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Apt analogies help veteran convey his HIV research
Scientists reject restrictive heat flux models using directly driven gold spheres
Lab team’s new interferometric instrument improves refractive index measurements at high pressure
Study predicts which kids hospitalized with RSV likely to worsen
Inflammation and Pressure-Sensing Leads to ‘Feed-Forward’ Loop in Osteoarthritis
Investigational AstraZeneca vaccine prevents COVID-19
AZD1222 US Phase III trial met primary efficacy endpoint in preventing COVID-19 at interim analysis
Scientists find clues to a process occurring throughout universe that affects fusion energy
A new kind of optical coating
Culturally Tailored Intervention Boosts Safe Sex, Reduces Drinking Among Young Black Women
Watson Lecture on March 10: Ken Farley Explores Perseverance Rover’s Mission on Mars
Rochester brain and cognitive sciences researchers receive national recognition
Lab team uses giant lasers to compress iron oxide, revealing secret interior of rocky exoplanets
Breastfeeding mothers produce COVID-19 antibodies
NIH networks to advance emotional well-being research
First mammography screening guidelines issued for older survivors of breast cancer
Hochul sees brighter days ahead for upstate economy
NIF experiments probe carbon at record pressures
NIF conducts first-ever shot with explosives
Rob Clark, provost and senior VP for research, to step down in June
Transforming quantum computing’s promise into practice
Chip on a card would detect COVID-19 antibodies in a minute
Rare transplant aims to resolve woman’s long bout of cancer
$2.9 million NIH grant will help IU researcher expand work on subconcussive impacts
Baricitinib speeds COVID-19 recovery in NIAID trial – Emory contribution to improving care
Why did some planets become habitable and others did not?
American child welfare system has lost its way, says Rochester historian
Can social networks help us be more creative?
Researchers uncover key clues about solar system’s history
PPPL presents discoveries and plays a prominent role at global physics gathering
Warp Speed chief visits Emory, urges participation in COVID vaccine trials
Molecular atlases reveal how human cells develop and grow
‘Organ on a chip’ is wave of future
LaserNetUS High-Power Laser Consortium, Including Berkeley Lab, Receives $18M From U.S. DOE
DOE awards $18 million to LaserNetUS consortium
LaserNetUS High-Power Laser Consortium, Including Berkeley Lab, Receives $18M From U.S. DOE
Finally, a way to see molecules ‘wobble’
Emory helps establish national standard of care for COVID-19 treatment
Quantum engines? Entanglement as fuel?
Rochester lab sets new record toward long-sought goal
Mt. Hope Family Center’s programs for children facing trauma expand with new support
A route to better antibiotics: understanding ‘stressed bacteria’
COVID-19 vaccine tested at Emory spurs immune response in older adults
Hearing Speech Requires Quiet – In More Ways Than One
Getting fewer ‘likes’ on social media can make teens anxious and depressed
Researchers document record-setting optical fiber
Like rose-colored glasses, a ‘sexy mindset’ helps you see what you want to see
McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy to Host Conference on Bank Of Canada’s Mandate Renewal 22 September