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Negative news coverage empowers collective action in minorities
University of Michigan Solar Car team secures third place after tense Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
First widespread chytrid fungus infections in frogs of Peruvian Amazon rain forests reported
Don’t go chasing (gas) waterfalls-unless you’re an astronomer studying planet formation
Hygiene products associated with presence of chemicals in women’s blood
University of Michigan Museum of Art brings robots to art world
Microsatellite data can help double impact of agricultural interventions
Just add water: University of Michigan chemists suggest a fix for insoluble drugs
How opt-out organ donation could affect U.S. waiting lists
Screening for lung cancer based on risk could save lives
Surveys of Consumers: Confidence rebounds
University of Michigan receives $2M NSF grant to explore data equity systems
Visible from outer space, Detroit’s unofficial pathways could play important role in land redevelopment
Too many bank mergers can hurt small businesses
Researchers resolve how fungi produce compounds with potential pharmaceutical applications
Roofing drone nails down shingles
University of Michigan Museum of Natural History opens next phase with major exhibits, hands-on labs
Most powerful laser in US to be built at University of Michigan
Dishonest behavior damages ability to read other people’s emotions
Prescription drug misuse related to later substance use disorders
Breakthrough stem cell platform could shed light on mysteries of early human development
Researcher partners with Apple to study how noise exposure impacts hearing
Sugar alters compounds that impact brain health in fruit flies
Met Opera to premiere new performance edition of ‘Porgy and Bess’ prepared by University of Michigan Gershwin Initiative
Many older adults aren’t fully prepared for emergency situations, poll finds
Overweight kids actually eat less right after stressful events
EPA needs to keep up with science, do more to protect vulnerable populations
Surveys of Consumers: Tariffs weaken confidence
This protein is how creatures sense cold, researchers discover-and it’s found in organisms ranging from tiny worms to humans
A 3.8-million-year-old fossil from Ethiopia’s Afar region reveals face of Lucy’s ancestor
Data breaches: A pause, then life goes on?
Low grip strength linked to impaired cognition, memory loss in older Americans
Opposing sides: How previous collaboration can cost companies headed to litigation
Measuring motion sickness in driverless cars
Naloxone: Wide distribution effective in preventing deaths
Climate change: Simple guidelines can slow spread of fake news on Facebook
Nanoparticle relieved symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease in mice
University of Michigan architect, MSU playwright create a sensory theater experience for children with autism
Religious involvement may improve cognitive health
Facilitating a smooth technological transition for citizens returning from prison
Advertising in apps: Decisions behind those targeted, sometimes invasive ads we see
Adding mental health specialists to primary care clinics boosts vets’ access to outpatient services
One cell at a time, researchers create a blueprint of liver cells in health and disease
A dangerous future: Climate change, Michiganders’ health
Police: Sixth-leading cause of death for young black men
Tackling anxiety, depression in teens: University of Michigan takes mental health care to schools around state
New tariffs pose threat to confidence
Blight-busting demolitions reduced gun injuries, deaths in Detroit neighborhoods