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Ocean acidity key climate change predictor
Toba or not Toba – that is question
New surveys show an abundance of humpback whales on their South Atlantic feeding grounds following whaling ban
Business Secretary appoints 6 new non-executive directors to UK Research and Innovation board
New report details devastating impact of Covid on marginalised communities in Somaliland
How birds, mammals and children learn sounds
IRCI Religion & Theology program awarded several research grants from Templeton Religion Trust
Study sheds new light on behaviour called joint attention
Road freight goes green with £20 million funding boost
DNA helps solve riddle of how clever crows craft tools
Scientists unite for Tuberculosis
Major international project to reconstruct Catholic theologies for 21st Century
Glacial melt in high Mountains of Asia accelerating as summers warm
Acoustic research sheds new light on whale sounds
Rare planet found in space telescope photobomb
Divers beat seals during deep dives
Antarctic glacier may be more stable than initially feared
Earth’s history sends climate warning
Medieval writers’ plagiarism resurrected by technology
Should masks be worn outdoors?
Life, death and weaponised viruses
Why animal culture matters for conservation: a roadmap
Insect youths give in to parasitic mum
Significant art works rediscovered in rural schools
Chocolate is egg-cellent for birds
Medics should treat gender and sex differently
Cultural lives of animals revealed
Endangered dolphins are different species, find scientists
Significant gender disparities revealed in COVID-19 clinical trial leadership
New study improves marine climate change evidence base
Zinc could be key to new diabetes treatments
El Niño offers lessons for climate change
UK’s first survey documenting lives of ethnic and religious minority people during Covid-19 launches
UK’s first survey of ethnic and religious minority people during Covid-19 launches
Stonehenge may be dismantled Welsh stone circle
Whales at greater risk from fishing than previously believed
Fewer accidents in capital since 20mph limit
Support for self isolation must be a top priority, say experts
Common eyesight myth demystified
New planets found in unique system with CHEOPS
UK Research and Innovation funds research projects for COVID-19 in Peru
Humpback whales impacted by climate change
Tay Cities Deal signed
Protecting Covid-hit fishing communities in Peru
Warm oceans helped first human migration from Asia to North America
Exercise prescriptions needed to get patients active
Lightest light – future of digital displays and brain science
Melting icebergs affect oceanic heat delivery towards major glacier