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Some Salt Marshes Keeping Pace with Rising Seas
Coastal Salt Marshes Keeping Pace with Rising Seas
How to Help Kids Become Better Readers
Sea Stars Protect Kelp Forests from Urchins, Study Finds
Endangered Sunflower Sea Stars Key to Restoring Submarine Forests
Peer-Advisor Relationships Key to Success: Research
$2.3M Grant Awarded to Improve Rotator Cuff Injury Research
Sea Stars Shield Kelp Forests from Urchins: Study
Study: Sunflower sea stars could help bring back kelp forests
Researchers help find new evidence on human origins
Transit Agencies Make Move to Electric Buses
Earth science prof gets NSF award for work on volcanic ash
Early Human Migration to Americas Linked to Climate Change
Zebrafish research helps reveal origins of scoliosis
Mistaken fossil rewrites history of Indian subcontinent for second time
Architecture prof uses what’s old to make something new
English learners will get boost from College of Education grant
Physicists Receive $1.2M Keck Award to Study Airborne Microbes
Even simple motions make ripples across brain, study finds
New HEDCO Institute looks to strengthen K-12 connections
Study: Personality traits could predict those prone to prejudice
Chemists cook up brand-new kind of nanomaterial
AI Tech to Help Kids with Speech, Language Issues: New Institute Launched
Studying elite divers could give insights into lung disease
Oregon Climate Change: Risks & Opportunities Identified in Assessment
UO’s Mat Johnson gains visibility with ‘Invisible Things’
UO graduate student wins Science Coalition video challenge
Satellite imagery could improve fossil-hunting at remote sites
UO students help develop local smoke management plans
UW, Partners Publish Updated Big-Game Migration Maps
UO’s ‘Dr. Coffee’ leads effort to extract essence of espresso
Study: DNA repair declines with age, which can limit fertility
Study: DNA repair declines with age, limiting fertility
Squishy critters are inspiring underwater vehicle design
New approach could prevent mental health problems in teens
Gelatinous animals’ swimming habits inspire underwater craft design
New wildfire camera in Eugene bolsters fire-spotting network
Researchers use monkey teeth to hone dates of human fossils
UO neuroscientists look deep into eyes of octopus
Chemist gets grant to study more RNA strands at once
InfoGraphics Lab explores science of ungulate migration
Study finds gut-brain link tied to social development
Island archaeology could be model for space exploration
New technique makes gene editing at scale possible in animals
Gut bacteria are essential for development of social behavior in fish
New Colgate research reveals Antarctic summer thaw starts earlier, ends later than previously believed
Report finds decline in local news has civic leaders worried
New map of octopus visual system gives clues to brain evolution