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Underwater robot reveals how Thwaites Glacier is melting
Fewer advertisers but more subscribers to Nordic news media during pandemic
Women more affected by Zoom fatigue
Zoom fatigue worse for women, Stanford study finds
Machine learning can help slow down future pandemics
Imbalance in Gum Bacteria Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarker
Volcanic pollution link to respiratory disease increase
Major risk of injury for recreational runners
Exploration of ocean currents beneath ‘Doomsday Glacier’ by an autonomous underwater vehicle
Heart failure and stroke rising in men under 40
Groundwater discharge affects water quality in coastal waters
Gender and social background influence choice of upper secondary school
Universities of western Sweden sign an agreement for closer cooperation
Diet advice depends on your gut
Eelgrass will be restored using 1800 tonnes of sand
Insufficient financial reporting may lead to underestimation of environmental liabilities
Young people expect higher future housing prices than older people
No connection between proximity to Stockholm terrorist attack and attitudes to terrorism
Ageism common in tech industry
Twice as many women in SKBL
Teaming up to solve healthcare challenges
Brain damage can be detected in COVID-19 patients
Researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes
Pupils praise and blame Swedish as a second language
Scientists Call for a Global Science Panel on Chemicals
New piece of puzzle increases understanding of speciation
Hospital wastewater favors multi-resistant bacteria
Algorithm that performs as accurately as dermatologists
Halved risk for severe retinal disease in extremely premature infants
Children replicate and challenge heteronormativity
New study unravels Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’ surrounding origin of flowering plants
New study shows correlation between teen obesity and mental health issues
New studies support blood test for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
Low fitness linked to higher psoriasis risk later in life
Where antibiotic resistance comes from
Drinking milk while breastfeeding may reduce child’s food allergy risk
Co-cultivation of seafood produces better harvests
New computer program predicts future extinctions
Novel principle for cancer treatment shows promising effect
New drug inhibits growth of cancer cells
New center for leading research into bionics and pain
Deforestation in tropical mountain areas increases warming
Deforestation in tropical mountainous regions creates elevation dependent warmingingen
Proportionally more male bosses negative toward depression
No mortality increase with paclitaxel-coated balloons and stents in peripheral arterial disease
More support for induction at 41 weeks’ pregnancy, especially for first time mothers
Better support structures are needed if athletics is to be sustainable
3,500-year-old place of worship with mass burials discovered