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COVID Testing of Nursing Home Staff Saves Lives
EPFL Launches Imaging Minor to Meet Research Needs
Neutrinos Used to Image Proton
New models shed light on life’s origin
Link between Dry Cleaning Chemical, Parkinson’s Found
World’s fastest burst-mode X-ray camera hits road
Experimental Platform Measures Ion-Acoustic Wave Bursts in Magnetic Reconnection
University of Rochester lab creates viable superconducting material
Iron intake during pregnancy may impact neurodevelopment
PPPL Experiment Observes Solar Flare Process Directly
Autists Process Illusory Shapes Differently: Study
Optica Names 17 Recipients for 2023 Awards and Medals
William A. Peck, former medical school dean, 89
Star Power: Blazing path to fusion ignition
Robert Boyd Wins 2023 Optica Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize
Nonwhite, Immigrant Communities Underfunded by States Historically
Tapered Fiber Solves Brillouin Scattering Problem
Perovskites Now More Efficient, Cost-Effective Silicon Alternative
Hearing Loss Reversal Possible? Research Uncovers Clues to Regrow Cells
New Models Unlock Clues to Life’s Origin
Simpler, single-minded computer to solve complex problems
NIF’s advances make Summer Scholar Program coveted internship
U.S. Leads World in Ignition Fusion Energy Research
Unmeasurable Proton Measured for First Time with World’s Intense Neutrino Beam
Neutrinos Reveal New Way to Study Protons
How does radiation travel through dense plasma?
New Method Opens Door to Efficient Quantum Computing
Reducing temptation to cheat in relationships
Neurons Found to Learn Sense of Smell for Threats
Light Tech Could Revolutionize Moon Navigation, Farming
Light-based tech could inspire Moon navigation and next-gen farming
How did Butterfly Nebula get its wings? It’s complicated
Mystery of Butterfly Nebula’s Wings Unveiled
Flash Center moves to Rochester, advances cutting-edge physics research
Brain Shielding, Monitoring Discovered in New Anatomy
Lack of Access to Care for Deaf, Hard of Hearing Patients
Roundworm lifespan extended in mitochondria study
Solar Cells Powered by Light: Proton Pumps Extend Cell Life
2022 midterm elections show silver lining for US democracy
Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Surgery Disproportionately Unavailable to Minorities
Black Heart Surgery Patients Face Higher Mortality Rate
MIT scientists contribute to National Ignition Facility fusion milestone
Optica Fellows Elected as 2022 Fellows of National Academy of Inventors
Research Finds Hodgkin Survivors at Risk of Dementia in Early Adulthood
National Ignition Facility achieves fusion ignition
Calls to Strengthen Oversight of Human-Animal Research
Scientists reveal how trauma changes brain
Genomic analysis can predict long-term prognosis in premenopausal patients with hormone receptor-positive early-stage breast cancer