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£9.13m for Cutting-Edge Farming Tech Development
Support for Disabled Kids on Web Lacking: Study
Research into Child Brain Tumour & Muscle Ageing Set for Space Mission
Support for Internet Use by Disabled Kids Lacking
Experiment to study muscle ageing heading to space
University and BSAVA PetSavers launch Ageing Canine Toolkit
University Joins Network to Enhance Tech Capability
Iconic Cunard travel posters to go on display at VG&M
MRC Prize for Improving Relevance of Clinical Trials
Impact Prize for Improving Clinical Trial Relevance
UK Launches Digital Living Standard for Kids’ Homes
Liverpool success at STEM for Britain
Univ Liverpool, Global Antibiotic R&D Partnership to Boost AMR Collaboration
Liverpool Uni Reveals Worlds First Recorded Woman on Intl Womens Day
Funding secured to boost social science research impact
Research to Investigate Gulf Stream’s Impact on Climate and Carbon Cycle
Three researchers to present to Parliament for STEM for Britain
Flamingos Prefer Socially Similar Friends
Exploring Suburban Densification: Challenges and Issues
Clean Cooking to Improve Health, Climate in Low-Income Nations
New Test Accurately Predicts End of Life for Lung Cancer Patients
UK’s chief scientists visit Pandemic Institute
Storing Seeds Won’t Halt Climate Change Impact on Plants
Could ChatGPT replace GPs in infection consulting scenarios?
Research Reveals Financial Challenges for People with Dementia
UK Physicists Get £534k for Oral Cancer Diagnosis Device
Soil Transplantation Boosts Nature Restoration Globally
UK Self-Employed Leaving Amid Cost of Living Crisis
GALLERY: Annual Chinese New Year Gala at Tung Auditorium
T-cells Found to Shield from Deadly Pneumococcal Illness
Renowned folk musician Eliza Carthy to play at Tung Auditorium
UK’s Liverpool Uni Launches Research Tech Pro Career Pathway
Digital Tools Fight Infectious Disease w/ Climate Data
Matching medication to DNA leads to 30% fewer side effects
Dementia Ups Risk of Poor Cancer Care Outcome, Experience
Novel AI to Help Reduce Vision Loss for Diabetics – UoL Spin-Out
Immunocompromised at Higher Risk of Covid Death in Hospital
Liverpool Uni Joins Mental Health Hub Project
University of Liverpool & Aviva Fund Covid Recovery Research
Ean Flanders photography exhibition opens at VG&M
Children in North most vulnerable to cost of living crisis
Hypertension drug could be repurposed to delay ageing, study finds
Sulantrix to Develop Cancer Meds from Untapped Pseudoenzymes
Funding boost for Liverpool Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre
500,000 missed out on blood pressure lowering drugs during pandemic
500,000 Missed Out on BP-Lowering Drugs During Pandemic
Study sheds new light on demographics of ear-cropped dogs in UK
Long-term Support for Survivors of Modern Slavery Key to Recovery