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Proposals due March 30 for annual Graduate Research Forum
Exploring life of blind through multimedia storytelling
UO chemist helps find path to consistently good espresso
Grad student’s board game helps teach climate change
Six UO researchers awarded data science seed funding grants
UO physicist anticipates big step in quest for next-gen collider
Grant lets marine biologist pursue bioinspired study of jellyfish
UO scientists show that eyes can measure hearing
Researcher helps fill in family tree of shy mountain beaver
New Knight Campus bioengineer advances bone repair research
Tracing journeys of Caribbean’s first people
UO professor named American Mathematical Society fellow
Seven research teams get Resilience Initiative seed funding
Two UO postdoctoral scholars receive prestigious fellowships
Undergraduate research awards go to seven UO scholars
Knight Campus leader named to national inventors academy
Design for health: Student projects explore unseen
UO-OHSU research program to support five new projects
Innovation Beat: SuperShroom, Create-a-thon and spinouts
UO, MIT collaborate on material with surprise electrical properties
Grants will help boost pool of special education teachers
Thanksgiving is a good time to dish up a serving of history
Honors college student searches for ‘her’ in feminist poetry
UO to host indigenous language workshop this summer
UO’s four- and six-year graduation rates reach new high
Grant could make UO concussion program a national model
Scholarship program helps science majors become teachers
UO, federal initiative to aid revitalization of Native languages
UO biology student recruits hogs to help hazelnuts
Innovative cell therapy research boosted by state funds
A short equation delivers a big award for a UO physicist
Climate emergency declaration draws eight UO signatures
Pine Mountain Observatory: Revealing a universe of wonders
Pub talk will explore links between icefish and human aging
What your friends’ brains look like when they think of you
UO prof recognized for his physics education research
New study looks at how athletes ‘psych out’ opponents
Athletes find strategies to ‘psych out’ opponents, study says
A UO student helps homeless using anthropology
Researchers suggest that feeling of being ill is an emotion
Volcanologist jams to beat of Earth’s drummer
Knight Campus program helps students land internships
Low-dose antibiotic alters bacteria behavior in zebrafish gut
Art and science collide with new installation at CERN lab
A new initiative, ArtSci Oregon, celebrates science as art
Multiyear research awards, grants rose 70 percent in 2018-19
Discovery leads to ultrasensitive way to measure light
Discovery leads to ultrasensistive way to measure light