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Excess x-rays from neutron stars could lead to discovery of new particle
Study: X-Rays Surrounding ‘Magnificent 7’ May Be Traces of Sought-After Particle
New Treatment Target Discovered That Halts Osteoarthritis-Like Knee Cartilage Degeneration
Cliff Lampe: Social media shutdown
Mental disorders forecast chronic physical diseases, premature death
UMS premieres ‘Some Old Black Man’ starring Wendell Pierce, filmed at Detroit’s Jam Handy
Astronomers discover most distant quasar
Potential Jurors Favor Use of Artificial Intelligence in Precision Medicine
Study finds blood pressure medications safe for COVID-19 patients
New research reveals how one antibody blocks dangerous effects of dengue virus infection, offering a potential path to prevention
Pioneering a way to keep very small satellites in orbit
In memoriam: Martinus Veltman
Nanodroplets and Ultrasound ‘Drills’ Prove Effective at Tackling Tough Blood Clots
Black business owners, entrepreneurs left out of small business coronavirus support
Self-Controlled Children Tend to be Healthier Middle-Aged Adults
Vanderbilt civil engineer partners with TDOT to seek ways to mitigate opioid epidemic
3 Questions: Rona Oran and Benjamin Weiss on ancient moon’s missing magnetism
Neighbor saving neighbor during an opioid crisis using a smartphone
Lessons learned from quick pivots to online education
Brexit puts UK health care at risk
Brain gene expression patterns predict behavior of individual honey bees
Holiday stress: University of Michigan psychologist says manage expectations
UN Climate Change Works with Universities to Foster Resilience
Holiday stress: University of Michigan psychologist says managing expectations
Patient rounds: Ages-old care & learning concept gets technology upgrade, international collaboration
Lessons in architecture: 3D without leaving classroom
ONDCP Director Carroll’s Statement on 2020 Monitoring Future Survey & Trends in Youth Substance Misuse
Concern about loved ones might motivate people to mask up, get vaccine
HoloLens2 for Nursing: ‘Hands-on’ learning during pandemic and beyond
Metal found in cigarettes linked to higher death rates in people with flu or pneumonia
Less snowy winters produce camouflage mismatch in mountain hares
New study links cadmium to more severe flu, pneumonia infections
Extended reality: University of Michigan online courses make XR accessible to everyone
‘Peecycling’ payoff: Urine diversion shows multiple environmental benefits when used at city scale
Righting a wrong, nuclear physicists improve precision of neutrino studies
Exposure to coronavirus explains racial disparities in COVID-19 mortality rates
Dentistry during COVID-19: Engineering analysis offers guidelines to reduce exposure
Young Sharks gives fourth graders an entrepreneurial edge
More responsive COVID-19 wastewater test developed
New semiconductor detector shows promise for medical diagnostics and homeland security
Seizing military weapons does not increase violent crime nor risk police safety
Pandemic spurs even more online shopping, forcing retailer fixes, flexibility and innovation amid holiday
Stanford engineers co-lead research designing more responsive COVID-19 wastewater testing
A Trump self-pardon creates legal uncertainty, political chaos
Mapping quantum structures with light to unlock their capabilities
Algorithm breakthrough may lead to new applications for quantum computers
Smoking, tobacco use among teens continues to drop even as use of e-cigs grows
Lund Critical Debate to examine global policing, social justice