suffering from obstetric injuries
Researchers are pushing open data forward in large EU project
Deutscher Literaturpreis im Schatten von Nationalsozialismus
AI analyses cell movement under microscope
AI Examines Cell Movement Under Microscope
Underwater robot helps explain Antarctic glacier’s retreat
Wheelchair Users at Lower Risk of Fractures in Old Age
AI supports doctors’ hard decisions on cardiac arrest
Coastal cod population is not extinct
Methotrexate Linked to Higher Skin Cancer Risk
Distinct gender norms in descriptions of chronic pain
Keen to see more applied environmental policy research
Illuminated Water Droplet Forms ‘Optical Atom’
Illuminated water droplet creates ‘optical atom’
Scientists Document Two Separate Reservoirs of Latent HIV in Patients
Railway made villages and towns greener
Depression and low quality of life 30 years after chemical attack
Railway made Swedish villages and towns greener
Sweden Sees Railways Drive Greener Towns and Villages
Fewer Ankle Fractures Need Surgical Treatment Routine
Joining forces for research on asthma, allergy, and airways
Burials in bogs went on for millennia
Test Differentiates Alzheimer’s from Other Dementias
Urban Air Particles: Researchers Investigate Formation Processes
South Asian Black Carbon Accelerates Tibetan Glacial Loss