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New spin on galaxy rotation saves controversial gravity theory
Dolphins can recognise familiar animals by taste
New project puts Gulf of Mexico dolphins at risk of extinction
Ancient Namibian stone holds key to future quantum computers
Huge Amazon swamp carbon stores under threat
“Tree of life” could help slow climate change
People born in 80s not likely to marry their first cohabiting partner
Consumers underestimate annual spend by £3,900
New Board Members appointed to Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Anti-viral light neutralises Covid
Underwater noise pollution threat to marine life
Sulphurous end for dinosaurs, according to new research
Sulphurous death for unlucky dinosaurs
War could see Ukraine’s population fall by third
Researchers prepare for ‘anthropulse’ as Covid travel restrictions ease
Living in more polluted areas increases risk for poor mental wellbeing
Powerful warm winds seen blowing from neutron star as it rips up its companion
Precision measurement with light touch
Planetary bodies observed in habitable zone of dead star
Planetary bodies observed for first time in habitable zone of dead star
Pandemic resulted in temporary decline in number of babies born in UK
New research shows that current national red squirrel conservation strategies likely to undermine species survival
Research questions ‘whiff of oxygen’ in Earth’s early history
Crows keep special tools extra safe
Political divisions deepen globally
New tools to unearth rare metals
New source for planetary water explored
Ethnic stacking keeps dictators in power
Counting cost – pioneer of environmental accounting recognised
Survival of richest – attempts to curb illegal fishing are hurting small-scale fishers in Africa most
Not always back in black
New model will help find Earth-like Exoplanets
Miners and Graziers – Next Gen Climate Activists
Four reasons why businesses won’t adopt reusable packaging – and one way to address them all
Ancient genes vital for dolphin survival
Chimps communicate in context
Physics experiment in Earth’s atmosphere could help improve GPS performance
Rapid echolocation helps toothed whales capture speedy prey
Whales react in blink of an eye
Climate change warning for tropics
Ocean acidity data affirm predictions of changes to El Niño conditions
Ocean acidity data affirms predictions of changes to El Niño conditions
Ocean acidity key climate change predictor
Toba or not Toba – that is question
New surveys show an abundance of humpback whales on their South Atlantic feeding grounds following whaling ban
Business Secretary appoints 6 new non-executive directors to UK Research and Innovation board
New report details devastating impact of Covid on marginalised communities in Somaliland
How birds, mammals and children learn sounds