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St Andrews Biologists Investigate Human Impact on Biodiversity
Brighter Colors Enabled by Physics Concept
SUPA St Andrews Shines Light on Future
St Andrews to Lead Alliance for Net Zero Scotland
New Tuberculosis treatment could save millions of lives
New head for School of Humanities
St Andrews Dry Lab to Boost Battery Innovation in Scotland
Humans can recognise and understand chimpanzee and bonobo gestures
Humans Understand Chimp & Bonobo Gestures
Scientists turn up heat on physics phenomenon
Local leaf tearing techniques help chimps flirt in forest
University Scientists Receive £2M Research Grants
Prešeren dolphin could hold long-distance swimming record
Stranded dolphins’ brains show common signs of Alzheimer’s disease
UVA Discovery Could Improve Drug Development
Guess Who? Chimpanzee faces reveal family relationships
Foreign Secretary visits Glasgow a year after COP26 to meet Scottish experts behind “the revolutionary new batteries of future”
Do you speak extra-terrestrial? Research hub considers response to life beyond Earth
St Andrews medic’s research key to emergency response in conflict zones including Ukraine
Maps of past may shed light on our climate future
Gene study identifies series of DNA variants linked to dyslexia
Chimpanzees synchronise their steps just like humans
Study addresses causes of eye colour variation in primates
£500k funding for research project on Conservatism and Unionism in UK
Scottish Hydrogen Train project on track to deliver climate targets
University leads on patient-first data system research
Lancaster energy storage researcher recognised by ‘Emerging Talent’ award
UWA ecologist and conservationist recognised in top global honour
British Ecological Society announces 2022 award winners
‘Micro-fridge’ helps investigate behaviour of atoms and molecules
Micro-fridge research paves way to quantum entanglement with large objects
New research could help protect our vulnerable shelf seas
Signs of disturbance in nearby dwarf galaxies indicate alternative gravity theory
No trace of dark matter halos
Study finds no dark matter halos in dwarf galaxies of one of Earth’s nearest clusters
Meteorite findings shed light on origin of Earth’s volatile elements
Pacific nations are extraordinarily rich in critical minerals
Vaquita porpoises escape extinction longer than expected
Songbird Can Keep Time With Best of Them
Chimpanzee mothers may grieve loss of their young
Depths of North Atlantic ocean once as warm as Mediterranean
This one simple trick can improve your performance
Study led by NUS researchers reveals High Mountain Asia hydropower systems are threatened by climate change
Chimpanzees master VR to find hidden fruit
Seal whiskers, secret weapon for hunting
UK Government supports top Scottish global affairs experts at London networking event
Einstein’s theory of relativity reveals lonely black hole
New spin on galaxy rotation saves controversial gravity theory