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Altered Microstructure Improves Organic-Based, Solid State Lithium EV Battery
Subsurface Geophysics is Key to Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage
UO names writing professor Mat Johnson its newest Knight Chair
UH Ranks among Top 100 Global Universities for Patents 16 June
Coming Soon: Houston Shakespeare Festival with a Cinematic Twist
Research Reaching Houston: UH Addressing Real-World Challenges
NIH grant boosts computational search for cancer drugs
Preclinical research reveals that new IgM antibodies administered intranasally to fight COVID-19 more potent than commonly used ones
Elevating African Cichlid Fish as a Scientific Model of Social Disorders
OpenStax Institutional Partner Program expands for next academic year
Powerhouse Future Is Flexoelectric
University of Houston’s Humana Institute to Address Health Harming Legal Needs
Harris County Gender Wage Gap Widens
Building a Better Bulb
3D Web Application Expedites Feasibility Analyses
Worrying about your heart increases risk for mental health disorders
Latinx Young Adults Who Worry About Heart Conditions at Higher Risk for Mental Health Disorders
New AI-based tool can find rare cell populations in large single-cell datasets
Survey Indicates Bipartisan Support for Methane Emissions Regulation
‘Policing, Performance and Question of Reform’
Does Driving Wear You Out? You Might Be Experiencing ‘Accelerousal’
Examining One-Two Punch of Malaria Drugs
Investigating Vaccine Hesitancy in Houston’s Underserved Communities
Improved Catalyst May Translate to Petrochemical Production Gains
Persuading Consumers to Go Green
From Toxic Ions to Single-Atom Copper
COVID-19 pandemic changes to healthcare and health policy
Filling Federal Oversight Gaps
Astronauts’ Mental Health Risks Tested in Antarctic
UH Researcher Joins Team Developing Opioid Vaccine
UH Receives Mellon Foundation Grant to Establish Puerto Rican Literature Database
Federal Water Rule Does Not Account for Pollution Across State Boundaries
Life Expectancy Lower for Those Living Near Superfund Sites
Coming Soon: When Lights Went Out in Texas
Harris County Took Brunt of February Freeze
Art Installation at UH Invites Community Dialogue About Law Enforcement
Coming Soon: ‘Art on Screen 21’
Houston flooding polluted reefs more than 100 miles offshore
Screening for Skin Disease on Your Laptop
Importance of Family Time During COVID-19
Vanderbilt civil engineer to design tech-driven decision-making and disaster response tools for Houston-area food banks
New Report Details Impact of Winter Storm Uri on Texans
New Discoveries of Deep Brain Simulation Put It on Par with Therapeutics
Texans React to Lifting of COVID-19 Restrictions
UH Virtual Dinner Party Features Acclaimed Houston Chef
Focusing on Unhealthy Brain to Speed Drug Discovery
Understanding How Electrons ‘Dance’ in Topological Semimetals
Modernizing Naval Selection Process