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Scientists have developed potential super wheat for salty soils
Researchers have developed super wheat for salty soils
Previous experience vital on principal training programme
Top five reasons why midwives stay in job
Lower prices can make more people eat vegetarian
Lower prices can make more people choose vegetarian food
Experts Highlight Need to Consider Environmental Variation in Ocean Acidification Studies
Crown Princess visited R/V Skagerak
Scientists call for cap on plastics production
Risk of lower groundwater levels in northern Sweden with warmer climate
Remaining increase in cancer risk after high childhood BMI
Grand finale for artist in residence programme
Researchers call for cap on production to end plastic pollution
New report highlights risk from global warming in Third Pole
Mindfulness reduced stress, but didn’t change decisions: ILR research processes
He gets prestigious grant for second time
Better residents’ health after switch to electric buses
Surgeons need more bodies to practice on
Coronavirus level in wastewater lowest in four months
Race of people given Alzheimer’s blood tests may affect interpretation of results
OligoNova sets up first gathering of top Swedish oligonucleotide scientists
Drug reduced frequency of breathing pauses in sleep apnea
Preponderance on control and security overshadows care at ‘Sis homes’
Researchers Reveal Variations in Arctic Amplification Effect during Past Millennium
Swedish abortion care unimpaired during first pandemic wave
Supergenes make cod survivors
Dentistry ranks high – Medicine and Nursing are rising
Men’s greater reluctance to seek mental healthcare
Combination of biomarkers can identify common cognitive disease 5 April
Combination of biomarkers can identify common cognitive disease
Commercial interests hamper climate work in shipping
Antidepressants linked to lower suicide risk among 75+ in residential care
IAEA Supports Early Career Scientists to Study Ocean Acidification
Atrial fibrillation and dementia clearly associate
Residual water gives seaweed cultivation boost
Residual water from food industry gives seaweed cultivation boost
Catheter infections went down after more preventive efforts
IgA antibodies seem to protect unvaccinated against Covid
Wide-ranging diagnoses in children born before 24 weeks gestation
Wide-ranging problems in children born before 24 weeks gestation
AI tool that analyse microscope images won startup competition
Twenty-year-olds’ have cardiovascular risk markers after high childhood BMI
Dick pics and nudes part of young people’s lives
Bike commuting may be hindered by lack of equipment
Academic freedom on decline
Chalmers medalists for 2022 named
World’s top banks show minimal clear commitments to shift financing away from fossil fuels, reveals revelational study
High BMI in upper teens risk factor for severe Covid