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Intrahospital transport of ICU patients a moment of risk
New data confirm that African American convicts partly replaced slave labor in US
Unknown currents in Southern Ocean have been observed with help of seals
Black history and 2D ‘wonder’ materials researched by European PhD scholars at Warwick
Clear signs of brain injury with severe COVID-19
National Swedish COVID-19 and pregnancy study
Women at lower risk for cardiovascular disease than men
New government decision makes on-site teaching possible
Europe’s largest higher education conference to be held in Gothenburg
Europe’s biggest higher education conference to be held in Gothenburg
Patients who had been waiting in operation queue died earlier
Simple question can lead to remedy for older adults’ dizziness and impaired balance
Observing Proteins in their Natural Environment
Game-changing blood test accurately detects Alzheimer’s disease
Faculty of Law contributing to research on democratic governance that was awarded millions in funding
Old democracies cope better with severe crisis than newer ones
Reduced obesity for weighted-vest wearers
Highly ranked even with increased competition in global sustainability ranking
New blood test for Alzheimer’s developed
Inequalities in Swedish care for bipolar disorder
Garbage collected by waste pickers becomes biogas in unique project
Study offers new insight into impact of ancient migrations on European landscape
Urban birds need to be smart or fast-breeding
Highly topical training in infection control and hospital hygiene
Plants respond to light within fraction of a second
Type 2 diabetes more common in men with early puberty
Philosophers assist Swedish government with guidelines for intensive care
Barnacles offer genetic clues on how organisms adapt to changing environments
Barnacles offer genetic clues on how organisms adapt to changing environments
New findings boost understanding of arterial aneurysm
Importance of trust when fighting Coronavirus
Method developed to protect threatened eelgrass meadows
Family tree of waxbills reconstructed
Suspicious object on Viktoriagatan was harmless
Suspicious object on Viktoriagatan
New platform for cancer diagnostics and drug testing
Antarctic floating ice walls protect against warming seas
Antarctic ice walls protect climate
Some of most threatened birds and mammals have irreplaceable roles in natural world
Climate and increased extreme weather affect our energy systems
First Swedish transplant of uterus from deceased donor
Paternal drinking and its damaging effects on children
Vulnerability of migrants living with HIV in health care
Climate related political events can provide insights for policy makers
Body ideal determines men and women’s use of doping agents
Vikings erected a runestone out of fear of a climate catastrophe
Forgiveness as a gift – good for both forgiven and forgiver
Flu drug most beneficial to severely ill and older people