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UH Addresses Shortage of Computer Science, Technology and Physics Teachers
Can Interactive Technology Ease Urban Traffic Jams?
Continuously Tracking Fear Response Could Improve Mental Health Treatment
Return to Work at Office? Energy Workers Say “Not So Fast”
Multitasking in Workplace Can Lead to Negative Emotions
UH Researcher Developing New Device to Treat Babies with Blood Disorders
Project Will Expand Use of Metal Catalysts for Drug Discovery
Race-Specific Lupus Nephritis Biomarkers
New Guidelines for Treating Sickest COVID-19 Patients
UH Survey Examines Challenges, Impact of COVID-19 on Harris County Residents
Resource Guide Helps Families of Children with Autism Navigate COVID-19 Challenges
Making a ‘Strange’ Discovery
Does Cannabis Use Amplify Effect of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Vice Versa?
Harnessing Power of Gallium Nitride and Machine Learning
How Are Texas Restaurants Surviving COVID-19 Shutdown?
UH Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic Offering Virtual Therapy
Searchable Atlases of High-Resolution 3-D Images Would Offer New Tool for Researchers, Clinicians
Tariffs on Chinese Imports Have Taken a Toll on Houston
UH Researchers Improving Resolution in 3D Data Collected by Drones
Actin ‘avalanches’ may make memories stick
Harris Health System-University of Houston Collaboration
Abnormal Stem Cells Underlie COPD’s Persistence
COPD as a Lung Stem Cell Disease
Minimizing Relationship Tension at Home During COVID-19 Crisis
Discovery Offers New Avenue for Next-Generation Data Storage
Adapting Smartwatches to Improve Distance Learning and Health
New Hardware Project Would Boost 5G Networks
Stay-at-Home Orders and Domestic Violence
Researchers engineer better way to target leukemia cells
Stress Test: Putting Stress of Pandemic, Quarantine to Good Use
Researchers Report New Understanding of Energy Fluctuations in Fluids
Strengthen Your Immune System with Home Exercise
Remote Learning Requires New Lessons for Parents and Teachers
UH Researchers Donate Protective Equipment to Health Care Workers on Front Lines
Working from Home 101
Telehealth Expansion: A Chance to Redefine Health Care
Nurses Trained to Stay Safe While Treating COVID-19 Patients
UH Baseball Team Quarantined as Precaution
Artificial Intelligence and Family Medicine: Better Together
‘Deceptively Simple’ Process Could Boost Plastics Recycling
‘Port of Future’ Conference Next Week at UH
New Material Could Turn Clothing into a Health Monitor
On eve of Super Tuesday, study sheds light on how people make choices
New Poll Shows Bernie Sanders With Strong Lead in Texas
Democratic Primary Voters Say Health Care is Top Priority
Can New Kind of Power Plant Improve Air Quality, Resilience?
Hobby School Survey Finds Texas Senate Race Headed for Runoff
Poll: Biden and Sanders are in a Virtual Tie in Texas