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Climate techno-fixes keep planet on ‘palliative care’
P53 could be key to therapies for salivary gland cancer
Tailored approach makes inroads in rural firearm safe storage
Tailored approach makes inroads in rural firearms safekeeping
Eye on inclusion: Making science more accessible to people with disabilities
Michigan bee study: Both habitat quality and biodiversity can impact bee health
Old-growth trees show higher drought resistance than younger trees Study highlights importance of conserving old-growth forests
Making science more accessible to people with disabilities
Systems analysis of renal metabolism finds unexpected links to viral protection
Hospital level care at home
Old-growth trees more drought tolerant than younger ones, providing buffer against climate change
When FMD strikes family, so can abdominal aortic aneurysms
Gunshot injuries in kids leave lasting mental scars
With high costs and similar benefits, use of new neurological drugs is low
National conference convenes leaders in firearm injury prevention research
U-Michigan team recycles previously unrecyclable plastics
Is it PMS or premenstrual dysphoric disorder?
Plastic to metal, steel to aluminum-the future of welding and lightweight vehicles
Blood tests can predict survival odds for patients with metastatic cancer
Diagnoses of suicidal ideation increased among black pregnant women in 10-year study
Doctors with beliefs about long-term harms of benzodiazepine are less likely to prescribe it
Where did Earth’s oxygen come from?
‘Transformer’ pinwheels offer new twist on nano-engineered materials
“Transformer” pinwheels offer a new twist on nanoengineered materials
Organizing nanoparticles into pinwheel shapes provides new twist on engineered materials
Researchers build long-sought nanoparticle structure, opening door to special properties
Cerebral palsy doesn’t cause death in adults, so why is it still listed as underlying cause?
Her heart stopped more than 25 times. ECMO saved her life
CSL secures US approval for breakthrough one-time haemophilia gene therapy
First-of-its-kind whole lung simulator helps predict new treatments and vaccines for tuberculosis
U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves CSL’s HEMGENIX , first gene therapy for hemophilia B
U-M Innovation Partnerships reports 433 inventions, 16 new startups during fiscal year 2022
Death, hospital readmission more likely for Black patients after coronary stenting
Recreate adrenal gland in petri dish
Transgender youth, teenagers more likely to have sleep disorders
1 in 7 parents have not discussed vaccines with their child’s primary care provider during pandemic period
Dietary change starves cancer cells, overcoming treatment resistance
Path to Faster and More Cost-Effective Drug Development
Many young people recognize negative impact of social media and have considered deleting accounts
Economists expect ‘mild recession,’ though auto sector strength should curb worst effects in Michigan
New drug shows promise for fighting both Covid and cancer
Chesapeake Bay sees smaller-than-average ‘dead zone’ in 2022
Michigan local leaders give high marks on state of local democracy while federal outlook remains grim
Cannabis users had worse bypass outcomes, increased amputation and opioid use
Unraveling biology behind aggressive pediatric brain tumor reveals potential new treatment avenue
Cyber vulnerability in networks used by spacecraft, aircraft and energy generation systems
Research compares adverse events after two types of bariatric surgery in adolescents
Understanding cerium quirk could help advance grid-scale energy storage